Top 25 Best Weapon Mods For Skyrim (All Free)

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The arsenal of the Dragonborn is usually something to behold in the latter stages of the game, once you are past level 50 and have the best gear available for the taking.

But, once you have played the game several times, or when you are on your first playthrough but have finished most tasks, you will want fresh weapons to add to the quest mods.

So for this post I’ve compiled a large list of 25 weapon mods that will enhance your Elder Scrolls experience to unforeseen heights.

Some of these mods are upgrades on already existing weapons. Others add dozens of new swords, bows, and unique gear to the game. But note that all these mods are free so you won’t be paying a dime.

It is up to you to decide which of these you would rather play with, and how lore-friendly you would like the game to remain.

25. Witcher’s Silver Sword

Witchers Silver Sword Skyrim mod

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If you are a player who loves to mix things up with other franchises, you will enjoy the Witcher’s Silver Sword mod.

It simply replaces the Skyrim Silver Sword with one used in The Witcher series, providing the unrelenting strength of Geralt in order to kill the mighty foes he encountered during his adventures.

The Silver Sword does not have any particular effects, but it gives you the unique feel of authenticity and spins the world of Skyrim into something different.

It is well-detailed as well, helping to create more immersion!

24. CL’s Ebony Weapons

Ebony Weapons Skyrim mod

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One common thing you will discover when looking for Skyrim weapon mods is the Ebony weapons are not fan-favorites and could look better – especially when you take into consideration how the armors are awesome.

CL himself, a popular modder in the Skyrim community, has retextured many of the base game Ebony weapons and turned the designs into incredibly beautiful pieces of weaponry.

The CL’s Ebony Weapons mod is a compilation of all of CL’s work in one file, which will replace all base game ebony weapons with spectacular and innovative items.

23. Better Bows

Better Bows mod

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The Better Bows mod allows the base game bows to be complemented by a larger selection of ranged weapons, which will enhance your arsenal and add a much-needed touch of variety to the selection.

The bows were designed using the base templates of Skyrim’s ranged weapons, so they do not look out of place!

22. Unique Bows Collection

Unique Bows Collection Skyrim mod

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Much like the last mod, the Unique Bows Collection adds 10 new bows to the game with exceptional designs.

They are simpler than the Better Bows mod, but the mod is better supported and works better with enchantments, earning it a higher spot on our list.

If you’re big into the archery path then you’ll want to check out these weapons.

21. Warglaive of Azzinoth (Twin Blades)

Warglaive of Azzinoth mod

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If you are a Warcraft fan or an avid WoW player you are going to absolutely love this next mod.

It adds the infamous Twin Blades of Azzinoth to the game, used by Illidan in the Warcraft lore.

Much like the original blades, this mod comes pre-enchanted with the “Power of Green Fire”, giving them an unbelievable amount of power but does not allow you to place any further enchantments on them.

20. Magicka Sabers

Magicka Sabers Skyrim mod

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Are you a Star Wars fan looking to keep a Skyrim playthrough lore-friendly?

The Magicka Sabers mod is going to suit your needs. This mod adds lightsabers into the game, but it is explained how the sabers themselves are powered with elements found in Skyrim.

Their existence is technically logical in Tamriel.

Sure, the explanation might not be the best out of every other mod on this list. But it should suffice if you wish to slay foes with your lightsaber across the plains of the realm!

19. The Ice Blade of The Monarch

Ice Blade of The Monarch mod

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This mod adds a couple of new weapons to the game, as well as a staff, which can be obtained by completing a quest which adapts to the lore of the game.

The powerful weapons will serve you well in battle and strike fear in the hearts of every foe daring to stand in your way.

18. Dawnguard Arsenal

Dawnguard Arsenal mod

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If you have played the Dawnguard DLC and fought the Volkihar Menace, you probably know their weapons are on the limited end of the spectrum.

This mod aims to correct that by adding countless new weapons with the same design you would expect Dawnguard weapons to have.

Some of these models were made from scratch, and the work put into them is extremely noticeable!

