30 Best Mods For Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 might be one of the best isometric RPGs in recent years.

What could make this even better? That modders are able to basically give us a totally new game to enjoy.

The mod community for D:OS2 is thriving, and there’s a little something for everyone out there – whether you’re a beginner trying to get into the game, or a seasoned player looking to add a bit of excitement to your next playthrough.

Either way, these mods should offer plenty to keep you busy.


30. HQ World and Icons Mod

HQ World and Icons for DOS2

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 isn’t a bad-looking game by any means. And though isometric RPGs aren’t exactly known for anything groundbreaking when it comes to visuals, it’s actually pretty decent.

But modders still want to find ways to make it look even better, which is exactly what A100N did.

His HQ World and Icons Mod replaces around 95% of the game’s world textures, making everything look much sharper and detailed than in the base game. This includes everything from mountains, rock, trees, grass, buildings, and more.

Icons have gotten a makeover as well. So healing potions, essence icons, and arrowheads will look different too.


29. Achievements

Divity 2 Achievements Mod

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More and more devs are starting to embrace the idea of custom user content in favor of improving how fans enjoy their products.

Modding still blocks your ability to collect achievements in D:OS2, but luckily modder Kassent has come up with a workaround.

The Achievements mod simply lets you collect your game achievements as you play, regardless of what mods you have enabled.


28. Let There Be Tooltips!

Tooltips Mod for Divinity Original Sin 2

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Another great thing about D:OS2 is how polished the final product turned out to be.

There weren’t any game-breaking bugs to discover, and you were in for a completely smooth experience for the most part.

That doesn’t mean the mod community hasn’t come up with ways to further improve quality of life – and Let There Be Tooltips! is our first example of that.

Looting is always a huge part of any RPG. And it isn’t common for players to be annoyed at the idea of potentially missing something valuable.

Let There Be Tooltips! makes looting much easier by adding popup tooltips to most of the items in your surroundings.


27. Improved Camera

Improved Camera Mod preview

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Another tool to have when it comes to looting would be Mroz’s Improved Camera mod.

As with any isometric RPG, camera movement is very limited in D:OS2, which strictly speaking is how it should be in an isometric game.

That didn’t stop Mroz, as his Improved Camera mod unlocks 3D movement for camera adjustment, allowing you to check every possible angle.

This mod also allows you to zoom farther out, giving you much more visibility of what’s around you than you would normally have.


26. Better Clouds

Better Clouds in Divinity Original Sin 2

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Fans might not have found much to complain about in D:OS2, but most would probably agree that the clouds in the game can be terrible at times.

It can become quite difficult to strategize when you can’t even determine what kind of clouds you’re looking at.

And if you play the game long enough you probably noticed that there are even times that the clouds just blend right in with the environment, making it difficult to identify that there even are clouds in the area.

This mod fixes all that by making clouds much more obvious. Simple, yet effective.


25. Barter Master – Shared Discount

Barter Master Mod DOS2

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Skill sharing is a great feature of D:OS2 that removes some of the more tedious parts of grinding out the game.

The Lucky Charm is a great example, where having it equipped on one character will mean its effects are carried over to the rest of your party.

The same can’t be said for other skills, though… which leaves players wondering why the dev team left them out.

The Barter Master mod fixes that specifically for bartering, allowing your entire party to receive the maximum discount amount possible based on your party’s highest barter rating.


24. Speechcraft – Shared Persuasion

Speechcraft Mod for Divinity Original Sin 2

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Modder Kassent doesn’t just solve sharing features for bartering, though. His Speechcraft mod does the same to persuasion.

It goes without saying how convenient it would be to not have to worry about which character you assign to speak with NPCs – and this mod fixes exactly that.

Similar to the Barter Master mod, Speechcraft lets your entire party enjoy the highest persuasion level within your team.


23. Potions Give Empty Bottles

Potions Empty Bottles mod

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One of the worst things that can happen while crafting is running out of materials and not having enough to prepare what you need for the next battle.

Potions Give Empty Bottles helps a bit with that, without breaking immersion in the game.

This mod cleverly returns empty bottles to your inventory after consuming a potion, so you’ll be able to recycle it for the next batch.


22. Trader Restock and Clean Junks

Trader Restock Mod

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It can get pretty annoying how traders’ inventories aren’t always refreshed when you visit them. And even having all the money in the world wouldn’t assure that you’d leave with what you came for.

Trader Restock and Clean Junks solves that issue, allowing you to manually refresh any trader’s inventory upon speaking with them.

A simple push of a button will restock the trader’s shop, so you’re sure to get what you need.


21. Fast Run Speed

Fast Run Speed DOS2 Mod

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Character movement speed outside of combat situations is also lacking a bit in vanilla.

The world is pretty big, after all. And exploring can get quite boring, especially given how slow your character can get from one place to another.

Not to mention you’ll be traveling on foot for the entirety of the game.

