Argent Twilight Complete Beginner’s Guide + Tips

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Argent Twilight is a 3D action game with heavy gacha elements and several in-game mechanics that are optimized for strategic gameplay.

In this guide I’m going to show every aspect of this game that all beginners must know — along with a list of things that you should and shouldn’t do if you are one!


Starting Out (Rerolling)

Guaranteed 4★ (Summoning Animation) / Argent Twilight
Guaranteed 4★ (Summoning Animation)

At the start of the game, you will be given three units:

  • 3★ Brave Djur
  • 3★ Callous Alcy
  • 2★ Pure Goldy (Replaceable)

Given how useful 3★ and 4★ units already are and how hard it is to get 5★ units, I recommend not rerolling entirely and just taking whatever the game gives you.

If you still want to reroll for 5★ units, just know that all of them are excellent and that you should keep your account if you manage to pull any.

The rate for 5★ units is only set at 0.5% — not to mention the game barely gives us players enough resources to reroll.


Game Modes

World Map (Dungeons Revealed) / Argent Twilight
World Map (Dungeons Revealed)

There are a total of seven available game modes for beginners. This excludes the Tower of Dusk which is reserved for highly-advanced players.

These game modes are:

  • Main Story
  • Duat Conquest
  • Thalys Conquest
  • Starlight Lake
  • Tower of Dawn
  • Soul Sanctum
  • Resolute Battlefield (PVP)

Main Story

Chapter 1 Unlocked (Northern Lagrangian) / Argent Twilight
Chapter 1 Unlocked (Northern Lagrangian)

The Main Story is the very first game mode you unlock. Coincidentally, it is also the most essential game mode to play in the early game.

Only through playing the Main Story will you be able to unlock all the other game modes listed below!

TIP: You can farm stage and chapter completion rewards here like Rubies and Gold Feathers, so make sure to prioritize this game mode first.


Duat Conquest

Duat Conquest Location (Chapter 2 - Vultur) / Argent Twilight
Duat Conquest Location (Chapter 2 – Vultur)

Duat Conquest can be unlocked in Chapter 2 and is the best source of gear with the following set effects:

Set Type Set Effect Set Requirement
Warrior +15% Attack Set of 2
Flicker +15% Speed Set of 2
Hunter +15 Effect Accuracy (Debuff Chance) Set of 2
Vampire +20% Blood Drain (Lifesteal) Set of 4
Exorcist Gives allies a shield for 3 turns Set of 4
Blessed +20% incoming healing Set of 4
Massacre Attacks deal 25% splash damage Set of 4

TIP: Once you unlock Loop Battle, make sure to use it only on the highest possible Duat Conquest stage you can clear.

Farming Stages 7 and above as soon as possible is recommended, but Stages 5 & 6 are also acceptable if you’re struggling to clear higher stages early.


Thalys Conquest

Thalys Conquest Location (Chapter 7 - Western Belki Alliance) / Argent Twilight
Thalys Conquest Location (Chapter 7 – Western Belki Alliance)

Thalys Conquest is the second conquest stage that you can unlock and is located in Chapter 7. Here, you can farm gear with the following set effects:

Set Type Set Effect Set Requirement
Crusader +15% HP Set of 2
Guardian +15% Defense Set of 2
Wolf Tribe +10% Crit Rate Set of 2
Bloody Duet +30% Combo chance (extra normal attack) Set of 4
Shock +25% Stun chance Set of 4
Anguish +30% Taunt chance when attacked Set of 4
Fairy 2 turns of Immunity (can’t be debuffed) Set of 4

TIP: Using Loop Battle in higher Thalys Conquest stages (Stages 7 and above) is also preferable, but it is not required if you’re still a week-old beginner.


Starlight Lake

Starlight Lake Location (Singing Woods) / Argent Twilight
Starlight Lake Location (Singing Woods)

Starlight Lake is the best source of the following Awakening materials:

  • Star Shards (All Elements & Arcane)
  • Shining Star Shards (All Elements & Arcane)
  • Brilliant Star Shards (All Elements & Arcane)

This game mode is divided into stages that drop different elements of Star Shards. This is the schedule for each element:

Days Available Star Shard Elements
Monday & Thursday Fire & Arcane
Tuesday & Friday Water & Arcane
Wednesday & Saturday Earth & Arcane
Sunday Light, Dark, & Arcane

TIP: Unlocking a stage that isn’t in the designated schedule costs 350 Rubies. I do not recommend doing this at all!

