Top 10 Best Waifus From Dragon Ball Z

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At this point, the Dragon Ball franchise truly feels larger than life.

From the original anime to all the movies, games, outside references and products, it’s hard to avoid this IP.

Then again, why would you avoid a franchise that offers prime waifu material?

Yes, today we’re counting down the best waifus from Dragon Ball.

Please don’t murder me for this one.


10. Kale

Kale from Dragon Ball screenshot

I’m going to start things off with Kale, as she seems like the most hit or miss character.

In her base form, she’s the truest dandere that an anime fan could ask for – and she probably gets embarrassed from her own shadow.

That might not be for everyone. But I think we can all agree that it makes her seem precious as all hell.

Especially when paired with Caulifla and her protective energy.

However, Kale also has an aggressive side to her, as she can get quite jealous.

That seemed logical enough, but I’ll admit that I did not see the female Brolly form coming.

And while some might not like this form very much, we have to remember that lady Dimitrescu went viral for a reason. And some people just want to get stepped on.

So Kale at least gets the number ten spot.


9. Towa

Towa from Dragon Ball screenshot

I don’t know about you, but I would have been way more interested in the original Frankenstein if the doctor looked like this.

Not only did she create her own husband, but she’s also a complete baddie when it comes to her personality.

She has the know-how to truly make you feel inferior while also enjoying the street cred that comes with being a demon.

And an incredibly powerful husband, of course.

Sure, she might be incredibly cruel and downright sadistic. But she’s also wearing that body suit and carrying a giant stick around.

So Kale fans might find her quite interesting as well.


8. Bulma

Bulma from Dragon Ball screenshot

Bulma and Chi Chi are the OGs but I have to say that I prefer Bulma overall.

Not only was she actually an important character, flexing the powers of both science and raw capitalism to aid the heroes, but she’s also quite hilarious.

Her bouts with Vegeta never fail to make me laugh.

And the fact that her sass levels never deteriorated was quite a relief.

I also just love her design later on in the series, as she looks like a really cool aunt that’s traveled Europe or something.

Overall, a true ride or die. She’s been here since the start, put the Saiyan boys in their place countless times, and aged like a fine wine.


7. Videl

Videl from Dragon Ball screenshot

Although I find Superhero Gohan to be one of the biggest downgrades in anime history (which makes me cry for the Cell Saga every week or so), at least it led to Videl being introduced.

So, do I just really like Videl because she puts in the time and occasionally snaps back to Chi Chi?

Well, I’d be lying if I said that those parts didn’t heavily contribute to the overall assessment.

But there’s some other stuff as well.

Her iron-clad will was always nice to see, especially early on as she tries to learn how to fly.

And her relationship with Mr. Satan made me love both of them way more than I would have initially thought.

Plus, she seems incredibly reasonable and down to earth. Which is kind of refreshing for a show where half of the cast can blow away the known universe.


6. Gine

Gine from Dragon Ball screenshot

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Gine and Bardock are the best Saiyan couple.

And the fact that we had to see little-to-nothing to reach that conclusion really tells you a lot.

Even though their first chat was less than ideal (and utterly hilarious if you ask me), these two kind of made for a power couple.

Bardock’s seriousness mixed with Gine’s ray of light attitude mesh really well.

And seeing how much Gine initially rejected the idea of sending Goku off, you just know that she really cared for her children.

Well, Goku at least.

She kind of forgot about Raditz – and honestly who could blame her?

Overall, she gets an ”actually is a wife”/10.


5. Cheelai

Cheelai from Dragon Ball screenshot

Cheelai basically has the same vibe as Gine, as she’s this cheerful and friendly little world conqueror that really put into perspective how cold Saiyan men could be.

Her relationship with Broly actually fixed his character quite a bit. And she even showcased a bit more diversity among the Frieze ranks, as she wasn’t just your typical “evil person with evil intentions” archetype that we had seen so far.

So overall, she was just an incredibly lovable character that tore up some of the gloom & doom of the show, while also being cuter than a button.


4. Caulifla

Caulifla from Dragon Ball screenshot

Caulifla is the dominant female friend or partner that every introvert needs.

She’ll yell at the staff for getting your order wrong, and tell you that you’re the best while fighting to the death.

It’s a very specific picture that I’m painting.

But if you’ve ever seen Caulifla in action, you know it’s not very difficult to imagine.

She’s a great fighter, always stands up for herself and her friends, and doesn’t need any man to feel great about herself.

She gets three snaps and an “mhmm”/10


3. Mai

Mai from Dragon Ball screenshot

Important to note that I’m talking about future Mai here, as I don’t need Chris Hanson hypnotizing me into taking a seat.

She carries all of the badassery of Caulifla while also just being an absolute sweetheart that really makes you dread the future.

Her relationship with Trunk is always a sight for sore eyes, since his pride mixed with her compassion & an arsenal of weapons always leads to some rather touching moments.

And their bond is one of the strongest in the entire series.

A woman in uniform will always get waifu points as far as I’m concerned.

Being a good person on top of that just feels like a bit of overkill.


2. Android 21

Android 21 from Dragon Ball screenshot

I honestly didn’t feel like splitting up the good and the evil variants, let alone the pre-Boo stage, so I’m just going to talk about all of them as one.

Good Android 21 is just wholesome as all hell.

Throughout the entire game, she’s so beautifully naïve, especially when paired with Goku.

And her care and curiosity about the people around her just makes her seem extremely lovable.

Evil Android 21 wants to devour you. And I don’t think I have to spell it out why some people find that very attractive.

This is also a good place to point out that her design overall is just insanely cool and truly made her incredibly memorable.

So whether you want to protect her smile or get hit in the shin with a scooter, Android 21 is bound to give you something to love.


1. Android 18

Android 18 from Dragon Ball screenshot

Is this incredibly basic? Yes.

Do I show obvious favoritism towards androids? Yes, and their phones are better as well.

But do I regret my choice? Never.

Android 18 was the OG waifu in so many ways. She was the first real baddie that stuck around, the first person that made me not feel sad for Krillin, and the first character that I fell in love with.

From the beginning, she was a complete badass that tossed Vegeta around like he was nothing. And I have to say that I’m incredibly glad that her personality remained more or less unchanged throughout the years.

She isn’t as openly hostile as Caulifla.

But she would definitely help you hide the body if you ever went out and did something stupid.

Android 18 is the ultimate waifu from the Dragon Ball Z universe – and that’ll be the hill that I die on.

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