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Elves are part of the Skyrim culture. And I hope we can all agree that they’re some of the most fascinating fictional beings in the history of the genre.

If you’ve played Skyrim at all then you’ve probably tried to recreate the life of an elf at some point. But being an elf in Skyrim feels a bit… shallow.

I know the game wasn’t built only for elves, but still – some more customization would’ve been nice.

Even a place well-suited for the life of an elf would’ve been well-received in the eyes of many.

Thankfully, we can always go to the old faithful modding community whenever we feel Skyrim is lacking something. I did just that for my list here, and I managed to compile a list of mods that will massively improve your experience as an elf in Skyrim.

From new races to better armor, everything is here for your elfy comfort.


10. Thalmor Only Use Elven Weapons and Armor

Thalmor Only Use Elven Weapons and Armor Skyrim Elf Mod

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I know this doesn’t seem like much of a change, but it’s hard to immerse yourself into the world of Skyrim when you see a Thalmor wearing anything other than Elven armor and using steel weaponry.

You have no idea how much of a difference it makes to see them wear Elven armor only – and this mod is exactly what’s needed to have them dress like proper elves.


9. Elven Weapons for Silence

Elven Weapons for Silence Skyrim Mod

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Not all elves want to be archers and shoot their way through the Skyrim forestlands.

If I was an elf, I would use my skills to become a skilled assassin. Sounds fun right?

Well if you think like me then you’re going to love this mod.

Elven Weapons of Silence adds a handful of Elven-themed weapons to the game, which best suits the playstyle of aggressive elves or sneaky assassins.


8. Lind’s Elven Eyes

Lind’s Elven Eyes Skyrim Mod

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Let’s stray from the armory for a second and take a look at Lind’s Elven Eyes.

This amazing mod adds a grand total of 40 new textures for elves of all races in the game.

You might need a compatibility patch if you want to use them on downloaded races, but hey – they do work perfectly on all of the vanilla races in the game. So that’s an easy selling point right away.

Also, I know this might be a tad obvious, but they’re meant to be used on female elves. They don’t exactly look too good on a guy.

But you can try them out if you’re into that girly look. Nobody’s here to judge, give ‘em a try and see what you think.


7. Elvenwood

Elvenwood Skyrim Mod

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Did you really think I wasn’t going to add a housing mod for elves?

I’ve already talked about Elvenwood and its lore in another one of my articles, so it’s obvious I wasn’t going to miss out putting it here as well!

Elvenwood is a lore-friendly place that was founded by Elves many a year ago, and it can now be the place that you inhabit.

It’s an entirely new town, so be prepared to explore and be amazed at an elf-friendly location that you didn’t know you needed until you saw it.


6. Light Elven Armor

Light Elven Armor Skyrim Mod

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I don’t know why, but this armor seems to be in a sort of Twilight where the design doesn’t seem to fit Skyrim, but at the same time it kinda suits it perfectly; you know what I’m saying?

The Light Elven Armor mod adds a new set of female armor that aims to become the light variant of the popular Elven Armor that we all know and love.

It’s a fantastic set, and one that suits most female characters.

Now I guess you could say it’s kind of NSFW, depending on your point of view, but it covers everything up so I’d say there’s far more scantily-styled mods out there.


5. Eryniel Elf Reborn

Eryniel Elf Reborn Skyrim Mod

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I think this is one of the best Elf companion mods that I’ve come across.

I didn’t want to add a bunch of them to my list, so I opted to pick the best one I could find. As such, the Eryniel Elf Reborn mod is my pick!

I’m pretty sure this was created by someone who was having some rather nasty thoughts and planned on using it with other NSFW mods, but hey – a fantastic companion mod was born out of it!

Eryniel Elf (Reborn) is also compatible with many other mods in the game, and its textures are nothing short of fantastic.


4. Ethereal Elven Overhaul

Ethereal Elven Overhaul Skyrim Mod

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This one is an aesthetic mod, but the changes are so amazing that I couldn’t help but add it to my list.

It basically changes the way all elven races look.

And really, this improves elves beyond the wildest realms of your imagination. Even for a somewhat specific aesthetic/graphics mod, you’ll be surprised at the difference.

Please check it out – you won’t regret it.


3. Playable Snow Elf Race

Playable Snow Elf Race Skyrim Mod

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How cool would it be to play with the Snow Elves that we got to see in the Dawnguard DLC?

I think it would be really cool, if I may say so myself. And lookie here, it’s 100% possible!

This mod adds the race as a playable variation to the game, with its own set of attributes and race-bound stats. A fun twist on an elf playthrough.


2. Kidmer – Adoptable Elf Children

Kidmer Adoptable Elf Children Skyrim Mod preview

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If you’re really going to run an elven playthrough, then you probably want your children to look like your character.

A small change, sure. But for immersion it’s pretty crucial.

With this mod you’ll be able to adopt elven kids and raise them as your own, just like as if they were any other kid in the game.

And it complements nicely with some other family mods I’ve listed for Skyrim.


1. Deep Elf Race – The True Dwemer

Deep Elf Race – The True Dwemer Skyrim modded

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For anyone who loves niche playthroughs, this is the mod to make you fall in love with Skyrim lore all over again.

We all know the Dwemer had been dead for centuries from the start of Skyrim’s story.

But what if one of them was the Dragonborn?

Write your own history and challenge the Skyrim lore with the Deep Elf Race! Insanely detailed with hours(or weeks) worth of fun.

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