FS19: Best Mining Mods & Custom Mining Equipment

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Mining may not have been part of the original goal with Farming Simulator 19, but that doesn’t stop us from adding it into the game.

Modders have created this entirely new system for mining, and with a new “crop” comes new equipment.

Below we’ve curated some of the best new maps designed for mining, plus our favorite excavators, and even a few new haul trucks. Basically all the best mining-related mods, all at your disposal.

These are mostly all designed for mining, but can also have use in other parts of the game too. So check ‘em out and see what you think:


8. Mining & Construction Economy Map v0.6

Mining & Construction Economy Map for FS19

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Let’s start off with a map made for mining.

There’s a lot of maps out there for the game, but this one is especially geared towards mining operations.

It’s an African map that was sold as a DLC for Farming Simulator 17, just reskinned as a mining map.

The modder who made this dug a huge mine pit, and added several buildings that enable the economy of mining to work in the game.

No equipment is included in this map, but basically everything else is.

The map is complete with a scrap yard that accepts your ores, too. Plus this adds things like crushed stone and bricks into the game that you can produce and sell.

Plenty to do here to keep you busy for hours.


7. South Brazilian Map v1.0.1.0

South Brazilian Map for FS19

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Here we have another custom map that was designed around mining.

This is a south Brazilian map with a lime stone quarry and a rock crusher. The equipment needed for this is not included, so again you’d have to try out some mods to get going.

And the map does not have as complete of an economy, but it can be added to with other mods. The quarry looks great though, and the map as a whole looks great too.

Another nice feature of this map is that the creator left most of the fields intact, so you can still farm on the side.

Lots of room for planting & you’ll also never run out of lime stone, since the pit is huge.

Actually a nice area for logging as well.


6. CAT 980K Mining Shovel

CAT 980K Mining Shovel for FS19

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Now that we’ve given you a map or two, we can get into the equipment itself.

We’ll start this with a nice big front end loader.

And this Cat 980k is a beast of a loader, too!

It’s a single-wheeled model with articulating steering. This is similar to the loaders they use in real life rock crushers.

It has all working lights and animations, so it’s very close to the actual loader. Great for realism.

I said this machine was a beast, and I meant it.

The loading capacity is a whopping 15,500 liters. This is more than three times what the in game loaders will carry.

It loads trucks with rock faster than anything already in vanilla game. This loader mod is worth getting, and it even works with all bulk types, so you can load normal crops with it as well.


5. Volvo R100E Mining Truck

Volvo R100E Mining Truck for FS19

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Now this Volvo mining truck is an off-road and on-site only truck.

This means it doesn’t go very fast, but it carries more than you would be allowed to on the highways.

That also means this truck is a giant.

It’ll carry a load of 76,000 liters. This is more than even the semi-trailers in the game can carry.

Pair this truck with a large loader and you can move your bulk around with ease.

And to be fair, we needed a truck this big in-game anyway, even without mining. I use mine mostly for potato harvests, as it’ll take a whole field’s worth of crops without having to make a bulk pile to load later.

This saves you a ton of time, even if you aren’t into the mining thing.


4. Marble Mine Pack

Marble Mine Pack for FS19

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The Marble Mine Pack includes everything you need to convert any map you want, into a mining map.

It includes lime stone blocks, and a set of heavy duty forks for moving said blocks. It also includes the wood plack to boot.

With the addition of this mod, you’re no longer limited to only mining in modded maps.

Now you can make your mine onto any map, and into any location.

Fair warning though: the blocks are heavy, and need a good sized loader to move them around.


3. Volvo L350H

Volvo L350H Front Loader Mod

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Another front loader for our list, but this loader is a bit more well designed for mining use (and even general farm use).

With fully detailed stickers and paint, plus fully working lights and animations, this loader looks fantastic.

It’s a pretty big front loader as well. It has a lift capacity of seventeen thousand liters.

And it comes with single and dual wheel options, and articulates in the center like most of these loaders do.


2. Caterpillar 797B & Liebherr T284 v2.0

Liebherr T284 Modded FS19 Preview

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This mod is actually a pack of trucks all put together.

But we’re here specifically for the Liebherr T284.

This monster of a dump truck can haul a huge load 267,000 liters.

This is a crazy amount more than even the biggest trailers.

And this truck isn’t lacking in power either, so it has no problem pulling a full load.

Plus the huge engine is putting out one thousand horsepower. A few tweaks to the XML file for this mod easily allows it to carry one million liters, no joke.


1. Liebherr 9800

Liebherr 9800 Excavator FS19 Mod

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This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one excavator.

We aren’t really sure why the devs didn’t include excavators in the base game, but luckily they aren’t the only ones making equipment.

This large excavator works exactly as it should, with independent controls for each boom and the bucket.

The tracks work like the skid steer tracks, so no spinning tracks in the opposite direction. But that’s more of a game engine issue than the machine.

Even with that, it’s still a great mod for mining. And no farm should ever operate without at least one of these on the back forty.

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