Best Mods For Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (All Free)

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Here’s one for fans of the original Dragon Ball Z who also dig RPGs.

Kakarot is a fantastic way to re-immerse into Goku’s most legendary adventures, including the Saiyan Saga, Namek Saga, and more.

CyberConnect2 did a fantastic job developing the game that showcases the original series’ charm in gorgeous 3D .

Overall, the game is a pleasure to play from a fan’s perspective – and mods can only improve it.

If you’ve exhausted what DBZ: Kakarot has to offer but just can’t tear yourself away from the game, these incredible mods are the perfect way to keep it fresh.


15. Nintendo Pro Controller GUI

Nintendo Pro Controller GUI DBZ: Kakarot Mod

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Many Nintendo Switch owners are also PC gamers.

It’s the perfect combo, as it gives you access to Nintendo’s fantastic first-party releases while you leave all the high-requirement AAA games to your powerful desktop monster.

If that’s you, then you’ve probably used your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to play on your PC more than once.

It’s really comfortable, and some people just like being minimal and keeping a single game-pad.

Well this mod by Purple Heart replaces the Xbox One button prompts for their equivalent Pro Controller counterpart.

We all deserve a bit of personalized treatment!


14. Battle HUD Cleaner

Battle HUD Cleaner Mod for DBZ: Kakarot

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Cinematic video games walk a thin line between showing too much or too little.

I’m talking about the HUD – which is necessary to know what the hell is going on in most games. But it can put a damper on the exciting action happening right behind it.

Creator Purple Heart believes this is better solved by giving people the power to choose.

This modpack features several mini-mods that let you remove battle damage values, the critical hit display, battle start and finish announcements, and even the cross-hair from the screen.

Get this if you want fights to look as epic as possible.


13. Future Gohan

Future Gohan Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Mod

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Gohan is a fantastic character.

But Future Gohan from the timeline where Goku dies from a heart virus is his most bad-ass version.

This short-haired hero has been the Earth’s last line of defense against the androids and other threats for over ten years – while also taking the time to train Future Trunks.

The main changes between the original and Future Gohan are shorter hair and a more stern facial expression.


12. DBZ: Fusion Reborn Gogeta

DBZ: Fusion Reborn Gogeta DBZ: Kakarot Mod

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The Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn film from 1995 includes some iconic characters like Janemba and Veku – the wretched failed fusion between Vegeta and Goku.

However, by performing the Fusion Dance correctly, these two Saiyan warriors become the mighty Gogeta – a straightforward and aggressive badass who needs to be given more screen time.

This mod by Saitsu captures his bad-ass look and brings it to DBZ: Kakarot as a replacement for Vegito – Gogeta’s Potara Earrings-made counterpart.


11. Anime Colors ReShade

Anime Colors ReShade Mod for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

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Whenever a Dragon Ball Z game comes out, there’s always somebody who wants it to look more like the original show.

In this case, it comes down to the colors.

This Anime Colors ReShade by Leochok brightens up the game considerably, reducing contrast but making fine lines on characters more noticeable.

The brighter colors are also remarkably similar to how the show looked back when I first watched it as a kid.

Just remember to get ReShade up and running before trying to apply this preset.


10. Super Saiyan Blue Goku

Super Saiyan Blue Goku Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Mod

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The new Saiyan transformations are one of the best things to come from Dragon Ball Super.

And modder Saitsu brings us some of DBS’s magic with a Super Saiyan Blue Goku mod replacement for Goku’s default skin.

This form is usually accessed by absorbing a god’s powers or undergoing vigorous Ki training under a godly master.

In our case, it’s as easy as installing this mod.

Goku’s power level in this form is incomprehensible compared to anything in the original Dragon Ball Z.

The cosmic scale of conflict Dragon Ball Super has reached makes me feel like I’m reading Warhammer 40.000 lore, and I love it.


9. Goku Black Skin

Goku Black Skin DBZ: Kakarot Mod

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Here’s another fantastic replacement for Goku’s default look – this Goku Black Skin by Leandro Buscaglia.

Goku wears this sinister all-black outfit with a red stripe around the waist after his body is taken over by Zamasu, becoming “Goku Black”.

Like in Dragon Ball Super, Goku Black’s hair turns pink upon achieving Super Saiyan God Rosé mode, replacing the SS3 transformation.

He’s one of the most easy-to-hate characters in the show. But he also looks incredibly cool.

Have fun bringing ultimate destruction to the world of DBZ: Kakarot.


