25 Best Grass-Type Pokémon From Every Gen (Ranked)

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What would become of the Pokémon world without grass-types protecting the forests? Or processing carbon dioxide into oxygen? (I assume)

It may be one of the most fragile typings due to its five defensive weaknesses, which becomes doubly troublesome considering how many monsters are resistant to grass moves.

But that just makes the competitive achievements of these leafy Pokémon all the more inspiring.

In this typing group we find weird bugs, sentient plants, talking fruit, and a good amount of animals that got a little too close to the Plantae Kingdom. There’s simply so much variety that it’s almost impossible not to find at least one lovable grassy for your team.

To help move that process along I’ve organized my picks for the coolest, strongest, and generally most popular Grass-type Pokémon to add onto your team.

25. Victreebel

Victreebel Grass-Type Pokemon in the anime

We start our list with a true Grass/Poison-type classic from the original 151, Victreebel.

Dubbed the Flycatcher Pokémon, Victreebel is based on the real-world pitcher plants, which attract prey into their pitfall traps with sweet smells, only to digest them slowly once they’ve fallen into their inescapable doom.

In the case of Victreebel, the more prey it dissolves the sweeter it smells.

And therefore the more creatures it can trick into becoming its dinner. What a cycle.

This pocket monster has some solid offensive capabilities that are well complemented by its Chlorophyll ability. But for me, its value resides in its amazing design.


24. Tangrowth

Tangrowth in the anime

On the other end of the creativity spectrum lies Tangrowth, a tanky creature evolved from the OG Tangela.

Despite the creative process behind this evolution being minimalist at best, there’s no denying the value of Tangrowth in combat.

Not only does it have amazing defense and some great offensive stats as well, but its Regenerator ability is incredibly useful in any team composition.


23. Ludicolo

Ludicolo screenshot from Pokemon anime

I used to find Ludicolo incredibly cute, with its lily pad sombrero and its love for dancing.

And then I saw it on Detective Pikachu working as a barista and realized this Mexican kappa-thing was actually terrifying.

It’s known as the Carefree Pokémon, which may seem a bit offensive considering it’s based on a stereotypical lazy Mexican wanderer… but we’ll let it slide.

In combat this monster makes use of its solid Sp. Attack and great same-type moves like Hydro Pump to deal massive damage.

Its Swift Swim ability can also boost its Speed greatly, making it into a menacing sweeper as long as it’s raining.


22. Meganium

Meganium Johto Pokemon leaf anime screenshot

I’ll be honest with you: I’ve never owned a Meganium.

I mean sure, this Grass-type starter from Gen II has the power to revive dead patches of greenery with its breath. Which is eco-friendly and all that good stuff.

But it’s just impossible for me to let go of my uber-cute Chikorita, so I just keep it from evolving for eternity!

For those of you with no appreciation for the cute daikon radish, Meganium can be a very resistant fighter in the single-player campaign with moves like Giga Drain and Synthesis keeping it healthy while slowly but surely wearing down its opponent.


21. Vileplume

Vileplume red flower Pokemon anime screenshot

This cute dual Grass/Poison-type is a veteran from the original Kanto region. And it’s known for having the biggest petals in the Pokémon world.

It’s based on the famous Corpse Flower, a giant flower with meaty petals found deep within the Amazon that’s known for its retch-inducing smell that’s reminiscent of a putrid animal carcass.

No wonder it’s a poison type too!

Vileplume’s greatest value in battle lies in its solid survivability coupled with its Effect Spore ability, which can inflict either Sleep, Poison or Paralysis on any Pokémon that comes into contact with it.


20. Rillaboom

Rillaboom wooden drum Pokemon SwSh

Looking like a weirdly handsome Gorilla with a leafy mane, this Galarian Grass-type starter might just be the better-looking Pokémon in the entire eighth generation.

It’s known as the Drummer Pokémon for its affinity with the percussive arts, which is so ingrained into its nature that the best drummer in the pack inevitably becomes their leader.

While not too valuable in competitive play, Rillaboom is a solid fighter in Pokémon Sword & Shield thanks to great Attack. Not to mention powerful same-type moves like Wood Hammer, and the Overgrow ability boosting its power when under 33% HP.


19. Whimsicott

Whimsicott floating white ball Pokemon

Known as the Windveiled Pokémon, this Grass/Fairy bundle of cuteness from gen 5 makes its way up the ranking by bringing a lot of utility to any team composition.

It can deal solid damage with decent Sp. Attack and access to great same-type moves such as Moonblast.

But its value lies in both its high Speed and Infiltrator ability making sure nothing can stop it from actually getting an unobstructed hit in.

Another option for a Whimsicott with the Prankster ability is to weaken foes with moves like Charm and Cotton Guard, then switching to a more offensive pocket monster to finish the job.


18. Leavanny

Leavanny anime screenshot

After looking at Sewaddle you may think there’s no way it could become more adorable.

Until you find out that its mature form Leavanny weaves small clothing for small Pokémon to protect them from the elements. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

It’s this attitude that earned this Bug/Grass-type from the Unova region the title of Nurturing Pokémon, which couldn’t be more appropriate.


