Tower of Fantasy Complete Beginner’s Guide + Tips

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Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG with heavy gacha elements, a fast-paced combat system, and a huge variety of playable content.

This guide will show you everything you need to know in the early game — from what characters you should reroll for, to the things you should do (and avoid) as soon as you start the game.


Starting Out (Character Selection & Rerolling)

You should consider deciding which character you want to play and whether you’d like to reroll or not before you play the game.

Remember that you cannot change characters later on, and that rerolling takes about 15-30 minutes depending on how fast you are.


Character Selection

Character Selection (Male/Female Wanderer) / Tower of Fantasy
Character Selection (Male/Female Wanderer)

Right after you start the game, you’ll first have to pick between two wanderers (male/female).

Pick whoever you want as the main character, as choosing one or the other carries no consequences other than the difference in their customization later on.

Be careful though, because as mentioned before, you cannot swap main characters once you’ve picked them at the start of the game!


Rerolling Guide

Rerolling for Scythe of the Crow (SSR Weapon Obtained) / Tower of Fantasy
Scythe of the Crow (SSR Weapon Obtained)

If you want to reroll, I recommend creating multiple email accounts first so you can swap them out quickly.

Alternatively, you can just create one account, create a character on multiple servers, then play whatever character rerolled the best.

But if you want to play on a specific server, here’s the rerolling process that you should follow:

Step 1: Log in with an email account.

Step 2: Once in-game, collect up to 30 Gold Nucleus by exploring and mail rewards.

Step 3: Follow the main story quests until you reach the dome near Astra’s Omnium Tower. There, you’ll unlock the Weapon summons.

Step 4: Roll up to 30 Weapons. There is a soft pity that’ll give you 1 SSR within 30 pulls.

Step 5: If you are not satisfied with the SSR weapon you got, switch over to another email account.

Here are the best SSR Weapons you can get from rerolling as a beginner for each role:

Character/Simulacrum Name Weapon Name Role
King Scythe of the Crow Shield breaker
Samir Dual EM Stars DPS
Tsubasa Icewind Arrow Secondary DPS/Support
Nemesis Venus Healer

TIP: Depending on when you start playing the game, you can also get a free SSR Selector Ticket.

Make sure to hit the 80-pull pity in the regular banner first before you use this ticket to avoid unwanted dupes!


Primary Early Game Objectives

Tower Fantasy is a massive game. If you want the best start possible, here are the tasks/content you should prioritize once you start playing.


Objective #1: Clear Your Main Story Quests

Astra's Shelter (Main Story Quest Description) / Tower of Fantasy
Astra’s Shelter (Main Story Quest Description)

Clearing your Main Story Quests allows you to unlock all the other game modes and features you need to progress through the game.

MSQs also give you a huge bulk of your starting resources like Gold, Black Diamonds, and Weapon upgrade materials.

TIP: Main Story Quests also give you large amounts of EXP when cleared.

This is why you should stop clearing them as soon as you reach your level cap — if you want to avoid wasting EXP that you can otherwise earn later on instead.


Objective #2: Reach Level Caps

EXP Obtained Prompt / Tower of Fantasy
EXP Obtained (Prompt)

Reaching level caps as a beginner at Levels 1 to 36 is relatively easy within the first week of playing the game.

Doing this allows you to unlock the game modes you need to power up your character much faster than the players who don’t.

The level cap imposed on your character depends on how many days you’ve been playing:

Days Played Level Cap
1st Day Level 18
2nd Day Level 24
3rd Day Level 27
4th Day Level 30
5th Day Level 32
6th Day Level 34
7th Day Level 36

TIP: Doing non-repeatable tasks that give you EXP like MSQs and opening chests when you’re already at your level cap can be detrimental to your future account growth.

Avoid this at all costs!


Objective #3: Clear Your Weekly Tasks

Weekly Tasks Page / Tower of Fantasy
Weekly Tasks Page

Your Weekly Tasks is among the few sources of F2P Black Crystals in the game, which is why you must clear them whenever they reset.

