All TM & HM Locations in Pokémon Flora Sky

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This page lists every possible TM & HM that you can get in the rom hack Pokémon Flora Sky. We’ve included a description of where each TM/HM is located, along with a screenshot of the exact location.

If you need to find a specific TM or HM then you can use CTRL+F or use your mobile browser’s “Find on Page” feature to search by name or by TM/HM number.

All HM Locations

HM Location Screenshot
HM01 Air Cutter Found in the Searound Underground area, directly North of the entrance.
HM02 Fly On the second floor of the house North of the Pulhia City Pokemon Center, after showing the old lady NPC the Feather Badge.
HM03 Surf Given by Flash after saving Shayming from Giratina and Dialga during the mandatory Polar Forest story section.
HM04 Strength Given by the NPC in the blue shirt inside of the Safari Zone Rest House after showing him the third badge.
HM05 Rock Climb Given by Steven in Aqua Town after summoning Rayquaza to stop Kyogre and Groudon from fighting.
HM06 Rock Smash Given by Sky after beating him in the Union Gate.
HM07 Dive Found in Dark Cave, in a room located in the North-most section that’s already illuminated.
HM08 Waterfall Found in Route E’s Water Cave, at the end of the dark basement section’s slippery ice puzzle.

All TM Locations

TM Location Screenshot
TM01 Focus Punch Given by the Trick Master in the Festa Zone Trick House after completing the puzzle.
TM02 Dragon Claw Found in Meteor Falls, in the vertical room found in the North section of the mountain by using Surf.
TM03 Water Pulse In the Teaes City Gym, after defeating Aragi.
TM04 Calm Mind Found in the Seafloor Cavern, as soon as you reach the misty area.
TM05 Headbutt Found on Route F. Can also be bought from the Teaes City Department Store for 1,000 Pokemon Dollars.
TM06 Toxic In Polar Forest, hidden between some trees in a small opening near the South part of the starting area. Requires Surf to reach.
TM07 Hail Found in the basement area of Shoal Cave, at the end of the slippery ice puzzle.
TM08 Bulk Up Given by Martin after beating him in the Puel City Gym.
TM09 Flash Given by an NPC with a pink hat inside the connector to East of Platepics City leading to Route F. Can also be bought from the Teaes City Department Store for 2,000 Pokémon Dollars.
TM10 Hidden Power Found in Surence Town, by entering the house North of the Poke Mart, speaking with the old lady and answering her with right, right, and left.
TM11 Sunny Day Found on Route I, next to a Picnicker NPC in the fence maze.
TM12 Cosmic Beam Found in Meteor Falls, on a small island next to the big waterfall. Requires Surf.
TM13 Ice Beam Found on Route AF, South of the Cable Car. The path to it is blocked by a small tree you have to use Cut on.
TM14 Blizzard Bought from the Teaes City Department Store for 6,500 Pokémon Dollars.
TM15 Hyper Beam Bought from the Teaes City Department Store for 8,500 Pokémon Dollars.
TM16 Light Screen Bought from the Teaes City Department Store for 3,000 Pokémon Dollars.
TM17 Protect In Mystic Town, next to the house in the top-right corner. You reach it by going through the cave.
TM18 Rain Dance Found in the North-West corner of Route Z, reachable by cutting down a small tree.
TM19 Giga Drain Given by the girl surveying trees in the West of Route X after showing her a Grass-type Pokémon.
TM20 Safeguard Found in the house West of the Torzoro City Poke Mart, by trading it for 5 wood mail from the NPC near the table.
TM21 Frustration Found in the Aqua Hideout located inside the Puel City Museum.
TM22 Solar Beam In Polar Forest, found in the very North-East corner of the starting area.
TM23 Iron Tail Found in Meteor Falls, in the path directly East of the Route G entrance.
TM24 Thunderbolt Given by Wattson in the Pulhia City Coffee Bar after delivering the Candybar given to you by Mr. April in the Golden City Coffee Bar.
TM25 Thunder In Polar Forest, found in the very South-West corner of the starting area on a tiny island that requires both Surf and Waterfall to reach. Can also be bought from the Teaes City Department Store for 6,500 Pokémon Dollars.
TM26 Earthquake Found in Victory Road, in the North-East corner of the cave’s B1F.
TM27 Return Given to you by the Pokémon Fanclub Chairman’s younger brother after talking to him in the North-West house in Q Area.
TM28 Dig Given to you by the little kid inside the house located in the upper-right corner of Route C. This house requires Cut to access.
TM29 Psychic Found on Route AB, next to some berry plants in the North-East part of the route.
TM30 Shadow Ball Found at the top of Pyre Tower in Silver Town.
TM31 Brick Break Found on Route AB, near the path leading to Route W. Requires Rock Climb.
TM32 Double Team From the NPC standing outside of the Puel City Pokémon Center, after speaking with her and selecting the “Yes” option.
TM33 Reflect Bought from the Teaes City Department Store for 3,000 Pokémon Dollars.
TM34 Shock Wave From the Turzoro City Gym after beating Watson.
TM35 Flamethrower Found in Mt. Fiery, directly North of the entrance to the Magma Hideout.
TM36 Sludge Bomb Found at the Puel Hall in Puel City, after changing the trendy word and speaking to the old man NPC.
TM37 Sandstorm Found on Route J, South-East of the path coming from Route H.
TM38 Fire Blast Bought from the Teaes City Department Store for 6,500 Pokémon Dollars.
TM39 Rock Tomb Found on Route P, near the entrance to Route J.
TM40 Aerial Ace From the Hotasita Gym after defeating Iris.
TM41 Flame Of Rage Given by the spikey hair NPC inside the Battle Tent center site in Festa Zone.
TM42 Facade Given by the NPC with the pink shirt inside the Battle Tent left site in Festa Zone.
TM43 Secret Power Given by the NPC facing a boulder on Route R, directly East of Malias City.
TM44 Rest Given by the NPC in the house East of the Teaes City Pokémon Center.
TM45 Attract From the Platepics City Gym after defeating Caitlin.
TM46 Thief Found in the basement of the Magma Building. Reachable by using the teleporters.
TM47 Steel Wing From the Malias City Gym, after defeating Leira.
TM48 Dark Bomb In the Surence Town Gym after defeating Gima.
TM49 Iceberg In the Searound Gym after defeating Pryce.
TM50 Overheat Given by the yellow-haired NPC in the upper right corner of the S.S. Anne after beating the game and getting the ticket from Mr. April.
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