17. Trevenant

Trevenant big tree Pokemon from anime

It’s said that lumberjacks in the Kalos region never go to work without a Fire-type Pokémon.

And while that may initially seem like an unwise fire hazard, it’s absolutely necessary to defend themselves from the Elder Tree Pokémon Trevenant.

Luckily Trevenant is notoriously slow, so running away is usually enough.

But watch out if it catches up to you. Because this dual Ghost/Grass monster hits like a wrecking ball thanks to its high Attack stat.

Other than that Trevenant is a very resistant fighter that won’t easily be bogged down by status ailments. Mostly thanks to its Natural Cure ability which dispels any major status conditions on switching out of battle.


16. Lilligant

Lilligant girl flower Pokemon

If I was ranking the “cutest grass-type Pokémon” I think Lilligant would probably be in the top three.

Just thanks to its regal looks and the beautiful blooming flower on its head, which earns it the title of Flowering Pokémon.

This leafy lady from gen V may be strikingly pretty, but it’s also a decent sweeper thanks to its excellent Sp. Attack and high Speed, which can be further improved under intense sunlight by its Chlorophyll ability.

It’s not the most powerful competitive asset. But it’s a great companion for anyone going through the Pokémon League.


15. Virizion

Virizion in Pokemon anime

With horns as sharp as blades and a confident look on its face, Virizion is a ray of hope for downtrodden Pokémon of all types.

Along with Terrakion and Cobalion, Virizion is part of the Swords of Justice. A group of Pokémon based on the Three Musketeers who’re sworn to protect the pocket monsters of the Unova region.

This sleek-looking hero is the Grass-type with the highest Sp. Defense of them all, but that’s only the cherry on top of the metaphorical cake that would be this Pokémon’s all-around great stats.


14. Shaymin

Shaymin grass pet rock Pokemon

With the rising popularity of mini-hedgehogs as pets, it comes as no surprise that one of the cutest Pokémon of them all is just that: a tiny, adorable floral hedgehog.

Known as the Gratitude Pokémon, this Gen IV treasure is a mythical creature from the Sinnoh region with the power to cleanse the air from toxins and completely renovate natural landscapes in a matter of minutes.

In combat, Shaymin fares better in its deer-like Sky Forme, which makes it a dual Grass/Flying-type boasting incredible Speed and solid Sp. Attack.


13. Breloom

Breloom Grass mid-level starter Pokemon in the anime

If a flowery hedgehog is not creative enough for you, perhaps you’ll be interested in a shroomy dinosaur?

This dual grass/fighting-type is not only menacing due to its exceptional Attack, but because it can endure prolonged fights through powerful draining moves like Drain Punch and Leech Seed.

This can be taken to the extreme by giving Breloom a Toxic Orb to hold.

Unlike most Pokémon who’d just start taking damage after becoming poisoned due to the orb’s influence, the Mushroom Pokémon’s Poison Heal ability will have the opposite effect, allowing Breloom to worry about pummeling their opponent while its health gradually recovers at the end of each turn.


12. Chesnaught

Chesnaught anime screenshot

The third starter to make the list is Chesnaught, the final evolution of Gen VI’s Chespin.

A kind of adorable middle ground between a hedgehog and a chestnut.

This Grass/Fighting-type has changed a lot since its immature form, acquiring a full-body protective covering that earned it the title of Spiny Armor Pokémon.

With super-high Defense and great Attack, Chesnaught is a reliable fighter that can take a beating and deal one in return.

Especially with the Bulletproof ability protecting it from ball and bomb-related moves.


11. Lurantis

Lurantis pink flying grass insect Pokemon

Such elegance. Such beauty. Such glamour and modesty!

Known as the Bloom Sickle Pokémon, this fabulous Grass-type from the Alola region pretends to be a bug to protect itself from would-be predators seeking to feast on its leafy flesh.

Why “pretending to be a bug” makes it look like a Japanese lady in a kimono is a mystery.

If battle becomes unavoidable, Lurantis can successfully hold its own thanks to its decent all-around stats and sustainability moves like Synthesis, which can heal half of its HP each time it’s used.


10. Roserade

Roserade roses Pokemon in anime

Another living example of the glamour and elegance achievable by committed Pokémon is Roserade, classified as the Bouquet Pokémon.

This title comes from the beautiful red and blue bundles of flowers growing at the end of each of this Grass/Poison-type’s arms. But be careful of deceiving appearances because these bouquets hide Roserade’s main weapons – thorny tendrils it uses to bind and poison its enemies.

This amazing creature can be a true asset in battle thanks to its excellent Sp. Attack and decent Speed, which allow it to deal massive damage given the right same-type move.

It can also set up useful entry hazards like Spikes.


9. Torterra

Torterra Grass Tortoise Pokemon anime

You thought bouquets for hands was amazing?

What about carrying an entire ecosystem on your back?

Known as the Continent Pokémon for its striking resemblance to an island floating on water, this Grass/Ground-type beast is the mature form of the tiny Turtwig, one of the classic starter choices from the fourth generation.

