Skyrim Genshin Impact Mods: Weapons, Followers & More

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Skyrim offers players a massive fantasy world in which to immerse themselves.

By now we’ve explored every nook and cranny of this cold and harsh landscape, and some of us have grown attached.

No matter how bright and beautiful the world of MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact is, the real Skyrim fans will always return to Whiterun after an adventure in Teyvat.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t want some souvenirs.

The following mods were created to bring some of the color and cheer of Genshin Impact into Skyrim – including characters, clothing, music, and much more – at zero Primogem cost to the consumer.

Got your attention yet?


10. Elemental Icon Tattoos

Elemental Icon Tattoos (Genshin) / Skyrim Mod

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Anyone who’s played Genshin Impact knows that elements and their interactions are a vital aspect of gameplay.

These elements – known as Pyro, Geo, Dendro, Anemo, Hydro, Cryo, and Electro – are represented by mystical symbols that show up wherever some elemental magic is brewing.

One example is the Elemental Visions all of our playable heroes carry.

This Elemental Icon Tattoos mod by Sharkaiy will let you place these glowing symbols on your Skyrim character’s skin in the form of tattoos.

They look fantastic, and they feel somewhat lore-friendly considering the magical shenanigans we often run into in Tamriel.

What’s a glowing tattoo vs. summoning an Atronach, right?


9. Genshin Impact OST for Skyrim

Genshin Impact OST Skyrim Mod

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The success of Genshin Impact can’t be attributed to one single aspect of the game.

Everything was finely tuned by MiHoYo to create a game people worldwide would go crazy for, and the music is a definite highlight.

Composed by Yu-Peng Chen, the music heard all around Teyvat is breathtaking – especially the calm, melodic background music heard while exploring the game’s many idyllic landscapes.

This nifty mod lets you replace Skyrim’s classic music (which we’ve all heard a hundred thousand times) with Genshin Impact’s fresh ambient tracks.

And you’ll find the direct download link to this mod right in the video description (linked above).


8. Lisa Costume

Lisa Costume from Genshin Impact / Skyrim Mod

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Lisa Minci is a mage as powerful as she is beautiful.

This Electro character is known by fans as one of the most seductive and mysterious women in Mondstadt. Despite her immense power and fame as a potent mage, she spends her days humbly serving as the Librarian of the Knights of Favonius.

If you want her in your game, this Lisa Costume by Abgon Studio is a great place to start.

All of the mod requirements to get this to work are listed in the creator’s post.

Note it’s quite a bit, but if you’ve been modding Skyrim for a while, you probably have most of it set up anyways.


7. Mona & Amber Costumes

Mona & Amber Costumes (Genshin Impact) Skyrim Mod

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Mona and Amber are two very different Mondstadt citizens with one thing in common:

They’re some of the most popular gals among Genshin Impact fans.

Like most characters in the game, these two have very notorious outfits with creative designs that reflect their personalities.

And thanks to this mod by Tag_Tomboy, you can get these outfits as equipment in Skyrim.

They’re incredibly detailed, and have realistic physics where it matters, such as the back of Mona’s cloak.

To download the mod, click the link above and head to the bottom of the author’s post, right before where the comments start. You should see a download link there – and unless you can read Korean, I’d recommend letting your browser translate it for you.


6. Eula Costume

Eula Costume (Genshim Impact) Skyrim Mod

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Those of you who love a cold, dominant girl surely lost your marbles at the sight of Eula Lawrence – the captain of the Reconnaissance Company of the Knights of Favonius.

Also known as the “Spindrift Knight”, this Claymore-wielding Cryo character is a descendant of an old and powerful clan in Mondstadt’s history.

For the longest time, people have ostracized her for being a Lawrence, perceived by the populace as the worst oppressors in the city’s history.

Hopefully she’ll be able to make a new name for herself in Skyrim.

This custom outfit by Caenarvon doesn’t look just like it does in GI – it looks better.

The artist emphasized the layering of every piece, giving it a 3D feel and helping us appreciate the details.


5. Elemental Vision of Skyrim

Elemental Vision of Skyrim (Genshin) Mod

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The same creator as the previous mod also brings us one of the most gorgeous accessory packs I’ve ever seen in Skyrim:

Elemental Visions from Genshin Impact.

These god-given items allow the wearer to focus the magic energy around them and wield powerful elemental skills matching their Vision.

This pack includes an accessory matching every element in the game, also providing diverse effects.

Pyro augments melee damage, Geo fortifies blocking, Hydro empowers healing, and so on.

These visions are organically implemented, too. So you’ll run into Vision wielders out in the wild.

All Thalmor carry them, and even Ulfric will use these foreign arcane artifacts against you.


4. Paimon Follower Mod

Paimon Follower (Genshin Impact) Skyrim Mod

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Paimon – often referred to as “Emergency Rations” – is an adorable pixie-like creature who’s been following the Traveler around since they woke up in Teyvat.

If you’ve ever wanted a small pocket-size companion to make your travels less lonely without drawing attention (or requiring a bed), then this Paimon follower mod by Boombox might be just the thing to get.

Once installed, you’ll find her floating around in Whiterun.

Again, I recommend letting your browser machine translate the linked site so you can quickly locate the download link.


3. Cute Forces Follower Mod

Cute Forces Follower (Genshin Impact) Skyrim Mod

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Something is amusing about a tiny anime character following you around on your adventures – but what if you could have more of them?

The Cute Forces mod introduces most of the small-stature playable characters from Genshin Impact as possible followers.

These include Klee, Yaoyao, Diona, and Qiqi.

Every character was given abilities and stats reflecting their role in Genshin Impact.

I love how the companion locations are tailor-made to suit their characters.

For example, Klee must be broken out of prison in Whiterun, and Diona travels around with a Khajit caravan.


2. Klee Race Mod

Klee Race (Genshin) Skyrim Mod

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Having a brigade of lolis follow you around is definitely peak gaming.

But wouldn’t playing as one of those lolis be even better?

We’ve covered mods that add costumes to help us look like our favorite Genshin Impact characters. But this mod by MUNUDUNU will let you play as the Spark Knight herself.

As you may expect from this explosive Pyro wielder, Klee has 20% more powerful Destruction damage and can resist fire like a Flame Atronach.


1. Weapons of the Genshin

Weapons of the Genshin / Skyrim Mod

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Genshin Impact fans are always waiting for the perfect weapon to drop.

I can’t blame them.

Not only are they powerful, but every weapon has a unique look that can totally change the aesthetics of your character.

And thanks to mod creator Royan199803, a whopping 46 of those weapons have made their way into Skyrim.

There are 19 one-handed swords like the Summit Shaper, 14 two-handed weapons like the Skyward Pride claymore, and 13 bows, including the Blackcliff Warbow and the Skyward Harp.

They’re not precisely lore-friendly here.

But they’re some of the best-looking weapons ever ported to Skyrim – and they cost you exactly zero Primogems.

The mod can be downloaded from the first link in the description of the video linked above. Just open the full video description on YouTube and look for the Mega link.

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