The 20 Weirdest & Strangest Minecraft Mods Ever Built

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A game as easily moddable as Minecraft is bound to spawn all sorts of mods which change the game in different ways.

Most of us think of game changing mechanics and technical machinery, or extra mobs and biomes to provide challenge.

But of course there a whole host of truly weird and wonderful mods, some of which can be useful, but most not.

It’s a true testament to the creativity of the Minecraft community that you can now twerk your way through your farm, become a vampire, and breed a chicken army all in one game!

Want to find out how? Read on…


20. Twerk Sim 2k16

Twerk Sim 2k16 Mod Preview

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We’re starting the list strong with a mod whose name is as strange as its content!

Not strictly a twerking simulator, Funwayguy’s mod allows you to twerk (spam the shift key) next to crops to grow them.

It works on any crop or tree that would normally work with bonemeal – so it’s not just weird, it’s useful!


19. Doggy Talents

Doggy Talents / Minecraft Mod Preview

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If you’re playing modded Minecraft then you probably don’t have time for pets – this mod solves that problem.

Tame a wolf, call it Bob, feed it, care for it, play fetch with it.

Then send it off to attack Creepers.

Poor Bob.


18. Enhanced Celestials

Enhanced Celestials / Minecraft Mod Preview

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Corgi_taco’s mod adds random lunar events – presently just two as of this writing, but with more to come.

Any given night has the chance to spawn a Harvest moon – where all your crops and plants will grow much quicker. Nice!

Or you may experience a Blood moon, where mobs spawn faster, in greater numbers, closer to the player, and you die a lot and can’t sleep through it. Less nice.

I’m sure the Blood moon rewards are worth it, but that’s for you to find out.


17. Morph

Morph Mod for Minecraft featuring Enderman

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Ever wanted to be an Enderman?

Now you can!

Veteran mod developer iChun created this Morph mod which lets you morph at will into any entity you’ve killed – from Chickens to Bats, through to Endermen and even Creepers.

You can even make use of mob abilities like flight and water breathing, if you’re feeling cheaty.


16. Crop Dusting

Crop Dusting Minecraft Farting Mod

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Just to bump up the “weird” quota of this list… this mod saw what Twerk Sim 2k16 did, and took things a step further.

Too far frankly.

MrAmericanMike’s mod still involves crouching next to crops to grow them faster, but in place of a dance craze, there’s fart noises and animations.

Who says modded Minecraft is for grown-ups?


15. The Erebus

The Erebus Mod for Minecraft

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Modders are always finding us new ways to die in Minecraft, and the Erebus is no exception.

Sub-titled “The Dimension of the Arthropods”, this mod adds a whole realm of weird, and… well, just weird creatures who are out to get you.

These have learned a few more lessons than their distant relations in the Overworld and Nether.

There’s also lots of craftable items to help you survive – but mostly you’ll need wits and guts.


14. Evil Wandering Trader

Evil Wandering Trader Mod Preview

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While the vanilla Wandering Trader can prove annoying, they are at least helpful – or try to be.

Paralogoss’ mod adds a Wandering Trader who’ll become so angry if you fail to make a deal with him, he’ll attack you and steal your stuff, all before his evil skeletal llamas fly away with said stuff.

And just for funsies, you won’t know he’s the evil version until you’re waving goodbye to two skeletal llamas with all your hard-earned loot!


13. Vampirism

Vampirism Mod / Minecraft Screenshot Preview

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Qualifying as both weird and strange, Vampirism changes the way you play the game completely.

Choose to hunt Vampires, or just become one.

Either way you’ll have your work cut out.

As you progress down either path, you can level up and acquire minions to do your dirty work for you. So you can get on with the nitty-gritty of being a Vampire Baron or Master Hunter.


12. Bing Bing Wahoo

Bing Bing Wahoo Minecraft Mod Settings

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This is probably the youngest mod entry on this list, but weird nonetheless.

tropheusj’s mod brings Super Mario 64 styled physics to Minecraft.

I admit, I’ve never been playing Minecraft and thought “not enough backflip”.

But double jumps could come in handy!


11. Trumpet Skeleton

Trumpet Skeleton Minecraft Mod Preview

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The standard mob sounds are pretty creepy in Minecraft – especially that sudden zombie groan in the dead of night while you’re running back to base.

Enter jamieswhiteshirt_ to somehow make things worse by adding trumpets to skeletons.

Not all of them, of course.

But the sound of a nearby trumpet will still give you chills – before you go and kill the skeleton and steal its trumpet.

