The Best Ulfric Stormcloak Customization Mods for Skyrim

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If you pledge your sword to a rebel king, they better be worth the effort. And thanks to modding, you can make sure that Ulfric Stormcloak will be.

The leader of the Stormcloaks is a complex man with admirable values but also a hidden, dark side. Still, he inspires gamers to escape Helgen and join him on a quest to free Skyrim from imperial rule.

As a loyal servant, you must get every mod you can to make Ulfric stronger, better equipped, and more attractive. Let me show you some of the best.


8. Obedient Ulfric

Obedient Ulfric / Skyrim mod

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Ulfric Stormcloak symbolizes rebellion and self-determination for the people of Skyrim.

But even he should bow before his lord and savior, the Dragonborn.

Not even his mastery of the Thu’um will be enough to resist your sway once you’ve installed Obedient Ulfric, a mod that makes him much more willing to cooperate.

He’s a powerful follower with unique dialogue, solid cooking skills, and a secret love for the Dragonborn (meaning he’s marriageable).


7. Ulfric & Elisif Wear the Jagged Crown

Ulfric & Elisif Wear the Jagged Crown / Skyrim mod

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One of your first missions during the Civil War storyline is retrieving the legendary Jagged Crown from the Draugr King Borgas at Korvanjund in the Pale.

Although wearing the Jagged Crown isn’t necessary to become the High King, it definitely helps to legitimize your claim to the throne with such a storied symbol of power.

And yet, neither Elisif nor Ulfric do anything with the crown once you’ve retrieved it. What gives?

This mod will force the would-be rulers to wear the crown, making your life-threatening adventure worth it.


6. Younger Ulfric Stormcloak

Younger Ulfric Stormcloak / Skyrim mod

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Fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones know how exciting it can be to slam your ale tankard on the table as you cheer on a young king that inspires you with his juvenile bravery.

I’m talking about Rob Stark here, of course.

Nobody is slamming no tankards for Joffrey!

Bring some youthful energy to the Civil War with the Younger Ulfric Stormcloak mod, which takes about 10-15 years from the rebellious leader’s appearance.

High King in the North!


5. Stormcloak Rebellion Refined

Stormcloak Rebellion Refined / Skyrim mod

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Ulfric stands at the center of a perfect storm of political instability that makes the greatest warriors in the realm willing to risk it all to install him as Skyrim’s High King.

In a way, Ulfric isn’t just a man – he’s the movement.

If you want to improve Ulfric, you need to address the entire Civil War.

The Stormcloak Rebellion Refined mod does this by thoroughly enhancing the look of every Civil War NPC, including the Imperials, the Thalmor, and the Stormcloaks – Ulfric included.


4. High King Ulfric

High King Ulfric / Skyrim mod

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Whether you’re fighting for or against the Stormcloaks, Ulfric’s skill in battle can be a deciding factor in the war’s outcome.

The High King Ulfric mod ensures the wannabe High King is ready for the challenges ahead.

Not only does it make Ulfric taller and more muscular, but it gives him more health and devastating attacks.

He’ll also make better use of the Thu’um – which makes sense for someone rumored to have shouted the previous High King apart.

Tip: Check out the Stormlord Armor to complete the package.


3. Ulfric Armor Fixes (Legends Art)

Ulfric Armor Fixes (Legends Art) / Skyrim mod

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends (2017) was an interesting foray into the collectible card game genre where fans of the series could put their brain to work while reminiscing about their favorite characters.

Regrettably, development for Legends was abandoned far before anyone expected, but plenty of content was already released, and people continue to play.

Keen-eyed fans might have noticed differences between the game’s art and previous depictions of its characters. For example, Ulfric Stormcloak’s armor features a slightly different color palette.

This mod changes Ulfric’s in-game outfit to match the Legends artwork. It’s a subtle but meaningful change that gives the aspiring High King a more stereotypical heroic look.


2. Ulfrica Stormcloak

Ulfrica Stormcloak (Female Ulfric) / Skyrim mod

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Knowing Skyrim’s modding community, it’s not a surprise to find a mod that replaces Ulfric with a female version of himself.

But it’s not just a visual mod. That would be too easy.

Instead, Ulfrica Stormcloak is fully voiced with 764 lines of high-quality dialogue!

The platinum-haired Ulfrica can look even more inspiring than the original Ulfric.

At the very least, nobody can say the Stormcloaks aren’t doing their part in leveling the playing field for men and women at the highest seat of power.


1. BB’s Ulfric Stormcloak Revisited

BB's Ulfric Stormcloak Revisited / Skyrim mod

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Keeping up appearances is key to winning the support of your subjects.

Of course, it helps when the appearance you’re keeping up is that of a dreamy prince charming.

BB’s Ulfric Stormcloak Revisited transforms the Jarl of Windhelm into a heroic figure with flowing, brushed hair, a perfectly trimmed beard, and a true leader’s gaze.

He’s the perfect middle ground between the original Ulfric and someone like Rhaegar Targaryen in A Song of Ice and Fire. Not too haggard, but not too soft and perfumed either.

This is a king I’d be willing to follow into battle.

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