Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 Best Mods Worth Downloading

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Being one of the most popular manga & anime series of all time, not to mention the dank memes, it’s no surprise that tons of Dragon Ball games are beloved the world over.

Some are kinda meh, but a few really tried to create a unique experience, like Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Combining role-playing games and fighting game mechanics, Xenoverse offered an extremely authentic Dragon Ball experience filled with a lot of high-speed fighting and a brand new story. A story that wouldn’t have looked out-of-place as a DBZ movie.

While Dragon Ball Xenoverse is very enjoyable on consoles, the PC experience is on a slightly higher level thanks to the modding community.

While most mods released for the game are cosmetic mods, there’s still a lot to love about these if you’re a true Dragon Ball fan.


15. DX Mod Installer

DX Mod Installer Xenoverse 1

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When writing about Xenoverse mods, we have to start with the DX Mod Installer.

The DX Installer lets you install mods in a very convenient way: just put the .rar file you want to install anywhere on your computer, select the location from the installer and you’re good to go.

We also covered this in our list of Xenoverse 2 mods, and it’s still the must-have way to install mods for this series.


14. Dokkan Battle Character Selection

Dokkan Battle Character Selection Mod for Xenoverse 1

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Playing the same game for thousands of hours can eventually make it feel boring… but a few small tweaks here can go a long way to make things feel fresh and exciting again.

Dokkan Battle Character Selection is a simple mod that changes the character selection screen by introducing new portraits lifted from the Dokkan Battle gamecards.

And if you’re looking for a truly authentic DBZ experience, you can also enable a new background showing the Tenkaichi Budokai. Truly a place where Dragon Ball history has been made many times over.

The same history you’re messing around with, Time Patroller!


13. New Menu

New Menu for Xenoverse 1

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Getting tired of seeing the old vanilla Dragon Ball Xenoverse menu?

No worries, we got you covered.

The New Menu mod introduces some very light tweaks to the game’s GUI that make them look more stylish, without changing them altogether.

Which is a very good thing, considering how many things Xenoverse tends to alter in the Dragon Ball universe!


12. Akuma Broly

Akuma Broly DBZ X1

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He who conquers the Satsui no Hado will achieve immense power. One worthy of the Legendary Super Saiyan.

The Akuma Broly costume mod is a good looking new costume that changes Broly so that he looks like Akuma, one of the most popular Street Fighter characters ever. A nifty little mod for fans of the series.

A Raging Demon is coming your way!


11. Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x10

Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x10 in Xenoverse 1

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There was a time when combining the Kaioken and Super Saiyan powers was not a very good idea. My, how times have changed.

This mod introduces the transformation seen in Dragon Ball Super as a special move in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, complete with blue hair transformation and red-colored aura.

The colors of those who take saving the world seriously.


10. DBZX Sweet FX

DBZX Sweet FX Xenoverse 1

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse hasn’t aged too badly. But it definitely doesn’t look as good as other DBZ games released since.

But we’re talking about Dragon Ball here. Any challenge can be conquered with the right training and the right powers!

DBZX Sweet FX improves the game’s graphics by enhancing colors and lighting, making the game look more like the anime we all know and love.

Performance impact is minimal as well, so there’s really no reason to skip this one. It’s a must-have in my book.


9. Bardock Collection

Bardock Collection Mod for Xenoverse 1

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Bardock was nothing more than a mere mention in the original Dragon Ball manga.

But he eventually became quite important for the universe as time went on.

If you’re really not bothered by all the retconning that was needed to make Goku’s father so important, you will definitely appreciate the Bardock Collection mod. It adds Super Saiyan 1, 2, and 3 costumes, and the character’s iconic red bandana.

Now you’re truly geared up for taking on Frieza.


8. King Vegeta Armor

King Vegeta Armor for Xenoverse 1

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Bow down, earthlings. The true King has arrived!

King Vegeta Armor gives us the iconic outfit worn by King Vegeta, complete with the royal symbol and dual-colored cape.

This mod replaces the Great Saiyaman Suit, but I’m pretty sure no one will be sad about that. I mean, a king against a teenage superhero? No contest.


7. Goku Black

Goku Black DBZ X1

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In a Dragon Ball game where time travel is the main focus, we knew Goku Black would make an appearance.

But this mod takes it to a new level.

The Goku Black mod introduces not only the character in his iconic costume, but also a customized moveset that makes him as powerful as a god.

Which he might actually be one… but hey, no spoilers here!


6. Black Rose Punch

Black Rose Punch in Xenoverse 1

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Now that Goku Black is available in the game, it’s time to take care of his moveset.

While most of his signature special techniques are not available in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, it’s possible to make his moveset more accurate with the Black Rose Punch: a simple recoloring mod that changes Super God Fist so it fits the Super Saiyan Rose transformation better.

It’s not perfect, and it can seem minor, but it’s definitely welcome.


5. Zero Mod

Zero Mod for Xenoverse 1

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Megaman meets Dragon Ball with the Zero mod.

And it’s not the improbable crossover you might have thought it was.

This introduces Zero from the Megaman series as a playable character, complete with his iconic Z Saber blade and his Z-Buster long-range weapon. And trust me, it goes great with all the ranged energy attacks included in the game.

Try performing the Big Bang Attack with him: you’ll be surprised how much it fits the character.


4. Saiyan Battle Suit

Saiyan Battle Suit Xenoverse 1

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Time paradox incoming.

Xenoverse 2 content in Xenoverse 1?

The Saiyan Battle Suit is a new costume inspired by the battle suit included in Xenoverse 2, complete with the symbol and even an optional tail that will make you look like a bona fide Saiyan warrior. No matter the era, no matter the game!


3. Vegetto Jr.

Vegetto Jr. in Xenoverse 1

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With the Vegetto Jr. mod, we’re indeed in the future of Dragon Ball.

This mod introduces the Potara fusion of Goku and Vegeta Jr., complete with a canon-friendly coloring scheme, the Goku Jr. red bandana, and multiple Super Saiyan transformations including a Super Saiyan 3 transformation.

Too bad the bandana is blown away by the power of this transformation… but I suppose we really cannot have everything all the time.

But seriously, you’ll be playing with this guy quite a lot.


2. Vegeta SSJ 4 to SSJ 5

Vegeta SSJ 4 to SSJ 5 Xenoverse 1

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I have honestly lost track of how many Super Saiyan transformations are out there.

Only because some of the fan-made transformations look as great as the canon ones.

The Vegeta SSJ to SSJ 5 mod adds a Super Saiyan 3 skill to Vegeta, so that he can turn into Super Saiyan 4, and then into the silver-haired, uber-powerful Super Saiyan 5.

Maybe this time Vegeta really has surpassed Goku. Install the mod and find out.


1. Dragon Ball Z Music In Xenoverse

Dragon Ball Z Music In Xenoverse Mod

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse has never felt more like a true episode of the Dragon Ball Z anime with this mod.

It replaces multiple music tracks with others taken straight from the original Japanese anime, including the catchy opening Chala Head Chala and combat tracks lifted from the Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu sagas.

A great way to make your Time Patrolling duties even more enjoyable.

Especially great for hardcore DBZ fans.

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