Top 30 Best Subnautica Mods Worth Trying (All Free)

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Subnautica has been around for a while. And having stood the test of time, it has become one of the most polished open-world survival experiences out there.

The game itself already has plenty to offer. But what’s even better is that mods let you customize your experience even further.

So if you’re convinced to dive into the depths of customizing everything Subnautica, let’s take a look at some of the best mods to check out and get you started on that journey.


30. Map

Map mod for Subnautica

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Subnautica’s survival mechanics have been praised particularly because the game doesn’t always tell you where to go or what to do.

Exploration is that much more exciting because you’re given the freedom to discover it as you wish.

While that may sound appealing to the more veteran survival crowd, it may make the game seem intimidating to newcomers.

So with this Map mod, making your way around the map seems less overwhelming.

It just adds map to your PDA which you’ll be able to access anytime.


29. New Biome Map

New Biome Map Subnautica mod

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Another thing you’re definitely going to want would be the New Biome Map.

This mod overhauls the biome mode already included in the Map mod we mentioned, making everything much easier to read and keep track of.

It adds tons of important details like location entrances, hostile spawn areas, wrecks, and much more, making it much easier to plan out your paths for when there are places that need to be revisited.


28. Mini Map

Mini Map Subnautica mod screenshot

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As if those mods weren’t enough handholding, this next one even adds your very own mini map so your immediate surroundings will always be accessible in your HUD.

With these three map mods installed, you won’t ever have to worry about losing track of where you are.


27. Safe Autosave

Safe Autosave mod for Subnautica

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I honestly can’t think of any recent games that don’t include an autosave feature.

It’s just something that has become a given in gaming, as I myself have gotten so used to just powering off without manual saving.

Safe Autosave, simply enough, adds an autosave feature to the game. Giving you one less thing to worry about.


26. MoreQuickSlots

MoreQuickSlots Subnautica mod

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Up next we have yet another great quality of life mod.

As the modder himself explains: it just doesn’t make sense that Subnautica gives you 9 tools but only 5 quick slots to use.

Fine, let’s be honest – having enough quick slots for everything just isn’t a luxury you usually get.

That doesn’t have to be the case with Subnautica, though, as the MoreQuickSlots mod gives you a total of 12 quick access item slots which are easily accessible with simple hotkeys.


25. EasyCraft

EasyCraft Subnautica mod screenshot

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Crafting is part of pretty much any survival game. But it can get quite tedious in Subnautica.

And while having blueprints in most games would allow you to quickly craft the item, in Subnautica that just means crafting capability for that item has been unlocked.

EasyCraft offers a simple solution, allowing you to instantly craft items from blueprints.

The mod even automatically takes needed resources from nearby storage units when necessary, making everything move along much quicker.


24. AutosortLockers

AutosortLockers in Subnautica

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This brings us to another tedious aspect of the game – inventory management.

Running out for supplies is always interesting as you never know what new creatures or environments you’ll encounter.

Sorting through your haul back at your base, however, is a whole different story.

Getting things organized can take a lot of time, too. But thanks to modder RandyKnapp, AutosortLockers can do that for you.

The mod allows you to build color-coded storage lockers where you can set what specific item types each hold.

In addition to that, you’ll be able to build a Standing Autosort Receptacle which conveniently allows you to dump everything you’ve just gathered and simply watch it distribute everything into the appropriate containers.


23. Resource Monitor

Resource Monitor Subnautica mod

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Speaking of keeping your base organized, let’s look into the Resource Monitor mod.

This keeps track of every item you have tucked away in the various containers around your base, so you won’t have to keep going back and forth to find out what you need to stock up on.

The mod allows you to withdraw items right from the interface as well, making it much easier to grab whatever you need.


22. BetterPowerInfo

BetterPowerInfo mod for Subnautica

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With all the upgrades you’re building around the base, it’s vital that you keep an eye on your power consumption as well.

After all, making sure your base stays up and running is one of the most basic things to do when it comes to survival.

The BetterPowerInfo mod makes it much easier to stay on top of power information, adding a much more detailed power production and consumption menu. The mod is very easy to use, letting you access the information by simply hitting the P button.


21. Slot Extender

Slot Extender in Subnautica

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There’s an entire world just outside your base, and I’m sure you prefer to spend most of your time out and about.

With that, there are a number of mods that can help make exploring the depths easier. And the Slot Extender is one of many you’ll want to try.