They also give you Password Chips which you can use to increase the rewards you get from Password Chests that are scattered all over the map.


Objective #4: Unlock Omnium Towers & Spacerifts

World Map / Tower of Fantasy
World Map

Unlocking Omnium Towers allows you to view the full visual map of the surrounding area — including landmarks like:

  • Training Facilities
  • Chests
  • Puzzles
  • Ruins

Unlocking a specific Spacerift allows your character to get there quickly no matter where they are on the World Map.

They’re basically convenient portals that allow you fast travel all over the map, which is why you’d want to access all of them as soon as possible.


Objective #5: Clear Training Stages

Training Page (Memory) / Tower of Fantasy
Training Page (Memory)

You can do up to two Training Stages per day, and they both give away precious rewards like Weapon Upgrade Materials and Crystal Dust.

Crystal Dust, in particular, is very valuable because you can use it to buy items from the Commissary.

TIP: The items you should prioritize from the Crystal Dust Shop are the items with limited weekly stock, like Booster Modules and Advancement Modules.


Objective #6: Upgrade Your Suppressors

Suppressors Page / Tower of Fantasy
Suppressors Page

Suppressors allow your character to withstand the radiation levels in a given part of a map, which allows them to explore further.

Upgrading your Suppressors also gives your character decent stat and CS boosts, so do it as soon and as often as you can!

TIP: You need Potent Omnium Crystals to upgrade your Suppressors.

The best sources of these Potent Omnium Crystals are the Ruins where you can get them as one-time clear rewards and your Crew Point Shop.


Objective #7: Join A Crew ASAP

Crew Page / Tower of Fantasy
Crew Page

One of the most important things you can do for your account if you’re planning on playing the game long-term is to join a Crew ASAP.

This feature unlocks at Level 16, which means you can join or create a Crew as soon as your first day of playing!

TIP: Always be active in your Crew. The more active you are, the more Crew Points you’ll be able to use to buy items in the Crew Point Shop.

I recommend purchasing Potent Omnium Crystals over all the other items in the Crew Point Shop.


Objective #8: Consume Your Vitality Every Day

Select Adventure Stages / Tower of Fantasy
“Select” Adventure Stages

Consuming all of your Vitality every day in the early game is essential if you want to min-max your progress in Tower of Fantasy.

Here’s a list of all the game modes that consume Vitality:

Game Mode Main Resources Farmed Level Unlocked Priority Level for Beginners
Joint Operation Matrices & Gear (Armor Parts) Level 20 Low
Dimensional Trials Weapon Batteries Level 23 Medium
Interstellar Exploration Weapon Augment Materials Level 21 High (★★★ Stages Preferred)
Omnium Beacon Weapon Batteries & Vitality Level 28 Low
Spacetime Domain Gold Level 29 High

As you can see from the table above, the best game modes you can spend your Vitality on are Interstellar Exploration and Spacetime Domain.

TIP: I recommend tackling at least two high-rarity (preferably ★★★) Interstellar Exploration stages and two Spacetime Domain stages every day within your first week of playing the game.

Dimensional Trial stages are optional, but clearing them when you’ve got some Vitality left over is a good choice.


Movement & Combat Guide

Understanding the movement and combat mechanics in a fast-paced, open-world game like Tower of Fantasy is very important — especially for beginners.

Here’s a brief guide on the movement and combat system in Tower of Fantasy.


Basic Movement

Basic Movement Controls UI Screenshot / Tower of Fantasy
Basic Movement Controls Diagram

1) D-Pad Joystick: Used for movement/directional controls.

2) Jump Button: Used for jumping. Click twice to do a double jump.

3) Dash Button: Used for dashing short distances. You can dash up to three times before a cooldown begins.


Attacks, Combos, & Weapon Switching

Combat (Basic Combat Controls) / Tower of Fantasy
Combat (Basic Combat Controls)

1) Attack Button: Used for executing basic attacks. Click repeatedly for a basic combo attack and hold for a charged attack. Click while in mid-air to perform an aerial attack.