Instead, try farming each stage as much as you can before they are replaced the next day.


Tower of Dawn

Tower of Dawn Location (Chapter 4 - Elian) / Argent Twilight
Tower of Dawn Location (Chapter 4 – Elian)

The Tower of Dawn is a multi-leveled game mode that allows you to battle all kinds of enemies for precious materials and resources.

There are a total of 100 Floors in the tower, and it can be challenged in two difficulties — Normal and Hard.

You can only unlock the Tower of Dusk upon clearing Floor 100 of the Tower of Dawn in Hard Difficulty.

TIP: You can farm rare resources like Rubies and Prophecy Summoning Quartz in this tower. Make sure to visit it whenever you upgrade your main team!


Soul Sanctum

Soul Sanctum Location (Singing Woods) / Argent Twilight
Soul Sanctum Location (Singing Woods)

The Soul Sanctum allows you to farm a specific unit’s Soul Fragments which you can then use to pull for them on the Soul Summon gacha.

It is only unlocked whenever a Soul Sanctum is discovered. Soul Sanctums have a chance to spawn whenever you’re playing any PVE game mode.

TIP: You can also access the Soul Sanctums that were discovered by your guildmates.


Resolute Battlefield (PVP)

Resolute Battlefield Location (Chapter 4 - Elian) / Argent Twilight
Resolute Battlefield Location (Chapter 4 – Elian)

The Resolute Battlefield can be unlocked in Chapter 4 of the Main Story.

Here, you can battle other players to earn PVP Coins which you can use to buy items from the Resolute Shop.

TIP: If you’re not a fan of PVP, then just do Invasion Battles in the Resolute Battlefield!

Invasion Battles allow you to farm Rubies from weak, non-player units. Make sure to clear them whenever they reset daily.


Combat Guide

Player Team vs Boss Mobs / Argent Twilight
Player Team vs Boss Mobs

Strategic combat is one of the highlights of Argent Twilight. The mechanics are simple, but there are several ways that you can optimize your playstyle.

As a beginner, here are some of the most important aspects of combat that you should know about.


Movement & Turn Order

Introduction (Movement Tutorial) / Argent Twilight
Introduction (Movement Tutorial)

You can move around by either dragging your unit, or clicking a specific space where you want them to go in their turn.

Their turn order is decided by their Speed stat.

The higher their Speed, the sooner they’ll be able to make their turn.

TIP: Unlike in other grid-based games, you can move to a block that is occupied by your ally.

Your ally will automatically move to the nearest unoccupied space if you do this, so feel free to move them over whenever necessary!


Combat Skills

Callous Alcy Skill 2 (Decisive Salvo) / Argent Twilight
Callous Alcy Skill 2 (Decisive Salvo)

Every unit has:

  • One Normal Attack
  • One Active Skill
  • And one Passive Skill

Understanding what kind of skills your units have is very important if you want to master combat in this game.

If you want to check a skill’s description while in combat, simply hold the skill icon and it will be revealed.

TIP: Each skill has a specific range. Always make sure that you’re utilizing an AoE skill’s full range before executing them!


Elemental Advantages & Weaknesses

Element Advantages & Disadvantages Chart / Argent Twilight
Element Advantages & Disadvantages Chart

Like most RPG games, Argent Twilight also has an Element System in place that determines which units will be effective against each other.

Here are the five element types and what elements they’re weak and strong against:

Element Strong Against Weak Against
Fire Earth Water
Water Fire Earth
Earth Water Fire
Light Dark Dark
Dark Light Light

TIP: Investing in a mono (single-element) team would be wise because of the Element System, but not while you’re still a beginner.

Try to invest in units with different elements first so you’ll have several options to go with in all kinds of battles.


Powering Up Characters

Here are the most effective methods of powering up your units as a beginner in Argent Twilight.


Method #1: Gears

Gear Inventory / Argent Twilight
Gear Inventory

Gears are the biggest source of bonus stats for every unit. They can also be equipped with Imprint Cards to further increase the bonus stats they give away.

They can be categorized into grades, rarities, and sets. The higher the Grade (★) and rarity, the better the equipment can potentially become when fully enhanced.

TIP: For every 3 Enhancement levels, a gear can either generate a new substat or improve an existing one.

Substats are a huge factor as to whether or not you should keep a Gear, but as a beginner, you needn’t worry too much about them.