You’re probably very familiar with how useful the Seamoth and Prawn Suits are by now… but how much more useful could they possibly be?

Slot Extender makes sure you’re able to maximize both, giving you an extra 8 upgrade module slots for both.


20. BlueprintTracker

BlueprintTracker Subnautica mod

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Supply runs are an essential part of the game.

Yet it isn’t always as simple as it sounds, especially since you’re not going to need just one thing every single time.

An keeping track of everything you went out to look for can get quite overwhelming.

The Blueprint tracker makes things much easier by allowing you to pin blueprints directly to the HUD, giving you a checklist of what exact ingredients you’re looking for as well as how much of each you still lack.


19. DataBox Scanner Fix

DataBox Scanner Fix mod for Subnautica

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Relying heavily on blips for looting, one of the most annoying bugs in the game was blips remaining on screen even after a databox has already been opened.

What’s even worse is that new scans would sometimes highlight empty boxes all over again, forcing you to circle back just to find that you didn’t really miss anything.

The DataBox Scanner Fix solves that problem. Easy peasy.


18. Death Marker

Death Marker in Subnautica

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Survival games usually make it a point to make deaths much more painful – which if you think about it, makes sense if the whole point of the game is to stay alive.

This usually means that dying will cause you to lose everything you currently have in your inventory.

The only way to get your stuff back is usually to go back to where you died, but Subnautica makes that especially difficult as well.

Many fans have asked for some sort of “marker” for your last death location. And it looks like modder Ovyerus gave us exactly what we wanted.


17. MoonpoolVehicleRepair

MoonpoolVehicleRepair Subnautica mod

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Another way that Subnautica manages to make survival even more difficult is by making you completely ineffective against certain enemy types.

While you will be able to take some of the weaker creatures with just a knife, you’ll find that many of the larger enemies just can’t be taken down without additional firepower.

This makes vehicles all the more essential in the game.

This is also why managing vehicles isn’t very easy in Subnautica, as it takes quite a lot of work to repair any damages.

The MoonpoolVehicleRepair simplifies things a bit so you can keep your vehicles in tip top shape.

With the mod installed, you’ll be able to perform vehicle repairs directly from your Moonpool.


16. Cyclops Engine Upgrades

Cyclops Engine Upgrades Subnautica mod

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If your vehicles still don’t feel powerful enough, there are mods to help.

Granted there aren’t that many vehicles in the game, so once you’ve unlocked and maxed out the Cyclops, there’s not much more you can do.

But this series of Cyclops mods gives you even more. Basically just more upgrades to work towards, allowing you to further improve your sub.

Cyclops Engine Upgrades adds Engine Efficiency Modules in particular, reducing the sub’s overall power consumption.


15. CyclopsNearFieldSonar

CyclopsNearFieldSonar mod for Subnautica

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The CyclopsNearFieldSonar is another upgrade you’re going to want to get, making it much easier to navigate your surroundings.

The mod gives your Cyclops interface the same functionality as the Seaglide – giving you a visual sonar representation of the sub’s immediate surroundings.

This makes getting around much easier, giving you much more visibility on obstacles too.


14. Cyclops BioReactor

Cyclops BioReactor Subnautica mod

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This other Cyclops upgrade is absolutely worth a try as well.

The mod actually allows you to build a miniature bioreactor that goes directly inside the sub, allowing you to charge it on the go.

And the small BioReactor can even be upgraded as you progress.


13. Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines in Subnautica

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Note that the Cyclops isn’t the only thing getting upgrades.

This mod adds buildable wind turbines to the game, as a step up from the in-game solar panels.

While they do look nice and run much better than the solar panels, they are quite expensive. So you probably aren’t going to have enough for these until the later parts of the game.

They are worth the upgrade though, as they produce much more power than the panels do.


12. Tech Pistol 2.0

Tech Pistol 2.0 Subnautica mod

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Upgrading your base and vehicles is great and all… but that doesn’t really make you more effective against the many hostile creatures out there.

But what if you wanted to be able to fight back?

Mods allow you to pack more of a punch, adding completely new weapons to the game.

The Tech Pistol is one mod of choice, and while it does look much smaller than the others – don’t underestimate its power.

The pistol comes with three firing modes – cannon, laser, and scale. The first two are pretty self-explanatory, but the third changes a creature’s size upon firing on it.


11. Alien Rifle

Alien Rifle mod for Subnautica

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If you’ve explored much of the map, you’ve probably come across that strange-looking relic that’s locked inside some sort of protective green barrier in the quarantine facility.