2) Switch Weapon 1: Used for changing weapons. Click to switch to the weapon shown in the icon.

3) Switch Weapon 2: Used for changing weapons. Click to switch to the weapon shown in the icon.


Shield Breaking

Combat (Shield Break) / Tower of Fantasy
Combat (Shield Break)

To break an opponent’s shield, you must first deplete their Shield Gauge — the white-colored bar beneath their HP bar.

Not all opponents have shields, but remember that your attacks will deal much less damage to an opponent with a shield unless you break it.

Scythe of the Crow (SS-Rank Shatter Rating) / Tower of Fantasy
Scythe of the Crow (SS-Rank Shatter Rating)

I recommend using Weapons with at least an S-Rank Shatter rating if you want to break an opponent’s guard faster — just like the Weapon shown in the image above.


Perfect Dodging

Combat (Perfect Dodge) / Tower of Fantasy
Combat (Perfect Dodge)

A Perfect Dodge is executed whenever you click the Dash button at the right time — which is just before a telegraphed attack of an opponent hits you.

After executing a Perfect Dodge, a purple dome will envelop a small area around you. Inside that dome, your enemies will be slowed down and you’ll be free to act without retaliation for 10 seconds.

Your Switch Skill Gauge will also be instantly refilled if you do a Perfect Dodge, which means you can potentially do massive amounts of damage if you take advantage of this mechanic often.


Weapon Skills & Switch Skills

Combat (Skills Ready) / Tower of Fantasy
Combat (Skills Ready)

1) Weapon Skill Button: Used for executing the Skill of the Weapon you’re currently using. Each Weapon has a unique Skill and cooldowns.

2) Switch Weapon 1 (Switch Skill): Used for switching Weapons and executing devastating AoE Switch Skills. Only executable when the Switch Skill Gauge is full (when the icon blinks).

3) Switch Weapon 2 (Switch Skill): Used for switching Weapons and executing devastating AoE Switch Skills. Only executable when the Switch Skill Gauge is full (when the icon blinks).


All Elemental & Resonance Effects

Weapon Page (Dual EM Star) / Tower of Fantasy
Weapon Page (Dual EM Star)

Weapons are divided according to their Rarity, Element, and Resonance.

The three rarities of Weapons are R, SR, and SSR. Generally, SSR Weapons are the best of the bunch, but you’ll be fine with any Weapon as long as you have enough CS.

Elemental and Resonance effects are more important to consider in an actual battle, since they influence the amount of damage you’ll be able to deal against enemies.

Here’s a list of all Weapon Elements and their effects:

Weapon Element Effects
Fire Sets the target on fire for 8 seconds, causing ongoing 58.00% ATK damage every second. Ignited targets receive 50% efficacy from healing.
Ice Freezes the target for 2 seconds and leaves them frostbitten for 6 seconds. Breaking the ice shell causes an additional 151.00% of ATK damage. Frostbitten target’s weapon charge rate is reduced by 50%.
Lightning Paralyzes targets for 1 second and electrifies them for 6 seconds, negating all buffs and dealing 106.00% ATK damage.
Grievous After fully charging, inflicts 100.00% ATK damage and makes the target grievous for 7 seconds, taking 20% extra damage.

Here’s a list of all Resonance and their effects:

Resonance Requirements Effects
Brute Force x2 DPS Weapons Increases final damage by 10%.
Blessing x2 Support Weapons Increase healing by 100%.
Fortitude x2 Defense Weapons Increases damage reduction by 25% and Shatter by 60%.
Dissonance No Resonance Available Increases final damage by 5%.

Refer to these tables when choosing your main role/Weapons. This is yet another important decision you must make at the start of the game.


How To Power Up Your Character

Working towards a higher Combat Score (CS) in the early game is key if you want to clear harder game modes and explore more dangerous zones in the World Map later on.

Here are the five main ways that you can increase your character’s individual stats and CS as a beginner in Tower of Fantasy.


Method #1: Upgrading Weapons (Best Method)

Augment Success (Scythe of the Crow) / Tower of Fantasy
Augment Success (Scythe of the Crow)

Upgrading your character’s Weapons is by far the best way of improving their CS and overall DPS and survivability.