Method #2: Level Ups

Callous Alcy Level Up (Level 1 to 18) / Argent Twilight
Callous Alcy Level Up (Level 1 to 18)

Leveling up your units is the easiest way to get some stat boosts.

You can level up your units by:

  • Taking them to battle
  • Feeding them EXP Potions
  • Feeding them other units
  • Sending them to the Training Room

TIP: A unit’s level resets whenever they’re Ascended. Their stats are also reduced, so make sure not to use them until they’ve leveled up enough.


Method #3: Ascend

Brave Djur (Ascend 4★ to 5★) / Argent Twilight
Brave Djur (Ascend 4★ to 5★)

Ascending units increases their grade level. This allows them to get more stats at max level.

You can ascend your units by using the following materials:

  • Wings of Ascension
  • Other Units

TIP: Wings of Ascension are quite rare — especially higher Grade ones.

If you’re out of them, you may consider using fodder 1★ and 2★ units as Ascension materials for 3★ or 4★ units.


Method #4: Awaken

Callous Alcy (Four Stars Awakened) / Argent Twilight
Callous Alcy (Four Stars Awakened)

Awakening units will allow you to unlock certain stat bonuses for them — not to mention a Skill Upgrade at Awakening Level 3.

You can Awaken your units by using Arcane and Elemental Star Shard Fragments as materials.

If you farm the Starlight Lake often, you’ll find that Awakening units is quite easy — especially in the first three levels.

TIP: If you find yourself running out of Star Shards often, remember that you can Assemble or Disassemble them from shards of the same type!


Method #5: Skill Ups

Theodore Bishop (Upgrade Skull Page) / Argent Twilight
Theodore Bishop (Upgrade Skull Page)

Upgrading your unit’s skills allows you to increase their damage/healing, increase their debuff effect chance, or even decrease their cooldown!

You can do Skill Ups for your units by using the following materials:

  • Skill Books
  • Other units of the same name (other elements included)

TIP: There are currently no reliable sources of Skill Books in the game, but you can farm them from Events or the Tower of Dawn if you’re patient enough.


Method #6: Artifacts

Artifacts Lab (Dreamy Incense Combo) / Argent Twilight
Artifacts Lab (Dreamy Incense Combo)

Artifacts can only be unlocked at Awakening Level 5. They not only give your units stat boosts, but also unique passives that take effect in battle.

To craft an Artifact, you must first collect Artifact materials called Runes.

TIP: You can also enhance Artifacts, but it costs significantly more compared to Enhancing Gears. Make sure to keep an eye on your Gold whenever you’re enhancing them!


All Town Activities

Blooming Town / Argent Twilight
Blooming Town

You can buy random items from the Town Shop by farming Town Favors from Request Board missions and Wade Express deliveries.

As of this writing, there are only three Towns in the game:

  • Blooming Town
  • Elan
  • Delos

These Towns have their own Town Shops, Request Boards, and Wade Express branches. They’re unlocked according to your Main Story’s progress.


Request Board

Request Board (Blooming Town) / Argent Twilight
Request Board (Blooming Town)

The Request Board allows you to play through story-driven missions that are unrelated to the Main Story.

To unlock a Town’s Wade Express branch and Town Shop, you must first clear Request Board missions.

You can also farm Town Favors here which you can use to buy items from the Town Shop.


Wade Express

Wade Express (Destinations) / Argent Twilight
Wade Express (Destinations)

Doing Wade Express deliveries is another way to farm some Town Favors.

The Town Favor you’ll get depends on which Town you choose to deliver goods from, and you’ll need to wait depending on how far away the destination you’ve chosen is.

The further the destination, the more Town Favors you’ll be able to collect once the delivery has been completed.


Town Shop

Blooming Town Shop / Argent Twilight
Blooming Town Shop

The Town Shop is where your hard-earned Town Favors will finally come in handy.

Here you can buy valuable items like:

  • Cookies
  • Gear Boxes
  • Leveling Potions
  • Star Shard fragments
  • Feathers

TIP: Expanding the Town Shop’s stocks is highly recommended because the shop items only refresh once every day.

You can use Rubies to instantly refresh the Town Shop’s stock, but having more stocks to choose from is much better than refreshing them often.


Argent Twilight General Tips

Djur, Alcy, & Goldy (In-game Cutscene) / Argent Twilight
Djur, Alcy, & Goldy (In-game Cutscene)

Here are several of the best tips that I recommend you follow as soon as you start the game.