Well apparently, that was a rifle made with alien technology. Unfortunately for us, there’s really no way to get it out of that container.

Well, except for using this mod, giving you another weapon to use against those reapers.


10. Laser Cannon

Laser Cannon Subnautica mod

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In case you prefer not to get too up close and personal with the creepy sea creatures, this Laser Cannon mod might be a solid choice.

The mod lets you weaponize the Seamoth by giving you access to a brand-new upgrade module.

With this mod installed, you’ll be able to build yourself a set of laser cannons that attach directly to the front of the ship – making it much easier to fight off some enemies without having to expose yourself.


9. Ancient Sword

Ancient Sword Subnautica mod

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There’s really nothing like hacking and slashing your way through some of the more powerful creatures… but that’s just not possible with that tiny survival knife the game gives you.

The Ancient Sword is a much more viable option when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, and should be much more satisfying to use instead of shooting lasers.


8. Passive Reapers

Passive Reapers mod for Subnautica

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On the other hand, here we have a solution for the more pacifistic audience.

I mean, sometimes you just want to go about your way and explore this exciting new world with no interruptions – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If you’re looking for a much more relaxed Subnautica exploration experience, Passive Reapers should do the trick.

They might come up to take a peek, but they’ll never attack you as long as this mod is installed.

Keep in mind that the mod only affects reapers, so everything else will remain the same.


7. Random Creature Size

Random Creature Size in Subnautica

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Before getting into some of the more serious gameplay mods for Subnautica, there are a couple of fun little mods that you can try to spice things up a bit.

This one might not do much, but it’s a darn good time. It causes creatures to spawn in random sizes.

All you need to do is set a size range and enemies will spawn with a randomly generated size within the parameters you set.


6. Decorations Mod

Decorations Mod screenshot

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If you’ve ever seen Castaway, you’d know that being stranded in a deserted location can take its toll on your mental state.

While sanity isn’t a mechanic in Subnautica, wouldn’t it be fun if you could decorate your base during your stay?

Well this mod is all you’ll need for your decorating needs. It adds a brand-new fabricator that will allow you to build 118 completely new items.

Items included in the pack range from dolls, plants, toys, and even furniture.


5. All-in-One Fabricator

All-in-One Fabricator in Subnautica

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Speaking of Fabricators, this next mod will drastically change the way you play the game.

You’re provided an all-in-one Fabricator which is essentially all of the game’s Fabricator machines merged into one.

You’ll no longer have to go back and forth between Fabricators depending on what you want to build, as everything can be conveniently built from one location.


4. Defabricator

Defabricator Subnautica mod screenshot

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Misclicks are an inevitable part of the game. Especially after you’ve had access to crafting for quite some time.

It’s not exactly great while crafting, as resources aren’t exactly easy to find.

The Defrabricator mod is the solution we all need, allowing you to recycle items with a quick click of the mouse.

Anything can be defabricated for parts, and the resources will go right back to your inventory. Incredibly handy.


3. Lifepod Unleashed

Lifepod Unleashed Subnautica mod

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Lifepod Unleashed is by far one of the most interesting mods. And is a great way to make your next playthrough all the more exciting.

The mod causes your pod to spawn at a random location around the map right after starting a fresh new game.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s great for players looking to change things up for a brand-new playthrough. So I wouldn’t recommend using this during your first time around, but certainly for your second or third.


2. CheatManager

CheatManager Subnautica mod

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Almost all open-world games with mod support have some sort of Cheat Menu mod that grants you control over different things within the game.

Subnautica is no different.

And the CheatManager is a great way to just goof around and have some fun when you don’t really feel like playing a serious survival game.

CheatManager allows options to instantly switch between day and night, unlock all tech, and make your Seaglide run faster.

The modder even threw in some additional fun features like allowing the Seamoth to fly, or unlocking a shotgun to blast Reapers with.


1. Realistic Recipes And Increased Difficulty

Realistic Recipes And Increased Difficulty in Subnautica

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If replayability is what you’re after, I highly recommend giving the “Realistic Recipes And Increased Difficulty” mod a try.

This was designed specifically for players who are looking for a much more challenging playthrough.

The mod ups the difficulty by tweaking blueprint values to make them more realistic. This usually means that recipes have higher requirements, so there will be an added focus on inventory management.

And to reiterate, this is a great mod for those who are looking for a challenge. So I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re a brand new player.

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