Best Anime Follower Mods for Skyrim (All Free)

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There are only two things I can do for over six hours without getting tired: playing TESV: Skyrim, and watching anime.

But what if I could do both at the same time?

I’m not talking about multitasking. Instead, I’m suggesting we bring some Japanese magic into Skyrim with anime follower mods.

Followers and companions are what make the journey worth it. You’ll have a very different adventure with Lydia than you’d have with Serana – and a very “sugoi” adventure with an anime follower.


10. Korosukenari Followers

Korosukenari Followers mod for Skyrim

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If you’re looking for a lore-friendly way of adding several anime hotties to your game, Korosukenari Followers is a great choice.

While none of these adorable ladies comes from any specific anime, they all have the large eyes and cutesy facial features you’d expect of an anime-based character. It’s like a dream!

Each of these follows a different character archetype.

There are blade dancers, goth loli vampires, gifted archers, and various adventurer types with cool armors.

One thing that keeps this mod from reaching its full potential is that these waifus share the same voice – but you can quickly fix that with the Lazy Tools add-on.


9. Megumin – Konosuba Follower

Megumin – Konosuba Follower Skyrim mod

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Kazuma’s adventure in KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! is every Skyrim player’s dream: waking up in a fantasy world ruled by RPG tropes and full of attractive people.

Nobody has made a mod capable of physically sending you to Skyrim yet.

Still, there are other ways to share in Kazuma’s good luck – like downloading this Megumin follower by Jinxxed.

A master of Destruction magic, Megumin fights exclusively by casting explosions.

In fact, it’s the only spell she knows – which is why she got expelled from the College of Winterhold.

The creator did a terrific job modeling Megumin and making her fit in with the world around her.


8. Rosetta – Japanese Custom Voiced Follower

Rosetta – Japanese Custom Voiced Follower mod for Skyrim

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A great way to give Skyrim that special anime touch is changing the language to Japanese.

If that seems too extreme, consider a Japanese-speaking custom follower like Millepon’s Rosetta.

Rosetta isn’t from any specific anime, but her background and design are 100% anime-compatible.

She’s one of the last Snow Elves, if not the last.

After her parents were brutally murdered by Nords, who feared they may turn into Falmer, Rosetta seeks someone who’ll help her find more of her kind.

She’s an excellent healer and ice mage, and her anime voice is adorable.


7. OK_Custom Voice Followers

OK_Custom Voice Followers Skyrim mod

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If you liked Rosetta, you have to check out OK_Custom Voice Followers by Okame28.

By installing this mod, you’re getting not one but eleven adorable Japanese-voiced followers with anime-style designs.

There are dark mages, myrmidons, sword dancers, and even a gal with a handgun!

I love this pack because the followers can talk to each other and not just the Dragonborn. They’ll even have conversations with Rosetta if you’ve got both installed!


6. Kakarotty – Saiyanic Follower

Kakarotty – Saiyanic Follower mod for Skyrim

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Fans of Dragon Ball will love Kakarotty – a powerful female follower based on Goku.

Kakarotty is an adorable anime-style girl hiding the strength of a Saiyan.

She’s a specialist in unarmed combat and can cast powerful Ki-based spells, along with turning Super Saiyan.

Creator MightyChopsticks also included a second follower by the name of Kakarotty Black. As you might expect, her powers mimic Goku Black’s powers in DBS, and she can unleash Super Saiyan Rose.


5. Minamoto no Raikou – Fate/Grand Order Follower

Minamoto no Raikou – Fate/Grand Order Follower Skyrim mod

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Raikou is one of the hottest & most badass characters in the Fate series, and she couldn’t be missing from our ranking.

This excellent mod by Emerilada is heavily inspired by Minamoto no Raikou, though it’s not meant to be a 1:1 reproduction of the character. It’s hard to reproduce Raikou’s proportions and outfits without things getting NSFW…

Despite not having the exact same outfit, she gives off the same “dangerous beauty” vibes as Raikou and perfectly fits in with the rest of the anime girls.


4. Bulma Briefs – Dragon Ball Follower

Bulma Briefs – Dragon Ball Follower mod for Skyrim

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Bulma is one of the most well-known female anime characters ever created, thanks to her central role in the world-famous late 80s anime Dragon Ball.

This mod by Jinxxed brings us two versions of the character: one wearing her classic pink dress and a “combat” version featuring a camo bikini and a combat knife strapped to Bulma’s leg.

As expected of the heiress of Capsule Corp, Bulma modified her Dwemer Crossbow to be to shoot faster. She’s already used to chasing Dragon Balls, so hunting down real dragons should prove easy.

You can also get a Chi-Chi follower made by the same mod developer.


3. Pokerace – An Anime Race

Pokerace – An Anime Race Skyrim mod

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As you’ll have noticed by now, one of the biggest challenges to getting anime girls right in Skyrim is how different anime face proportions tend to be.

Maflock’s Pokerace was created to fix just that.

It introduces a new “anime” race to Skyrim, letting you create authentically anime-looking characters as you’d see in a game like Genshin Impact.

Regrettably, there’s no mod to automatically apply this to NPCs.

But you can use it to create characters and then turn them into followers.


2. Artoria Pendragon – Fate/Stay Night Follower

Artoria Pendragon – Fate/Stay Night Follower mod for Skyrim

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Nowadays, there are countless attractive heroic spirits to choose from in the Fate franchise. But I’ve been a big fan of the series since the beginning, so I have a soft spot for the original Saber.

Who’d have guessed “King Arthur” was actually a cute girl?

This custom follower by Haladoon is a very accurate portrayal of Artoria that looks fantastic in Skyrim.

She even has the iconic loose hair strand “ahoge”! You can tell this modder cares about the details.

Tip: Her armor and swords are also available as Skyrim mods from Haladoon.


1. Overlord Mod – Become An Evil Lich

Overlord Mod – Become An Evil Lich Skyrim mod

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Leading the ranking, we have one of the most fleshed-out and content-rich anime mods ever released.

Overlord – Become An Evil Lich by MRX16 adapts the successful light novel series and anime into Skyrim. The mod introduces plenty of new stuff from Overlord:

  • Spells
  • Quests
  • Locations
  • Races
  • And tons of loot

It also includes over a dozen followers based on characters from the show, including fan favorites like Shalltear, Demiurge, Sebas Tian, and Albedo.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more complete anime experience in Skyrim.

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