Best Druid Mods For Skyrim (All Free To Download)

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Your connection to nature will never be as strong as whenever you play as a Druid in Skyrim.

But seeing as being, a Druid is not really an option. You always have to resort to downloading mods if you truly wish to have a Druid experience in the game.

With that said, Druid mods are actually very easy to come across, seeing as so many people love playing like this.

For this list I’ve focused on mods that strengthen the player’s connection with nature, be it by providing with natural ways to live your life, or by adding new nature-centric spells.

And I have to be honest here: I didn’t think that I would find so many awesome mods for this list. I was pleasantly surprised when I made it, and I’m sure you’ll be more than pleased with these picks as well. Check ‘em out!


10. Kyne’s Sacred Trials

Kyne’s Sacred Trials for Skyrim

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This mod truly allows you to partake in Kyne’s Sacred Trials, not just that crap you get to do in the base game where you face a weak trial and receive a dumb amulet in return.

This quest mod completely overhauls Kyne’s Trials, allowing you to truly receive their blessing once the quest is done.

You’ll be able to recite a new shout, plus you’ll get a much better item at the end of the quest (no spoilers here though!)

The original quest is called “The Blessings of Nature”.

I’m sure you know which one I’m talking about.

And yes, it will no longer be useless after installing this mod.


9. Reach Magic

Reach Magic Mod Screenshot

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Druids are often associated as friends with nature, connecting themselves with the world, and being overall good people.

This mod, however, aims to change that perception for good.

With Reach Magic, you’ll be able to harness and corrupt the forces of Nature itself, allowing you to use them for your own personal gain.

This mod specifically turns you into a powerful spellcaster that’s able to get the worst out of Nature. Then you can exploit it to heal yourself, summon powerful dark creatures, and restore your weakened powers.

Let the darkness consume you.


8. Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

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You may have heard of the Apocalypse mod if you’ve ran a mage playthrough before.

But I’m adding it to my list here because it also adds a whole bunch of cool nature-centric spells to the game.

You can summon whirlwinds, create tempests, invoke fire, and many more types of fantastic spells.

The mod also seems to blend quite perfectly into the base system of Skyrim magic.

I’d even dare say that, if you’re not aware which spells are included in this mod, you won’t notice be able to tell the difference between these new spells & the base game ones.


7. Spirit of Kynareth

Spirit of Kynareth Mod

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With the Spirit of Kynareth mod, you’ll be able to summon the powers of Kynareth herself.

This allows you to transform into four different animals. Pretty cool, yeah?

The animations look brilliant, too, which adds a ton of immersion to a Druid playthrough!


6. Druid Conjuration

Druid Conjuration Mod for Skyrim

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Spriggans, bunnies, bears… what else are you looking to summon?

With this mod, new druid-themed conjuration spells will get added to the game, which can be mastered thanks to a new spell trainer (who also gets added with this mod).

Conjuration shouldn’t be all about bringing Oblivion creatures into our world, right?

Well now it’s time for you to bring some more furry creatures provided by nature herself!


5. Druid’s Den

Druid’s Den Skyrim Mod

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Mother Nature has provided us with a giant world, both in life and in-game.

So we should be making the best of it.

A Druid doesn’t necessarily have to live in a small hut if they don’t want to. And this Druid’s Den mod is ideal for those who share that line of thought.

This Den is really the perfect player home for a Druid. It’s so massive that it comes with a large tree inside!


4. Forgotten Magic Redone

Forgotten Magic Redone - Skyrim Mod

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I know this mod doesn’t directly add anything that one would call “druidical”.

But it deserves a spot on my list because of its long list of nature-related spells.

Forgotten Magic is the mod to download if you want to add a lot more variety to your spellcaster repertoire, which is probably something you’re after.

Because really, there’s a big lack of truly nature-friendly spells.

This mod suits the needs of a druid – and it does this to perfection.

It also adds more unique spells for mages to try, which is a nice added plus!


3. The Noiral Reborn

The Noiral Reborn Mod

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The Noiral Reborn shows exactly why not every person who’s close to nature, is also meant to have “good” powers.

With the Noiral Reborn mod you’ll be able to cast a variety of spells that take energy from the dark side of nature.

You’ll be able to summon creatures, cast new spells, and look cool thanks to new themed cosmetics that get added to the game. The visuals are a nice added touch.

Oh and this mod also lets you summon a kickass mount.

Do you want to know what it is? Well no spoilers here!

Just give this mod a quick download and check it out.


2. House for Witches and Druids

House for Witches and Druids - Skyrim Mod

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It doesn’t make sense for you to become one with nature, if you’re just going to live in a major city, does it?

With this mod, you’ll be able to move to a new hut located just next to the Lost Prospect Mine.

It’s in a region that seems to be getting reclaimed by Earth itself, so there’s no better place for a Druid to inhabit.


1. Druid Essentials

Druid Essentials - Skyrim Mod

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Now if you’re looking for the best Druid mod that you can get for Skyrim, look no further.

Druid Essentials is so complete, that one may even say that it’s a DLC of its own.

This brings the entire “get in touch with nature” experience to your Skyrim save, all with just one free mod!

It’s really a fundamental mod to have if you want a fully reinvigorated playthrough. And it’s one that’s so well-designed that it’ll make you think that it was made by Bethesda themselves.

I know that doesn’t say too much in a world where Skyrim has gotten like 7 re-releases, but still.

This mod is really worth checking out. New magic spells, armor, and weapons are all there for the taking of a true Druid.

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