Doot doot.


10. Entropy: Chaos Mod

Entropy: Chaos Mod for Minecraft

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This is note a mod for long complex survival builds, but Im_JC52’s offering causes random events to occur every 30 seconds.

These can be as mild as teleporting the player a little distance or downgrading the graphics, to the more severe stuff, such as meteor showers and inverted gravity.

Great for streamers who can even let viewers vote on the next event…

Which places a lot of trust on Internet strangers.


9. Chance Cubes

Chance Cubes / Minecraft Mod Screenshot

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TurkeyDev’s Chance Cubes adds giant dice all around the world, which when opened, provide a random “reward”.

The range of rewards is truly impressive, with some of the more desirable ones being useful/rare items, and entire new village or a new house for the player to claim, among many others.

Of course, you may also be rewarded with a rain of TNT blocks from on high… good luck!


8. Chickens

Chickens Inventory Screenshot / Minecraft Mod

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Here’s one of the more “weird but weirdly useful” mods on this list.

This Chickens mod lets you breed chickens (obviously) with a range of different stats and colors.

With a full crossbreeding system, all sorts of results can be achieved here.

From chickens laying dyes all the way up to metals and even diamonds!

You can even craft a henhouse for your more treasured pet chickens to live in and collect their laid products. You know, for the full chicken experience.


7. Pandemic

Pandemic GooVID Mod for Minecraft

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For those who need a little more practice surviving a pandemic, you can now do so in Minecraft.

HellFirePvP’s mod adds a spreadable effect called ‘GooVID-20’ (just to make sure you really don’t forget about 2020).

And this spreadable mod can, of course, only be negated by using sanitizer.

Thankfully sanitizer is craftable in the mod – so there’s no risk of the Creeper from round the corner panic buying it all (the creeper might still explode in your face though, they haven’t gone all good).


6. The King of the Villagers

King of the Villagers Minecraft Mod

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Who knew that all it took to become royalty was a throne made of pure diamond?

Once placed, a villager will eventually claim said throne and become King.

Then he’s able to trade some of his vast personal fortune (which he presumably found underneath the throne) with you for emeralds, and to sit around looking fancy.


5. Endermen are Friends

Endermen are Friends Mod for Minecraft

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It turns out that Endermen are just misunderstood, and all they really want is a flower.

Mod creator alkyaLy turned a Tumblr post into a mod here, and yeah it’s weird:

You give an enderman a flower and they’ll immediately become pacified – if you can get close enough, of course!


4. SquidMilk

SquidMilk / Black Squid in Minecraft

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I’m not sure what’s the weirdest thing about this mod:

It’s existence, or the fact that it was formerly a part of Minecraft (before being ‘bug-fixed’ out).

As the name suggests, it lets you milk squids.

If you’re into that kind of thing.


3. DireGoo

DireGoo Goo Mod for Minecraft

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“For those who want their worlds consumed by goo”

I’d imagine that counts most of us out, to be honest, but what do I know?

Direwolf20’s mod adds a goo block to the game, which spreads. A lot.

And this turns adjacent blocks into goo.

There are items added here too which help you fight back against the goo, so if you’re up for a challenge then this mod is worth checking out.


2. Pixelmon

Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft / Preview Screenshot

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Here’s the crossover mod you never knew you needed or wanted.

Let’s say you’re tired of playing Pokémon, and you want to play some Minecraft instead… but you need the familiarity of Pokémon in your game.

This mod is for you!

Impressively, this mod adds the full Pokémon experience (though possibly not all the Pokémon) into Minecraft, including Pokémarts in towns, battling, trading, breeding, and catching Pokémon.

You can set your own goals and play your own way, choosing to complete the Pokedex or join a server for PvP battles.

So there’s really something for everyone.

Plus if you want more suggestions take a peek at our longer list of Pokémon-themed mods for Minecraft.


1. Rats

Rats in Minecraft / Mod Preview

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The top spot on this list is once again in the “weirdly useful” category… if you can handle all the rats, that is.

Get this mod installed for lots of rats to come out at night destroy your crops and steal your food, just like in the real world.

And while they’re generally scared of players, they can be quite the nuisance… until you tame them, of course.

Okay maybe not like the real world then.

Tamed rats can transport items, harvest crops, attack mobs, or even craft things for you.

You can even breed rats for new colors and grow your own rat army.

Just look out for the Pied Piper, who’s rumored to control an army of vicious rats just waiting to attack players!

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