Tip #1: Unlock Loop Battles ASAP

Loop Battle Summary (Arcane Starlight Lake) / Argent Twilight
Loop Battle Summary (Arcane Starlight Lake)

The Battle Loop system can be unlocked as soon as you clear Chapter 6 – Mission 1. Loop Battles are very important because they’ll boost your farming efficiency significantly.

Loop Battles allow you to farm a stage you’ve already cleared in the background while you’re playing other game modes.

As long as you have enough Cookies (stamina), you can even leave the game and keep the Loop Battles running completely AFK if you want to!


Tip #2: Always Complete Your Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Quests

Daily Quests (Complete) / Argent Twilight
Daily Quests (Complete)

Your Dailies, Weeklies, and Monthlies will be your main sources of F2P Rubies.

Neglecting them means you’ll be missing out on a lot of free stuff — not to mention Account EXP which you only get from these three.

Never miss completing them if you can help it. The supply of F2P Rubies in this game is scarce enough as it is!


Tip #3: Add Lots of Friends

Friends List / Argent Twilight
Friends List

Adding Friends allows you to use their Dispatch units which can be very helpful for clearing hard stages.

You can also send and receive Friendship Points (or Hearts) to and from your Friends once every day!

You can use these Friendship Points to buy White Feathers and Cookies in the Friend Shop.


Tip #4: Clear Time-Limited Events

Daily Mission Event / Argent Twilight
Daily Mission Event

Like all gacha games, Argent Twilight features time-limited events that give players all sorts of rewards when cleared.

You should always check them out because they often give away the best rewards in the game — even compared to most other game modes.

Events are also one of the few sources of rare resources such as Skill Books, Wings of Ascension, and Rubies.


Tip #5: Join a Guild

Guild Page / Argent Twilight
Guild Page

Another important thing to do right after you reach a certain point in the game is to join a Guild immediately.

The two biggest reasons why you should do this are the Guild Shop and the Soul Sanctums that will be shared between you and your guildmates.

You can also get Guild Buffs just from joining a Guild, which is just another reason why you shouldn’t wait too long before joining one!


Tip #6: When In Doubt, Consult The Game Guide

Game Guide / Argent Twilight
Game Guide

If you’re at a loss on what to do next, then feel free to pull up the in-game Game Guide as a reference.

While the Game Guide only offers you a linear and simple path to progress, it does teach you the basics of every feature and mechanic in the game.

You can also farm some pretty sweet rewards here, so what’s there to stop you?


Tip #7: Always Visit Cloud Whale Facilities

Cloud Whale Facilities / Argent Twilight
Cloud Whale Facilities

Your Cloud Whale Facilities allow you to improve several aspects of your game via resource accumulation buffs and passive income.

It’s highly recommended that you upgrade them whenever you can, as doing this will help your account in the long run.

Here’s a complete list of all the Cloud Whale Facilities and what they can do for your account:

Facility Function
Training Room Allows you to Level Up your Heroes passively.
Capital Whale Allows you to collect a certain amount of Gold and Rubies after some time.
Energy Whale Increases the regeneration rate and max limit of your Cookies.
Hall of Fortunes Increases the rate at which you collect Gold and EXP from battles.
Battle Pylon Increases all units’ basic stats.
Elemental Pylon Increases all element-related stats.

Argent Twilight Do’s & Don’ts

Dark Argentium / Argent Twilight
Dark Argentium

Here’s a list of things that you absolutely should and should not do as a beginner in Argent Twilight.


  • Do complete all of your Dailies, Weeklies, and Monthlies
  • Do play at least eighty minutes a day for a Leveling Potion from Playtime Rewards
  • Do spend Rubies on the Gold Feather Bundle 2 in the General Shop
  • Do clear up to Chapter 7 of the Main Story ASAP
  • Do join a Guild ASAP
  • Do upgrade your Cloud Whale Facilities often
  • Do participate in all Time-limited Events


  • Don’t overspend Rubies on refreshing the Town Shop stocks
  • Don’t neglect your gear farming from Duat and Thalys Conquest stages
  • Don’t be a loner – try to add as many friends as you can
  • Don’t spend Rubies on the Gold Feather Bundle 1 in the General Shop
  • Don’t skip your daily PVP Invasion Battles
  • Don’t spend too much Gold on enhancing 1★ to 4★ Gear
  • Don’t use 3★, 4★, and 5★ Dupes for anything other than Skill Ups
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