17. Expanded Skyrim Weaponry

Expanded Skyrim Weaponry mod

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Do you feel like the base game weapons are lacking in variety?

Well, this mod is what you are after. It adds 95 new and different weapons to the game, making your choice of finding a favorite more difficult than before.

All of the weapons are lore-friendly and use the same materials that are included in the base game.

16. Automatic Crossbows

Automatic Crossbows mod

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This mod adds automatic crossbows to the lore of Skyrim by presenting you a story where the Thalmor find some old Dwarven blueprints showing how to build these fearsome weapons.

As such, you will be able to fire arrows as if they were machine gun ammunition!

Keep in mind this weapon is a bit overpowered so if you are not keen on ancient over-the-top guns, this might not do much for you.

15. Ghosus Weapon Pack

Ghosus Weapon Pack mod

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The Ghosus Weapon Pack adds many different new weapons into the game.

There are a total of 18 new weapons, but each one has 32 variations and they come with a unique shield emblematic to this mod.

The weapons are highly detailed and look as if they belong in the game, so finding them and wielding them is going to be as lore-friendly as you can imagine.

Though the weapons adapt to the game, they have their roots and origins in comics and other stories. You can even get Thor’s Hammer with this pack!

14. Dread Knight Weapon Set

Dread Knight Weapon Set mod

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So the Dread Knight Weapon Set makes its glorious return to Skyrim after the success this mod had in the days of Oblivion.

It adds a set of weapons seeming to fit right in with a knight who represents death, so dark knights and warrior necromancers might find a lot of joy in using these weapons.

In any case, the weapons are fairly balanced, and the design is as beautiful as you can imagine.

The weapons have inscriptions written in Daedra, adding to the eerie feeling they emit when you wield them.

13. Lost Longswords

Lost Longswords Skyrim mod

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Fans of two-handed weapons and swords that feel a bit exaggerated to wield into battle, rejoice.

This mod adds a collection of longswords to the game that seemed to be lost with time, but they have made their way into your hands, thanks to this amazing mod.

It even included a Dragonbone longsword you can craft, making it one of the most powerful in the game.

If you feel like the longswords included in the base game are just not enough, you will need to try this one out.

You are undoubtedly going to walk out happy with the many new weapons that get introduced to the game using this mod!

12. Lore Weapon Expansion

Lore Weapon Expansion mod

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The amount of beautifully crafted weapons introduced with this mod are not only great, but also extremely carefully crafted.

You can see the modder is an artist who has put plenty of work into developing these amazing new weapons, amongst which you will find many types of daggers, swords, axes, and other heavy weapons made of the main materials found in the game.

The additions are strict to the lore of Skyrim.

And none of the weapons introduced to the game feel out of place no matter how you play.

It is a truly fascinating mod and the weapons are a work of art.

11. Faction Crossbows

Faction Crossbows mod

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One really wonders why crossbows were not added into the Elder Scrolls story when Skyrim was released, but what is done is done.

Thankfully, modders have found a way to create these weapons and introduce them into the game.

The Faction Crossbows mod is probably one of the most lore-friendly mods out of them all, as it adds a craft-able crossbow, as well as variations for every faction in the game.

You can use your Dark Brotherhood crossbow to slay the souls of the innocent, or the Thieves’ crossbow to aid you in your days as a robber.

10. Elemental Arrows

Elemental Arrows mod

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There may be many different arrows in Skyrim, but it still feels as if Bethesda should have allowed players to be more creative in terms of style.

This mod does exactly that by adding a ton of different arrows to the game, all of which have unique effects which improve your playstyle.

They also allow you to vary bows and combine them with new ammunition.

You will be able to craft arrows with special effects based on the arrows already included in the game, so things will not feel out of place when you shoot them.

9. The Huntsman

The Huntsman mod

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The Huntsman is the most spectacular bow modders have managed to create for Skyrim.

It is such an amazing bow, no other mod comes close to it, perhaps maybe the Scoped Bows mod.

It is the perfect companion for all kinds of players – but particularly hunters.

The mod is designed to level up as the player does, which means it will not become useless after a certain level limit.