Fast Run Speed is an easy fix, increasing running and walking speed by 30% so you can get around much faster.


20. Just let me build you!

Custom character building mod preview

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With D:OS2, character customization is limited to your main character alone.

Characters who join your party are already pre-built, as all their attribute points are automatically assigned once you choose what class you want them to be.

“Just let me build you!” aims to expand this out, letting you to choose exactly where each attribute point goes – even for secondary characters in the game.

With this installed, you’ll be able to really zone in on what you want each character’s strengths to be.


19. Infinite Spirit Vision

Infinite Spirit Vision Mod

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Spirit Vision is another of the game’s more annoying mechanics.

It’s a helpful tool to get you through certain quests by allowing you to converse with spirits of the dead, who would often give you clues as to what you should be doing next.

Similar to Geralt’s Medallion in The Witcher 2 however, Spirit Vision in D:OS2 can’t be used indefinitely either.

Once cast, the effects wear off in a few turns – and any spirits you haven’t spoken to will no longer be accessible until cast again.

This can get annoying, especially when you don’t approach the right NPC’s in the first few tries, but Infinite Spirit Vision fixes that for you.

Well this mod basically has Spirit Vision permanently turned on, so you won’t have to worry about getting things done before the timer reaches zero.


18. Combat Sneak

Combat Sneak Mod for DOS2

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I love RPGs that give attack or defense bonuses when maximizing your build’s strengths.

D:OS2 is no different. And if we were to take a stealth build as an example, taking the Guerilla perk grants you a 40% increase in damage when performing stealth attacks.

Yet if you wanted to take a stab at a stealth build in D:OS2, you’d soon find that combat sneak costs way too much AP, causing you to ignore it most of the time anyway.

Many considered this as an imbalance that leaves stealth a less practical option compared to other builds. And here’s a mod that comes to the rescue.

It lowers AP cost to 2, making it a much more viable strategy.


17. Necromancy Rebalanced

Necromancy Rebalanced Mod

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Aside from stealth, Necromancy is another path that players felt wasn’t as viable as most others.

The necromancy skillset might sound pretty cool. But it’s mostly underpowered and impractical, leaving your necromancer to fall more into a support role.

Necromancy Rebalanced aims to make a main necromancer build more feasible, adjusting certain skills and requirements to make for a more viable early-mid game hero.

This mod also avoids making necromancy overpowered, so it keeps everything within the style of vanilla.


16. Origin and Racial Spell Skillbooks

Origin and Racial Spells Mod

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The amount of options for character customization could be expanded, if you removed the limitations of origin and races.

There aren’t many restrictions imposed by the game. But there are certain skills that are exclusive based on these things, and cannot be accessed if your character doesn’t fit the requirements.

Origin and Racial Spell Skillbooks makes anything possible by making the exclusive skills learnable just as any other skill would be.

The skill books can be found in varying bookshelves around the world, and once found, will give you complete freedom when choosing your characters’ abilities.


15. Resurrection Skillbook Treasuretable

Resurrection Skillbook Mod DOS2

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Nobody likes that one unavoidable fight that gives you a taste of what the game really has in store.

This is usually the point where you discover the revival potion, which pretty much all RPGs have, and in the case of D:OS2 would be the Resurrection Scroll.

You probably don’t have that many in stock at these battles, as you didn’t really need them before

The Resurrection Skillbook Treasuretable mod aims to make things easier by providing a learnable Resurrection skill, so you won’t have to worry about not having enough scrolls for that next major battle.


14. Level Up All Equipment – Including Uniques

Level Up Equipment mod preview

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As with any game, your starting equipment typically doesn’t last very long. You’re often given more powerful equipment as you progress through the game.

This usually means that most of your older items will eventually become useless, unless you have the Level Up All Equipment mod that is.

In case you’ve found that some of your earlier items have become favorites and it’s just too hard to let go, this mod lets you level everything as you move forward, making even the older equipment viable for the later parts of the game.


13. Weapon Choice

Weapon Choice Mod for DOS2

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If you’re looking for sweet a weapon mod, huisn764’s Weapon Choice is a solid option.

Weapon types in D:OS2 don’t really have any bearing. No matter what weapon it is you’re looking at, it simply boils down to which among them improve your stats the most.

Weapon Choice adds a whole new level of depth to the game’s weapons, adding variety to how different weapon types affect your character’s performance.

With this mod installed, a staff could have different effects than a sword would – placing more emphasis on which weapons you choose rather than basing it solely on stats.


12. Free Pet Pal

Free Pet Pal Mod

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This next mod is a big one, and seems to be a favorite among Divinity 2 fans.

Pet Pal is probably one of the most important talents you could select in the game: it gives you the ability to converse with animals.

This is important because these conversations usually leave with hints for current quests, or even grand you access to completely new ones.

At the very least, you’ll get a funny joke or an interesting story. Either way you’re definitely going to want to have this one enabled.