8. Sun Glare Removal

Sun Glare Removal Mod for DBZ: Kakarot

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Modern video games like playing around with “realistic” visual effects a little bit too much.

One of those is artificial sun glare, which DBZ Kakarot abuses.

This is a video game, not a film! Why would we have any sun glare?

Plus, it just makes everything harder to make out in the distance, and messes with the rich colors of the environment, NPCs, and our player character. So let’s change it up.

This mod by SlowpokeVG will forever solve this issue by removing this fake sun glare. You’ll notice a sizable improvement right away.


7. Quantic Reshade

Quantic Reshade Mod for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

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Modder LT_Ripjaws offers us his fine-tuned ReShade settings to enhance DBZ: Kakarot’s visuals.

Among other things, you’ll notice higher contrast and richer shadows.

This makes environments lusher and makes lighting more dramatic.

It’s very much the contrary to the previous Anime ReShade.

I’d recommend you try this along with the Sun Glare Removal mod for maximum embellishment.


6. Tournament of Power

Tournament of Power DBZ: Kakarot Mod

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DBZ: Kakarot is a love letter to the original DBZ adventure.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power stage – we just need help from modders like Mastaklo.

This massive arena is located somewhere within the Null Realm, isolated from all other universes. And this lets participants in the Tournament of Power duke it out with all their might without fear of destroying a planet or two.

It’s their universes that hang on the line – they need to give it their all.

Mastaklo’s stage features lots of rubble laying around and keeps the massive scale shown in Dragon Ball Super.


5. Wii Sports Resort: Matt

Wii Sports Resort: Matt Mod for DBZ: Kakarot

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If there has ever been a character worthy of standing next to giants like Goku and Vegeta, it’s the stern-eyed herald of destruction – Matt the Mii.

He’s a master of Boxing and Swordplay in the original Wii Sports, and is considered a Master Mii in Wii Party.

Echoes of Matt’s exploits can be heard far and wide across the Internet, mostly in memes where he’s depicted as an unstoppable force, much like Ultra Instinct Shaggy.

This mod by Ultima647 captures Matt in all of his glory, replacing all of Goku’s outfits for the legendary Mii.


4. Faulconer Music Mod

Faulconer Music Mod DBZ: Kakarot

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I love DBZ: Kakarot’s original soundtrack.

But since the game’s focus is to re-live the classic original DBZ story, you might be better off with AaronC53’s Faulconer Music Mod.

As requested by countless gamers online (almost since release day), this mod introduces Bruce Faulconer’s soundtrack from the Funimation DBZ dub that aired from 1998 in the US, and served as the basis for many other dubs around the world.

The change in soundtrack raised DBZ’s ratings in the US considerably.

And it could have a similar positive impact on your game.

But unfortunately, this mod doesn’t affect the cutscenes. Yet…


3. Faulconer Cutscene Mod

Faulconer Cutscene Mod Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

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Lucky for us, modder Midyof94 has been hard at work grabbing every cutscene and manually replacing the music with the Faulconer score.

It’s a long and work-heavy process.

But Midyof94 is about 70% done.

This pack covers most of the main story, and it’s a no-brainer if you already replaced the in-game soundtrack.


2. Permanent Badman Vegeta

Permanent Badman Vegeta DBZ: Kakarot Mod

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Vegeta is a complex character that evolves a lot throughout the show.

But I think his very best moment was at the beginning of the Trunks Saga, where he’s seen wearing this pink shirt with the word “Badman” boldly emblazoned on the back.

Considering he was first introduced as a villain and remains a little more disagreeable than the average hero, the shirt acquires a strange self-referential value that almost seems ironic coming from Vegeta.

ZankyeGaming replaces all of Vegeta’s models and UI for the pink Badman shirt and khakis combo. This Saiyan Prince sure knows how to rock a rich pink.


1. Outfits for Endgame Goku

Outfits for Endgame Goku Mod for DBZ: Kakarot

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Variety is the spice of life.

And a great way to get more out of your somewhat limited character roster is to add some new outfits.

Creator Ssjatys brings us several iconic Goku outfits from across the series, all in this one mod pack.

Some highlights are his Turtle School Gi, the Saiyan Battle Armor he wore once during the Cell Saga, and the unique outfit he’s seen wearing in Yardrat after Frieza’s defeat.

Each outfit comes in multiple versions with minor adjustments, like whether Goku has an angel halo or not.

You’ll be able to find one that’s just right.

And if you can’t get it from the mod link above, try grabbing it at this G Drive link instead.

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