Here are several ways that you can upgrade your Weapons:

Upgrade Methods (Weapons) Effects Required Materials
Level Up Increases a Weapon’s level Weapon Batteries, Gold
Augment Increases a Weapon’s level cap Element Cores, Gold
Advancement Increases a Weapon’s star level and gives them passive effects Fusion Cores, Gold
Affix Matrices Increases a Weapon’s stats and gives them set effects Proof of Purchase, Gold, Data Packs

Method #2: Leveling Up

Level Up (LV33) / Tower of Fantasy
Level Up (LV33)

Leveling up your character not only increases your character’s CS, but also unlocks all the other power-up features you see in this list.

This method is almost just as important as upgrading your weapons — even though it doesn’t give your characters as much CS boost.

You can level up quickly early on by farming EXP from:

  • Main Story Quests
  • Bounty Missions
  • Ruins
  • Mia’s Kitchen
  • Opening Chests

Method #3: Upgrading Gear

Enhancement Success (Helmet) / Tower of Fantasy
Enhancement Success (Helmet)

You can upgrade your Gear/Armor by using Booster Modules and Upgrade Modules as materials.

You can farm these materials and even Gear pieces from the following sources:

  • Claire’s Dream Machine
  • Main Story Quests
  • Side Quests
  • Chests
  • Joint Operation

Method #4: Upgrading Suppressors

Upgrade Success (V2.4 > V2.5) / Tower of Fantasy
Upgrade Success (V2.4 > V2.5)

While this method doesn’t give as much CS as the other methods listed above, upgrading your suppressors is still important because you need a high-level Suppressor to explore the entire map.

You can do this by using Potent Omnium Crystals as materials, which you mainly get from the following sources:

  • Guild Point Shop
  • Claire’s Dream Machine
  • Ruins

Method #5: Upgrading Relics & Vehicles

Unlocked Vehicle (Falcon) / Tower of Fantasy
Unlocked Vehicle (Falcon)

Once again, a fully upgraded Relic or Vehicle won’t give you as much CP as a fully upgraded Weapon or Armor — but they sure do help.

You can farm Vehicle upgrade materials/parts from mechanical-type monsters and mechanical chests all over the World Map.

Relic Fragments, which you use as the upgrade materials for Relics, can be farmed mainly from Ruins and Claire’s Dream Machine instances.


Tower of Fantasy General Tips & Tricks

Mi-A (In-game Cutscene) / Tower of Fantasy
Mi-A (In-game Cutscene)

To further improve your account growth in the early game, here are 7 important tips that all beginners should follow in Tower of Fantasy.


Tip #1: Always Visit Mia’s Kitchen

Mia's Kitchen (Buff Obtained) / Tower of Fantasy
Mia’s Kitchen (Buff Obtained)

Eating dishes at Mia’s Kitchen gives you valuable resources like Gold and EXP every 6 AM, 12 PM, and 6 PM.

You can also get a variety of Special Buffs from eating Mia’s dishes, which increases either your DPS output or survivability against certain element/attack types.

Note that all the dishes Mia serves accumulate, which means you can just log in once at 6 PM and eat all three dishes in one fell swoop!


Tip #2: Always Do Your Bounty Missions

Bounty Missions / Tower of Fantasy
Bounty Missions

Clearing Bounty Missions is yet another part of your daily routine that you absolutely should not miss as a beginner.

Your Bounty Missions are among the very few consistent sources of Gold and Purple Nucleus — not to mention Password Chips which you can use to Perfect Decipher Password Chests.

Don’t miss them no matter what, as doing more of these missions increases your Bounty Rank.

The higher your Bounty Rank, the better the rewards you can get!


Tip #3: Hunt Down Puzzle Chests, Regular Chests, & Password Chests Regularly

Type II Password Chest (Perfect Decipher) / Tower of Fantasy
Type II Password Chest (Perfect Decipher)

Exploring is a huge part of the game, as only through exploring will you be able to find Puzzle Chests, Regular Chests, and Password Chests lying around.

