Best Bosmer Mods For Skyrim: Followers, Armor & More

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The Bosmer hold a very unique place in Elder Scrolls lore.

From the extremist Green Pact to the more calm Wood Elves, there’s no shortage of interesting content for this race.

This mod list will help you play through your ideal Bosmer game of Skyrim. We’ll cover the important details and where to find these mods, so you don’t have to do all the work!

Get ready for some of the most interesting themed mods in the game.

It’s no surprise that the Bosmer are very well defined in Skyrim – and these mods will help you live your best life as one of them.


10. Drinks for the Thirsty

Drinks for the Thirsty Mod in Skyrim

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Starting us off with a drinks mod.

This adds a large number of new beverages for your characters to enjoy.

Not only does it add some non-alcoholic options, but the important part is that this mod will add Green Pact drinks for your Bosmer.

No longer does your Wood Elf have to live with unquenchable thirst, for now you can craft various Bosmeri drinks.

More specifically, this mod adds the Bosmeri Mead, Bosmeri Bloodwine (Wild), Bosmeri Bloodwine (Dark), Bosmeri Bloodwine (Rich), and Bosmeri Wine.

All of these are safe within the Green Pact to consume.


9. Cian Bosmer Shaman (TDN Followers)

Cian Bosmer Shaman Mod / TES Skyrim

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There clearly aren’t enough Bosmer followers in the game – and this mod creator agrees.

Cian is a Bosmer Shaman follower that you can even marry.

He has unique equipment and skills that go well with your own Bosmer character, too.

You can find him in Falkreath, at Dead Man’s Drink, after installing the mod.

Cian has a great in-game look and is covered with tribal tattoos.


8. Pinewood Village

Skyrim Pinewood Village Mod screenshot

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The Pinewood Village is a magical and mystical Bosmer village.

You won’t find anything like this in the base game – and it’s a great Bosmeri entry for this list.

Just west of Morthal, in Hjaalmarsh, you’ll find this treehouse village filled with Bosmer. Better still, this village is about the same size as Riverwood.

Take a look around and you can tell that a massive amount of work was put into every detail of this village.

There’s a player home, villages, blacksmith, stores, and even an inn.

To make it even better, there’s custom dialogue from the villagers as well.

This is a great immersive Bosmeri mod for any Bosmer-related playthrough. There’s a bit of lore tied to this mod as well, so it’s definitely worth checking out.


7. TDN Bosmer Skull Headdresses

Bosmer Skull Headdresses Mod for Skyrim

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How could we make a list of Bosmer mods without considering the traditional attire?

Obviously Bosmer skull headdresses make perfect sense for your playthrough.

Well this simple mod adds in various styles of skull headdresses to complete the Bosmer look you’re going for.

The mod creator decided to support all genders, but also all races as well. The attention to detail is phenomenal and makes for a great look.


6. The Bosmeric Drunken Huntsman 2.0

Skyrim Bosmeric Drunken Huntsman Mod

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Every Bosmer’s favorite hunting tavern is, of course, the Drunken Huntsman.

So what better way to experience life as a Bosmer than with a Bosmer-themed Drunken Huntsman?

This mod completely overhauls the design and aesthetic of the Drunken Huntsman.

That even includes new ambient music in the tavern.

The work put into this mod is highly impressive, as it really captures the spirit of the Bosmer society.

Plus there are plenty of plants and themed pieces of furniture to make this as immersive as possible.


5. Elvenwood

Elvenwood Mod / Skyrim screenshot

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Elvenwood is another Bosmer village mod.

This one is located between Falkreath and Helgen.

It comes complete with NPC’s of all kinds, and its own soundtrack as well.

Your Bosmer will truly want to make a home in this idyllic village.

The nearby scenery is great to relax and spend time around with a large gathering of Wood Elves. There’s a lot of work put into this village, and it has had a lot of activity and updates over time.


4. Elisdriel

Elisdriel Bosmer Mod for Skyrim

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Elisdriel is another example of potential Bosmer construction – but mostly it’s a treehouse for your character.

This mod gives you a perfectly scenic Bosmer house with plenty of space for showing off spoils of war or the hunt. It’s located in Hjaalmarch.

There’s more to this mod than meets the eye, though, in that you can also craft enchanted and poisoned arrows here.

An underground grotto is a nice touch with this location – and you can grow some special plants there as well.


3. Disparity

Skyrim Disparity Mod Stats screenshot

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Disparity is a standard entry for any race-related playthrough.

As its name suggests, this mod adds disparity between races in Skyrim.

You’ll start by choosing a class for your character, which adds various skill points and attributes right at the beginning.

You’ll also have advantages and consequences for each race.

In the context of the Bosmer race:

You’ll gain 15 Archery, 10 Alchemy, 10 Light Armor, 5 Sneak, and 5 Lockpicking.

The flavor this mod adds to the game is what you might expect. Some races are simply more attuned to certain tasks in the Elder Scrolls world than others.

And this may give you Morrowind flashbacks.


2. Imperious – Races of Skyrim

Imperious Mod / Skyrim screenshot

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We’d be remiss to mention race-related mods without mentioning Imperious.

This gives different bonuses to each character based on every race in the game.

For each race, you’ll gain 3 new passive abilities and 1 new power, which you can unlock through a quest.

For Bosmer, you have slightly more stamina and slightly less health than other races.

The regeneration of health, magicka, and stamina is also tweaked for each race too.

You can embrace the Green Pact even further by eating humanoid corpses with this mod, as morbid as that sounds.

There’s also the Harrier ability which helps you hunt, and Wild Senses, which allow you to see moving targets nearby more clearly.

And the new power you get? It’s to make a wild carnivorous animal an ally.

You can unlock this ability by using the Harrier passive to hunt nearby animals.


1. Bosmer Armor Pack

Bosmer Armor Pack Mod / TES Skyrim

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Here’s one of the most popular Bosmer mods ever made for Skyrim:

The Bosmer Armor Pack.

You don’t have to be a Bosmer to look the part either, as this mod supports all races including Argonians and Khajiit.

This pack is a massive upgrade to the armor for Bosmer too – and includes 5 main armor sets.

That means you have 29 total armor pieces and 6 weapon pieces to work with.

Luckily for the lore-centric players out there, this armor is lore-friendly when it comes to playing as a Bosmer.

The attention to detail on this armor is also incredible, and it truly deserves its place on this list.

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