How To Ascend Units in Echoes of Mana (Full Guide)

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Ascending a unit allows you to increase their maximum level, which by extension, lets them reach higher overall stats once they accumulate enough EXP to level up.

To Ascend a unit, you must first have the required amount of either Knitwit Icons or other units of the same rarity.

This means that there are two methods of ascending units depending on the material you choose — both of which we’re going to discuss in this guide.


How To Access the Ascend Page

To access the Ascend Page from the Lobby Screen, simply tap/click on the Allies button (highlighted in the image below):

Lobby Screen > Allies Page / Echoes of Mana
Lobby Screen > Allies Page

Next, select the unit you’d like to Ascend from the Allies Page.

In this case we’ll go for a natural 2★ unit named Mousseline.

Allies Page (Mousseline) / Echoes of Mana
Allies Page (Mousseline)

After selecting a specific unit, you’ll then be taken to their Unit Page. If you want to go straight to the Ascend Page, simply tap on the icon highlighted in the image below:

Unit Page (Mousseline) / Echoes of Mana
Unit Page (Mousseline)

After clicking the icon, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can Ascend, Unleash, and Awaken units.

Tap on the Ascend button here to access the Ascend Ally page.

Ascend, Unleash, & Awaken Page / Echoes of Mana
Ascend, Unleash, & Awaken Page

On the Ascend Ally Page, you can then Ascend the unit you’ve chosen by using other units or Knitwit Icons as materials.

Once you’ve chosen the materials you want to use, tap the Ascend button at the bottom to continue the ascension process.

Ascend Page / Echoes of Mana
Ascend Page

You’ll then be prompted with a notice that’ll show you the total Lucre cost and Ally Materials that’ll be consumed by the ascension.

Check this prompt very carefully to make sure you haven’t used any valuable units as material before tapping the final Ascend button to finish the process.

Ally Material and Lucre Cost Prompt / Echoes of Mana
Ally Material and Lucre Cost Prompt

And there you go — you’ve Ascended your chosen unit and increased their max level!

Ascension Achieved (Mousseline) / Echoes of Mana
Ascension Achieved (Mousseline)

Remember, you can only Ascend max-level units. So make sure you level up your chosen units first before trying to Ascend them.


Two Methods of Ascending Units

There are only two ways that you can Ascend units in the game.

One is by using Knitwit Icons as materials, and the other is by using other units as materials instead.


Method 1: Using Knitwit Icons

Ascend Page (2★ Knitwit Icons) / Echoes of Mana
Ascend Page (2★ Knitwit Icons)

This first method is by far the simplest, as it only requires a Knitwit Icon whose star level is equal to that of the unit you’re trying to ascend.

Although I do not recommend using Knitwit Icons below 4★ as ascension materials.

Instead, consider leveling them up with EXP Tomes and ascend them to 4★ so that you can use them as ascension fodder for 4★ Units.

The reason for this is that these units require fewer EXP Tomes to reach their designated max levels compared to regular units.


Method 2: Using Other Units

Ascend Ally Page (2★ Units) / Echoes of Mana
Ascend Ally Page (2★ Units)

The only other method of Ascending units is using other units as ascension materials.

Generally, you should consider only using 2★ units as fodder since natural 3★ units are still viable as backup units.

Note: keeping enough duplicates to fully unleash good 2★ units like Honeycomb and Mousseline may be worth it, as they can be viable backup units themselves!

Considering this whole process is a bit more complicated than using Knitwit Icons, here’s a step-by-step process on how to use units as ascension fodder:

Step 1: Level Up Fodder Units to Max
2★ Julius (Level Up Page) / Echoes of Mana
2★ Julius (Level Up Page)

As you can see from the image above, the first step to Ascending units via fodders is by leveling up a natural 2★ unit first to level 30 which is their current max level limit.

Keep in mind that instead of using EXP Tomes, you can also opt to level fodder units by setting them as backup units on your team and farming all kinds of high-difficulty stages that you can clear.

In fact, I recommend not using EXP Tomes except for natural 4★ units or Knitwit Icons.

Step 2: Ascend The Max-level Fodder Units
2★ Julius (Ascension Ready) / Echoes of Mana
2★ Julius (Ascension Ready)

After you’re done leveling your fodder unit to max level, you can either use Knitwit Icons or other 2★ units as materials to ascend the fodder unit.

Once again, I recommend using other 2★ units instead of Knitwit Icons here, because Knitwit Icons are much easier to level up via EXP Tomes.

If a natural 2★ fodder unit then reaches max level as a 3★, simply use other natural 2★ fodder units that you ascended to 3★ and haven’t leveled up as ascension materials.

Step 3: Rinse & Repeat Until You Get Enough Fodders
Duran (Ascend to 5★) / Echoes of Mana
Duran (Ascend to 5★)

If you want to get 4★ fodders, you’ll have to repeat steps 1 and 2 until you’ve gained enough 4★ fodders you’re satisfied with.

At this point, you should also feel free to use Knitwit Icons as ascension materials along with your fodder 4★ units, because these icons can only be ascended to 4★.


Don’t forget that even though using low-tier characters as ascension materials can be a long and tedious process, it is still by far the most efficient way of going about it!

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