Top 5 Best Xenoblade Waifus (From All Games)

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When you’re reviewing a JPRG series, one aspect to never overlook is the caliber of its waifus.

To keep those sales up, even Xenoblade Chronicles had to bring out the big guns for the sequel – and pump it full of gorgeous women with ridiculous firepower.

Honestly, every single waifu in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is out of this world. And the original has its own gems as well.

It’ll be hard to pick out the best of the best from this series, but someone has to do it.

After all, what’s a waifu good for if you can’t argue which one is the best?


5. Nia (Blade Form)

Nia (Blade Form) from Xenoblade

Can any title be righteously called a JRPG without at least one catgirl?

Probably, but Xenoblade Chronicles 2 put in the effort on providing top-tier waifus, and the catgirl niche was one they couldn’t pass up.

Nia is an adorable Gormotti catgirl with a very sharp tongue and a sharper mind.

In reality, she’s also a blade – which she reveals later in the game.

She’s cute as a Gormotti, but her Blade form is red hot.

Rather than a feline, she resembles a mythical Kitsune fox from Japanese mythology.


4. Poppi QT

Poppi QT from Xenoblade

Another multi-faceted waifu worth considering is Poppi, an artificial Blade from XC2 with the power to swap elements and roles.

She’ll initially charm you with her innocence and curiosity in her Poppi α form, which matches the childlike personality with a youthful look. She’s kind of like a kawaii robotic version of Pinocchio.

Poppi’s true potential is revealed after you first upgrade her.

Poppi QT is still adorable – but looks much more human and considerably older.

Robotic hottie with twintails and a maid outfit?

Count me in.

Eventually, she can become Poppi QTπ, a further powered-up version with flowing long hair and a more mature look that’s much more similar to an actual Blade.

Still, Poppi QT is too cute to beat.


3. Mythra

Mythra from Xenoblade

Next up we have Mythra, a short-tempered Blade with more than a few Tsundere traits.

Other than charming you by trying her hardest to hide her real feelings for you, Mythra might attract you with sheer looks.

It may be superficial, but Mythra has a fantastic figure and a sexy outfit.

Her clothes are so daring that Nintendo had to add some fabric in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to keep her friendly to all audiences.

Sad departures were the cleavage window and porcelain white legs.

What she lost in looks, she gained in fighting prowess, though.

She’s widely considered a better playable character by competitive SSBU players!


2. Melia Antiqua

Melia Antiqua from Xenoblade

This ranking is supposed to include both games, and there’s really only one woman up to the task in the original.

I’m talking about Melia Antiqua, a High Entia princess with a humble outlook on life and a noticeable talent for the magical arts. She’s also a bit of an introvert.

The High Entia are a race of avian humanoids whose only bird-like traits are wings on their heads.

Despite this bizarre design choice, Melia remains the most popular playable waifu in XC due to her excellent writing.

It’s a bit sad to see her love for Shulk go unanswered, but we’ve all been there.

It makes her more relatable, and you can’t help but want to take her out for some cheesecake and tell her it’ll be alright.


1. Pyra

Pyra from Xenoblade

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is one of the few instances in the long history of JRPGs with harems where the main girl was, in fact, also the best one.

You could argue that Mythra is just as important. But you’ll sooner form an emotional bond with the kind-hearted peace-loving Pyra than the somewhat more aggressive Mythra.

Plus, you meet Pyra earlier.

And Pyra’s outfit is easily the hottest out of every character.

Luckily for Pyra fans, her design was less affected by Nintendo’s censoring than Mythra’s, only adding a bit of coverage in her upper thighs before inviting her to SSBU.

If you like a timid girl who’ll resurrect you, protect you from your enemies, and act embarrassed about silly things despite wearing the boldest outfit you’ve ever seen, then you can see why Pyra is the ultimate XC waifu.

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