The more you explore, the more of these you’ll be able to find and the more resources you’ll be able to farm from them.

Be careful though, as opening these Chests often give you EXP. You might not want to do that if you’re already at your level cap for the day!


Tip #4: Spend Your Dark Crystals Wisely

'HOT' Shop Items / Tower of Fantasy
“HOT” Shop Items

Dark Crystals are very valuable and become quite harder to farm the more you progress in the game.

Make sure not to spend them on anything but the materials you absolutely need — especially if you’re F2P.

Here are the items in the Shop that you should prioritize first when spending Dark Crystals:

Items Purchase Limit Price
Vitality Solution x5 per day 50 Dark Crystals (1st Purchase)
Red Nucleus None 150 Dark Crystals
Proof of Purchase Box x2 Weekly 1080 Dark Crystals

To save Dark Crystals, don’t buy more than one Vitality Solution per day, and don’t spend any Dark Crystals on Gold Nucleus at all.


Tip #5: Always Compete In The Bygone Phantasm

Bygone Phantasm / Tower of Fantasy
Bygone Phantasm

Bygone Phantasm tests your strength by putting you through a series of matches. The higher you get, the harder the enemies are to defeat.

In this game mode, you are placed on a ladder with random players, and you’re all ranked based on the highest stage you can clear.

The higher your rank is, the better the rewards you can claim at the weekly reset.

These weekly rewards are indispensable for the growth of your account, so make sure to play Bygone Phantasm at least once a week!


Tip #6: Always Enter Claire’s Dream Machine

Claire's Dream Machine (Adventure) / Tower of Fantasy
Claire’s Dream Machine (Adventure)

You can unlock the “Claire’s Dream Machine” feature by playing through the Main Story Quest in the Navia Region and talking to Claire.

Once you get to that point, these Dream Machines will start dropping randomly whenever you:

  • Open Chests
  • Kill Monsters
  • Explore certain locations

These Dream Machines allow you to participate in minigames where you can earn rewards like:

  • Gold Nucleus
  • Black Nucleus
  • Relic Fragments
  • Weapon Upgrade Materials
  • Gear Boxes

Never ignore them if you want a chance to earn these highly valuable items!


Tip #7: Always Donate & Submit Missions To Your Crew

Crew Donation Page / Tower of Fantasy
Crew Donation Page

Always donating and submitting Crew Missions helps your Crew grow slowly but surely.

And naturally, helping out in this process is in your best interest – since your Crew gives away more perks and rewards depending on how high its level gets.

For example, you and your guildmates get more Crew Honor Point rewards the more active you are in submitting Crew Missions and donating. It’s all about teamwork!


Tower of Fantasy Do’s & Don’ts

Healthy Theo (In-game Cutscene) / Tower of Fantasy
Healthy “Theo” (In-game Cutscene)

Here’s a brief list of things that you absolutely should and should not do as a beginner in Tower of Fantasy.


  • Do your Weekly Tasks every reset
  • Do your Bounty Missions every reset
  • Do visit Mia’s Kitchen every day
  • Do prioritize clearing the Main Quest early on
  • Do hunt down Chests for materials and resources
  • Do unlock Omnium Towers and Spacerifts ASAP
  • Do upgrade your Weapons regularly
  • Do take advantage of Elemental and Resonance Effects in combat
  • Do participate in Bygone Phantasm at least once per week
  • Do participate in PVP (Apex League) at least once per day


  • Don’t play excessively once you reach your level cap
  • Don’t forget to Donate and Submit Missions to your Crew
  • Don’t forget to clear your Training stages every day
  • Don’t spend Black Crystals on Gold Nucleus
  • Don’t forget to spend your Vitality every day
  • Don’t spend too many Black Crystals on Vitality Solutions
  • Don’t forget to enter Claire’s Dream Machines whenever they drop
  • Don’t Force Decipher Password Chests if you have Password Chips
  • Don’t Perfect Decipher Password Chests when you reach your level cap
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