Top 10 Best Enchantment Mods for Skyrim, Ranked

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Enchanting is the perfect way to improve your weapons and armor – but how do you improve the enchantments themselves?

Training yourself to apply better enchantments is essential, but if you want to take your Enchanting to the next level, you’ll need some mods.

From purely aesthetic changes to profound transformations of Skyrim’s enchantment system, the following mods will breathe new life into your enchanting table.


10. Passive Enchanting Experience

Passive Enchanting Experience / Skyrim mod

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The only way to level your Enchanting skill in vanilla Skyrim is to produce a continuous stream of mediocre enchanted items, gaining a little bit of experience each time.

It’s a waste of time and resources – which, by the way, includes the souls of living beings. That’s plain disrespectful!

Passive Enchanting Experience makes leveling a lot easier by granting experience for the time spent wearing enchanted apparel in combat.

The more powerful the spell, the faster you gain experience. You need to keep updating your equipment if you wish to keep leveling!

Overall, it’s a lot more engaging than vanilla.


9. Passive Weapon Enchantment Recharging

Passive Weapon Enchantment Recharging / Skyrim mod

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Take even more work off your shoulders with the Passive Weapon Enchantment Recharging mod.

As its name suggests, this mod allows your enchanted weapons to slowly absorb magical energy from the environment over time.

This way, you don’t need to go into your inventory and recharge them manually every time. It’s especially crucial when wielding weapons that run out of energy in just a few uses.

Plus you won’t be spending as many Soul Gems. It’s spiritually eco-friendly!


8. Honed Metal – NPC Crafting & Enchantment Services

Honed Metal – NPC Crafting & Enchantment Services / Skyrim mod

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Enchanting is a vital part of building up your character in Skyrim.

Regrettably, every build needs a fair amount of perk points to go into Enchanting.

That’s fine if you’re playing a wizard or a high-born knight, but why would a street urchin from Riften know how to handle Soul Gems?

Honed Metal gives players an alternative: letting a mage enchant your items for you for a modicum price.

In addition, blacksmiths will provide a similar service for crafting and tempering gear.


7. All Enchantments Unlocked

All Enchantments Unlocked / Skyrim mod

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Learning the really worthwhile enchantments in vanilla Skyrim takes a long time.

Moreover, you must sacrifice powerful items and can only get their bonuses back by spending large Soul Gems (assuming you have the required skill).

All Enchantments Unlocked gives you access to every enchantment right from the beginning of the game.

This way, you can start building the character you want a lot faster – and any powerful enchanted artifacts you find can be wielded or sold for a high price.


6. Enchanting Freedom

Enchanting Freedom / Skyrim mod

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Usually, you can only fit one enchantment in the same item.

If you painstakingly get Enchanting to Level 100, the limit goes up to two bonuses per item, thanks to the Extra Effect perk.

But one thing doesn’t change: it’s not enough.

Enchanting Freedom lets you turn every one of your armor pieces and weapons into super-powerful relics by stacking unlimited effects.

This mod goes well with Unlimited Weapon Enchant, which makes enchanting free.


5. ElSopa’s New Enchantment Textures

ElSopa’s New Enchantment Textures / Skyrim mod

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We’ve covered some unique mods that improve our enchanting experience – but what about the enchantments themselves?

ElSopa’s New Enchantment Textures is an easy and performance-friendly way to dramatically change the look of your magical arsenal.

It transforms the patterns that glow on the surface of enchanted weapons, making them more distinctive and representative of the applied enchantment.

The growing vine and ornamental spiral textures are definite highlights I’d like on all of my weapons.


4. Summermyst – Enchantments of Skyrim

Summermyst – Enchantments of Skyrim / Skyrim mod

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Summermyst is one of the most essential enchanting mods ever created, introducing 120 new enchantments to try on your weapons and armor.

Some of my favorites include Steal Weapons, which can disarm your opponent and put their weapon in your inventory, and Spurs, which makes mounts 30% faster.

These enchantments are correctly integrated into the game, meaning you’ll find them in looted items, and enemies might use them against you.


3. Visual Animated Enchantments

Visual Animated Enchantments / Skyrim mod

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Vanilla enchantments have relatively basic visual effects that leave much to be desired in the “epic” department.

Sure, I can apply Frost or heal on hit, but why does it all look so… normal?

With Visual Animated Enchantments, enchanted weapons look like magical energy is just bursting out of them. Tongues of flame and gusts of wind wrap around your weapons for a genuinely awe-inspiring effect.

Tip: Make sure to get this third-party update for a truly polished look.


2. Enchanted Arsenal

Enchanted Arsenal / Skyrim mod

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Another incredible option to make your enchanted weapons flashy and cool is Enchanted Arsenal.

Enchanted Arsenal is unique because it lets you customize your enchantment effects through an in-game menu to create something truly different.

Not only do you control the effects on your weapon and surrounding it, but also on the victims you burn, freeze, electrocute, and poison.

This add-on features animations and effects from over a dozen Legendary Edition mods, so you’ll have plenty of material to play around with and create your perfect enchanted weapon.


1. Thaumaturgy – An Enchanting Overhaul

Thaumaturgy – An Enchanting Overhaul / Skyrim mod

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There are two ways to improve an aspect of your game: you either collect several minor mods or choose one comprehensive overhaul.

While the first option allows for greater control, you’ll often end up with a terribly unbalanced game.

Thaumaturgy offers a complete overhaul of Skyrim enchantments more focused on improving what’s already there than adding 100% new enchantments – though those are definitely present. It does this mainly through re-balancing damage, duration, and trigger conditions, among other things.

My favorite changes include a stable 25% trigger chance for Turn Undead, Banish, and other Illusion spells and the addition of Jump Boots that increase your jump height fivefold.

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