Tired of Searching For Pokémon Cards? Hire Someone To Do It For You!

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Are you looking for valuable Pokémon trading cards? Well our newest service could give you the best possible chance!

For the last 25 years Pokémon trading cards have sent fans into a frenzy as they try to collect ‘em all, and with the pandemic inadvertently sending the value of these cards through the roof (because more of us are now collecting them), people are more desperate than ever before to get their hands on them.

By hiring a professional Pokémon Card Hunter you’re increasing the likelihood of finding cards hiding in promotional boxes of cereal, online bargains or packs that are still available in stores like Target.

The service has launched across North America and is available to all members of the public. We recommend a price of $60 per hour, however ultimately this is up to you and the Hunter.

If you’re thinking about hiring a pro Pokémon Card Hunter, you’ll be asked specific questions about how you’d like the pro to carry out their work, such as the number of cereal boxes you’d like them to buy (if you want them to use this strategy) and which stores you’d like them to visit.

We recommend a contract is written up between the customer and Hunter to agree on the transfer of any cards bought or found. As well as the hourly rate, you can negotiate any travel expenses with the Hunter, as well as an option to agree bonuses should a valuable card be found/purchased – the finer details are up to you!

Those who want to sign up as a pro Pokémon Card Hunter can do so here:


Fill in the below details to register your interest in the Pokémon Card Hunting service – when registered we will connect you with a suitable professional. You must be at least 18 years old to hire a Hunter.

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