Best Armor Sets in Fallout 4 (Our Top 20 Picks)

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The world of Fallout 4 is desolate and dangerous. It is only natural for you to be scared of what lurks in the distance. Trust me, being jumped by a crazy mutant is no fun at all.

There is no better feeling than the sensation of safety in the world of Fallout 4. Thankfully, you can experience this reassurance by dressing yourself in some of the finest sets of armor the game has to offer.

I have created a list detailing the best armor of Fallout 4, plus their benefits, challenges, and qualities. Simply select the armor set you are most drawn to and get ready to jump into action!

Whether you want a rare set or a common set, the most important thing to understand is your set must adapt to your needs – as it will not necessarily be the best armor on the list, choose the armor is most suitable for you.

20. DC Guard Armor

DC Guard Armor Fallout4

If you have ever fantasized about dressing as a baseball umpire, roaming around the lands fighting the undead and other unholy creatures, today is your lucky day.

While not the strongest set of armor in the game, the DC Guard Armor is fun to wear and offers some degree of useful protection. This armor has a small number of variations, meaning you are able to choose any type of armor while wearing it.

For example the helmet has a regular version, as well as a heavy version. As you might assume, this armor is worn by the DC Guards – so you know what to do to acquire this armor!


19. Raider Power Armor

Raider Power Armor Fallout4

The Raider Power Armor is often categorized as a poor set of armor, mainly because it is absurdly massive. This armor’s stats do not justify the level of protection it offers.

However, this armor is one of the best sets in the game with a base protection of 500 against regular damage and 250 against energy damage.

There is not one particular location to find this set of armor. You will come across it during your many adventures in the game.

Nevertheless, if you are in search of this armor you can kill the Raider Boomer living in the Outpost Zimonja.


18. Field’s Scribe Armor

Fields Scribe Fallout4 Armor

Though the Field’s Scribe Armor seems impressive, it does not provide much resistance or striking stats.

However it is great for early game recreation.

It can be found easily by looting the body of Scribe Farris at the Raviere satellite array.


17. Vault-Tec Security Armor

Vault-Tec Security F4 Armor

Vault-Tec Security Armor does not elicit much excitement. It provides only a few basic protection points and does not look particularly attractive.

However, this armor set can be found easily in the early stages of the game. It is worn by most of the Vault-Tec personnel who guard the various vaults across the region.

It is a solid set of armor that will provide defense against basic attacks, but will lack in protection against strong opposition. Be sure to look for new armor until your back is covered.


16. Pack Armor

F4 Pack Armor

The Pack Armor is the faction armor of the Nuka World, and is extremely difficult to obtain. You can purchase parts of this armor set at Nuka World by collecting enough tickets.

This armor provides various types of defense, but no significant buffs. I could talk about its appearance, but I would be spoiling the surprise of the oddest sets in the game!


15. Robot Armor

Robot Armor Fallout4

The Robot Armor is a standard set of armor that provides suitable defense against most attacks.

However you will not find this armor useful during the more advanced levels of the game, but fully upgrading this armor will put it at a solid Tier 2 set.

It is worn Rust Devils, so you know what to do when you get your hands on it!


14. Disciples Armor

Disciples Armor Fallout4

The Disciples Armor can be found in the Nuka World add-on. It provides over 50 points of resistance in various categories with a low weight of 38 points.

Though it is a skirt worn by disciples, you can upgrade it and turn it into an even greater piece of armor with the Blacksmith perk.


13. Operators Armor

Operators Armor in Fallout4

Worn by the Operators, the Operator Armor looks great and can be easily obtained by killing any member of the faction.

Be prepared for a fight, though—the Operators are worthy foes who will prove to be challenging for any level player!


12. Trapper Armor

Trapper Armor in Fallout4

Added in the Far Harbor DLC, the Trapper Armor has an odd look. It is commonly worn by trappers and provides a decent amount of damage resistance.

In any case, it is a good early game armor that will help players resist the relentless attacks of various foes across the lands of Fallout 4.


11. Metal Armor

Metal Armor in Fallout4

The Metal Armor provides ballistic resistance and is similar to the Leather Armor. It has situational functionality, however.

The heavy version provides a decent amount of energy resistance and can be crafted with the Contraptions Workshop add-on, the same as the Leather Armor and other sets.


10. Leather Armor

Leather Armor in Fallout4

The Leather Armor may not sound like one of the more protective sets, but it provides a great deal of energy resistance.

It is a situational type of armor that proves to be extremely useful when you face foes who attack with energy moves.

It can also be crafted easily and has a good feel to it, so players who care for their appearance can be glad to know the Leather Armor provides a fashionable design.