Free Pet Pal simply lets you have it enabled permanently so it doesn’t take up your character’s talent slot – meaning you’ll be able to have Pet Pal alongside one of the other talents you might prefer to have as well.


11. The Cheat Commander

Cheat Commander Mod Preview D:OS2

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If you really wanted to make things easier for yourself (and have no concerns about the means to do so), then The Cheat Commander will surely get you whatever you need.

As you can probably tell from the name, this mod gives you access to loads of cheats for the game.

Naturally this includes the ability to gain money, add character experience, generate gear, or spawn items.

It’s a fun mod if you’re just looking to goof around. But it’s also great for trying out different builds without having to grind through everything.


10. Chronicles of Divinity: Map Collection

Chronicles of Divinity Mod

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Divinity 2’s Grand Master mode is another feature that separates it from other RPGs.

Similar to Dungeons & Dragons, the mode lets you create completely customized campaigns which you can then share online and play with friends.

If that’s something you’re into, these next couple mods are surely worth checking out.

The Chronicles of Divinity: Map Collection is a great pack to have especially if you just don’t have the patience to create the entire world completely from scratch.

The map provides 12 maps which GM’s can pick and choose from, and even gives you the option to modify them before starting your campaign.


9. JRavens GM Toolkit

JRavens GM Toolkit Mod

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If you prefer to build your entire campaign from the ground up, the JRavens GM Toolkit is also something to look into.

While the GM mode already comes with a large variety of building items to choose from, it doesn’t contain everything from the base game.

If there are particular objects, NPCs, or structures from the base game you wish you could add in your own custom campaign, JRavens GM Toolkit most likely has it.


8. Crafting Overhaul

Crafting Overhaul Mod

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Why snag DLC when you can mod new content into the game?

The Crafting Overhaul is one example, adding over 1600 new recipes and 550 new items to discover.

The mod makes changes to some mechanics as well by introducing features like armor dyeing, elemental swords, and new craftable armors and items to keep things interesting.


7. Hybrid Spells Expanded

Hybrid Spells Expanded D:OS2

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If there’s a mod for items then there’s definitely a mod for spells as well.

Hybrid Spells Expanded greatly increases your options when it comes to learnable skills in the game, and does so without breaking immersion at all.

With the ability to combine different skill books already available in the base game, the mod bridges the gap for the combinations that aren’t originally allowed – in effect adding nearly 40 new skills to play around with.


6. Crowley’s Supernaturals

Supernaturals Mod for DOS2

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An integral part of character creation in D:OS2 is your selection of race, where in vanilla you’re given 5 different options to choose from.

You can either be a human, elf, dwarf, lizard, or undead – which are pretty common choices.

Crowley’s Supernaturals gives you even more options, adding in 6 completely new races to explore.

This mod adds fae, nephilim, source witch, vampire, werewolf, and niffin, each with their own unique traits.


5. Bard & Artificer Classes

Bard & Artificer Classes - DOS2 Mod

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One major decision you’re going to have to make is your character’s class.

While the base game already offers 14 classes to choose from, more is almost never a bad thing.

There are a lot of interesting and unique class mods out there, starting with the Bard & Artificer Classes.

This adds 50 new skills to the game, most suited towards creating either a Bard or Artificer class. Testing out both could keep you busy for days.


4. Tempest Class

Tempest Class for DOS2 Modded

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Now here we have Liyalai’s Tempest Class, which gives you a host of new skill options if you’re planning on doing a spear-based build.

Spears seemed to be neglected a bit in D:OS2, as they weren’t given any unique skills like other weapon types were.

This mod offers spears their own skillset including the Deflective Strike, which deflects projectiles for 2 turns, and the Necrotic Strike which is an attack that causes Atrophy on your target.


3. Void Knight

Void Knight Class Mod

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The Void Knight skillset is another unique concept, aiming to merge the worlds of physical and magical expertise – which are usually considered opposites in most RPGs.

Well this mod adds 23 new skills focused around debuffs, but interestingly mixes in some magical elements like summoning and transformation.

Try it out for yourself and see what you think. There’s a lot to love about this mod.


2. Helaene – Vampire Class

Vampire Class Mod for DOS2

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These last two class mods from Helaene may feel similar, but are definitely worth trying individually and just as well-made.

Though a vampire class was already included in Crowley’s Supernaturals, this mod takes the idea even further – giving them another set of unique skills.

As expected from any vampire class, the skills revolve around life steal and piercing damage.


1. Helaene – Valkyrie Class

Valkyrie Class Mod for DOS2

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The Valkyrie are powerful icons in Norse Mythology, and make for some of the most badass characters. If you’ve played the most recent God of War game then you know what I’m talking about.

Helaene is bringing the Valkyrie to D:OS2 with her mod, introducing 20 new skills for her custom Valkyrie class.

The skills are built around the concept of the Valkyrie being the “chooser of the slain,” creating a good mix of buffs and damage.

Absolutely a must-try if you want some new classes to master.

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