You can even upgrade the bow and change its attributes.

Upgrading it also changes its shape, which is a neat addition in a mod and not in the base game.

8. Weapons of The Third Era

Weapons of The Third Era mod

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Though this mod is quite old, it still stands amongst the best Skyrim weapon mods in the Nexus community.

It adds new and unique weapons to the game, all of which aim to resemble those used in the Third Era of the world.

The designs of the weapons are magnificent and beautiful, with steel, silver, and even glass variations having been included in the arsenal this mod adds to the game.

7. Heavy Armory – New Weapons

Heavy Armory Weapons skyrim

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Heavy Armory adds a staggering 100 new weapons to the game, including weapons no other Elder Scrolls game has ever entertained.

You will be able to wield a halberd and strike a fierce blow using clubs or spears, so it is up to you to decide what you are going to do with the variety this mod provides.

Keep in mind, you will also find many of these new weapons wielded by foes in the wild.

Be prepared to stand ready in case you encounter a high-leveled enemy wearing a giant halberd against you.

6. Sword of the Ancient Tongues

Sword of the Ancient Tongues mod

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This mod adds a single sword into the game.

But dare I say it is the most lore-friendly sword on this list.

The sword has encryptions of Akatosh, as well as an inscription in draconic tongue, which reads “Dragonborn, by his honor is sworn, to keep evil forever at bay…”.

The sword is incredibly detailed. And everything looks so in place you can see this modder is a skilled 3D artist.

Note you will need a solid crafting to create this sword, but the effort you put into it is as worth it as it gets – it is an amazing weapon worthy of being wielded by the Dragonborn.

5. JaySus Swords

JaySus Swords mod

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The sheer number of swords, blades, and axes this mod adds to the game is so staggeringly high, you will struggle to try them all.

In fact, the mod adds a grand total of 53 weapons into the game, all of which have unique designs and look extremely well made.

The creator of the mod, JaySus, may not be the most creative of modders in terms of naming, but he sure did one heck of a good job with the creation of such a unique arsenal of weapons.

4. Scoped Bows

Scoped Bows mod

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If you want scoped weaponry, well Skyrim may not be the best game to obtain it.

However some modders beg to differ. They have managed to incorporate scoped weapons into Skyrim without breaking the essence of the game.

Admittedly, it is difficult to explain why a bow would have a scope in this era, but hey, that is a small little detail.

This mod adds lore-friendly scoped bows into the game, and the bows look very natural and seem to fit in quite well with the overall feel of the game.

3. Isilmeril LOTR Weapons Collection

Isilmeril LOTR Weapons Collection mod

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Are you a fan of Lord of the Rings? If you’re playing Skyrim then you most likely are fond of LotR or its lore(a wild guess!)

This mode, created by modder Isilmeril, adds a massive number of weapons from Middle Earth and places them straight into its resembling Tamriel, and they are all yours for the taking.

You can choose to wield the mighty mace of Sauron, as it is included with this mod!

The number of weapons and their quality is staggering, and you are almost guaranteed to fall in love with what this mod has to offer.

There is an extra mod that retextures everything to make it look even better!

2. Unique Uniques

Unique Uniques Skyrim mod

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Have you ever wondered why the unique weapons in Skyrim are not really unique?

You find this extremely rare mace once wielded by an Emperor and enchanted in the forges of Oblivion itself, yet its appearance is equal to any other mace in the game.

This mod fixes this issue. You will be able to tell when a weapon is unique solely because of its appearance.

As such, it aims to retexture every unique weapon in the game to really make it stand out from the rest!

1. Immersive Weapons

Immersive Weapons Skyrim mod

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Immersive Weapons takes the first spot on this list because of how well made it is.

The mod adds a wide variety of different weapons into the game with variants depending on the material.

It focuses on keeping things as accurate to the story as possible. And you will find the models of each weapon are perfectly integrated with the environment so easily.

The mod took a very long time to make and was updated for six months after its release, which makes it one of the best mods in the Nexus community and the most downloaded weapon mod by Skyrim fans!

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