Torterra is an amazing companion to bring with you on your Pokémon adventure through the Sinnoh region, as its high attack and defense will let it hold its own in combat just fine.


8. Kartana

Kartana weird white insect Pokemon

Comparing Kartana to other creatures in the Pokémon universe may be a little unfair considering it’s one of the Ultra Beasts. These are basically mysterious creatures introduced in gen VII that seem to hail from a very vicious dimension.

The hostile environment they came from shaped these creatures to be absolute powerhouses, and Kartana is not any different.

This Grass/Steel-type Sword Pokémon boasts the highest Attack stat in the game, it’s incredibly fast, and it has access to some powerful moves like Leaf Blade.

As if that wasn’t enough, its Beast Boost ability lets it grow stronger the more Pokémon it takes down in battle.

After a fight with this being you’ll never see origami the same way again.


7. Venusaur

Venusaur group in the Pokemon anime

Despite Grass-type starters like Snivy and Chikorita being relatively lackluster, Kanto’s Bulbasaur was the connoisseur’s pick back in the first generation thanks to its advantageous typing concerning the game’s challenges.

Venusaur remains a force to be reckoned with thanks to solid Sp. Attack and balanced stats that make it a versatile beast.

If you expected this higher up on the list, my apologies. But make no mistake that Venusaur is definitely a top 10 grass choice!


6. Celebi

Celebi Johto Legendary Pokemon in the anime

Dubbed as the Time Travel Pokémon, Celebi, was one of the earliest Pokémon to be acquired exclusively through an event organized by Nintendo and Game Freak.

Everyone knew of Celebi but almost nobody had one.

So it became a bit of a myth among youths like myself.

Looking like an onion or a shallot, this Psychic/Grass-type critter is known as a guardian of the forest, and there are records of it appearing throughout history thanks to the whole “time traveler” thing.

Its solid offensive stats and great typing, which gives it access to devastating same-type moves like Psychic, make Celebi into a fearsome sweeper that could down your whole team in the blink of an eye if you’re not vigilant.


5. Leafeon

Leafeon Eevee grass type Pokemon

If you didn’t put one of Eevee’s evolutions in your top five, did you really write a Pokémon ranking?

Leafeon is what happens when you train your Eevee close to a Mossy Stone in the Sinnoh region.

If there are no such stones in your vicinity, you can also bring it forth by giving Eevee a Leaf Stone.

Leafeon may not be the strongest Eeveelution around, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch.

This cute critter has amazing Defense, Attack, and Speed, which becomes quite menacing when coupled with solid same-type moves like Leaf Blade – especially if it buffs itself with Swords Dance first.


4. Decidueye

Decidueye flying grass Pokemon - anime screenshot

When first picking Rowlet as their companion for the Alolan adventure, I’m pretty sure most trainers were expecting the little owl to become a bit of an intellectual due to its studious look.

Instead it becomes Decidueye, the Arrow Quill Pokémon with “Nothing is true, everything is permitted” written all over its face.

This incredibly cool appearance quickly made it a fan-favorite among the Alolan starters.

In combat, this Grass/Ghost-type should take advantage of its typing by bringing along Shadow Ball, which can be truly powerful if it gets a chance to cast Nasty Plot first to heighten its Sp. Attack first.


3. Serperior

Serperior Grass Snake style Pokemon

While Decidueye has a better design, it just can’t hold a candle to Serperior’s amazing battle prowess.

It comes from the Regal Pokémon’s ability, Contrary, which makes stat lowering moves raise them instead, and vice-versa.

This lets Serperior spam the powerful same-type move Leaf Storm, which rather than lower its Sp. Attack, raises it sharply.

Turning this Grass-type into a devastating sweeper.


2. Ferrothorn

Ferrothorn big grey thorned Pokemon - anime screenshot

It may be surprising to the uninitiated to find Ferrothorn above iconic Pokémon like Venusaur and Celebi.

But this beast from gen 5 has become quite ubiquitous in the competitive scene.

Not only does it have an amazing defensive typing, but its Defense and Sp. Defense are both excellent, allowing it to do whatever it wants for several turns without really worrying about being knocked out.

In this time it can either slowly chip away at its enemies with moves like Leech Seed, or focus on setting up entry hazards on the field with Stealth Rock and Spikes, putting a lot of pressure on the opposing team.

It’s a beast, plain and simple.


1. Sceptile

Sceptile in Pokemon anime

There’s one grass-type that brings together a cool appearance, lots of popularity, and massive power in battle: Sceptile, the final form of starter Treecko from Hoenn.

This fan-favorite has achieved notoriety thanks to its protagonism in the anime, along with great viability in competitive play thanks to its excellent sweeper stats and access to Mega Evolution.

Mega Sceptile can be an incredible asset due to its massive Speed and Sp. Attack, along with a Grass/Dragon-typing that gives it access to the same-type move Dragon Pulse.

Plus it looks like a Pukei Pukei from Monster Hunter. That counts for something right?

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