9. Combat Armor

Combat Armor fallout4

The Combat Armor is an all-rounder that provides defense from every front. You will have energy resistance, as well as traditional damage resistance.

This armor aims to mimic the suits of the U.S. Marines. This was also the set of armor used by the U.S. Military before the war erupted.

It has become one of the best sets of armor in post-war America. This armor comes in heavy, regular, and sturdy variants.

It can be found in many locations across the world of Fallout 4. It is worn by a random encounter character named Absalom, who can be killed in order to obtain this set.


8. Synth Armor

Synth Armor fallout4

The Synth Combat Armor can be found by killing synth soldiers.

The costume comes in three variation types including heavy, regular, and sturdy.

It offers great protection and is not hard to acquire. It is one of the best sets of armor in the game, even at a high gaming level.


7. Grognak Costume

Fallout4 Grognak costume

Comic book fans, rejoice!

Those who are familiar with the Fallout 4 world may know Grognak the Barbarian is a popular comic book character who was around before the war.

Grognak used to only be featured in comics, but his franchise grew to videogames and movies. You can find his costume on the shelves of the comic book store of Hubris Comics.

This set provides an additional two points of strength while also offering 20% extra damage modifier if used with melee weapons.


6. Silver Shroud Costume

Fallout4 Silver Shroud

The Silver Shroud Costume is a light set of clothing that takes a high spot on this list due to its buffs. The set provides the following benefits:

  • +1 Agility
  • +1 Perception
  • Damage from humans reduced by 15% (armor)

This set can be obtained by completing the Silver Shroud quest. It can be upgraded as long as Kent Connolly survives post-upgrade!


5. T-60 Power Armor

Fallout4 T60 Power Armor

The T-60 Power Armor was supposed to become the main armor of the U.S. Military before the wall erupted. The armor design was never entirely completed before the bombs dropped.

However, many finished sets were released and worn by some officials of the army, as well as the Brotherhood of Steel East Coast Chapter, who owned the most sets and arms, now and after the war.

It can be upgraded numerous times, but its base version offers fearsome stats with over 1000 points of radiation resistance and almost 1000 points of regular damage resistance.

This armor can be found by encountering members of the Brotherhood of Steel, however, it is up to you to decide how to obtain it!


4. Marine Assault Armor

Fallout 4 Marine Assault Armor

Marine Assault Armor was one of the latest types of armor developed by mankind before the war began. In the world of Fallout 4, it is currently used by the members of The Church of the Children of the Atom.

It has defensive attributes, such as a piece of protective wear, which can only be compared to those of the highest rated power armor in the game.

It can be found and purchased from various vendors in Far Harbor. You will need the DLC in order to get your hands on this set.

Keep in mind, a good part of the main questline will need to be thoroughly cleared if you want to get ahold of the full version.


3. Ballistic Weave Armor

Fallout 4 Ballistic Weave

Although Ballistic Weave is not a specific type of armor, there is a reason why it takes a spot on this list. Ballistic Weave is an armor mod that allows the addition of different buffs to pieces of clothing.

You can obtain extra buffs and bonuses added to an already powerful set of armor by wearing the right types of clothes.

You will need to learn this ability from Tinker Tom, but once you understand the ups and downs of Ballistic Weave, you will be able to create formidable combinations of clothing.

This power armor ensures your overall resistance makes you unstoppable.


2. Destroyer’s Armor Set

Fallout4 Destroyer armor

The Destroyer’s Armor set can be purchased from various vendors across the world of Fallout 4. Keep in mind, every vendor sells a single piece of this set.

You will need to travel often to find it, but it will be worth the effort! Each piece of this set provides a new and different boost in your stats, making it ideal to be worn with Ballistic Weave Armor to further enhance its effects.

The individual defense this set provides is not as great, but the number of buffs it provides makes it worthy! The buffs you will receive from this set are as follows:

  • Reduces damage from humans by 15%
  • +10% movement speed
  • +10% movement speed
  • +1 Charisma, +1 Intelligence
  • Reduces damage while blocking or sprinting by 15%

1. X-01 Power Armor

X01 Power Armor f4

The X-01 Power Armor is widely considered by many to be the greatest power armor in the game.

Although you may struggle to move under its heavy weight, it is able to provide an ample amount of resistance against a variety of attacks.

This mighty armor provides over 1000 points of defense in every attribute except energy, which provides a little under 800.

In any case, this armor is the best in the barren world of Fallout 4. It was developed a few months before the war started, making it one of the latest pieces of warmonger technology mankind created before the world “ended”.

You can upgrade this armor several times, making its defense greater in every stat. However, it will cost you dearly.

Fort Hagen hanger is the best place to obtain this armor. But you will need to get through the fort’s security first!

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