Top 10 Ugliest Characters in Elden Ring

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Ugly and disgusting places abound in FromSoftware games – and the people who inhabit them are shaped into the most awful, disfigured beings you can imagine.

The Lands Between is bathed in rays of gold by the Erdtree, and a glorious society once thrived on its fertile soil.

Still, by the time we get there, it has all gone to hell, and so have its inhabitants.

There’s a host of ugly and terrifying characters in Elden Ring, but some of them are on a whole different level.

Let’s meet these unfortunate, unsightly souls.


10. Boc the Seamster

Boc the Seamster in Elden Ring screeshot

Oh, don’t look at me like that!

Boc is a charming chap with a beautiful heart, that’s for sure – but his exterior? He’s hideous!

This seamster is part of the demi-human race, known far and wide as some of the ugliest blokes in the Lands Between. Boc may not act like one, but he sure as hell looks like it.

Still, your appearance doesn’t determine your worth. Boc is a fine ally to have, and he’s entirely devoted to the Tarnished after you tell him he’s beautiful.

A little white lie can go a long way. Wouldn’t you agree?


9. Enia & The Finger Readers

Enia & The Finger Readers in Elden Ring screeshot

The humans running the Golden Order interpret the subtle sway and expressive movements of the Two Fingers through the Finger Readers.

It’s unclear whether you have to be old and gray to become a Finger Reader, but when we get to the Lands Between, they all look like mummies – including Enia.

Enia awaits the Tarnished at the Roundtable Hold to impart the Two Fingers’ wisdom and guide them on their journey. She’s just as ugly as the rest, but she seems more lucid.

She’s devout, but not entirely impractical.

She helps you figure out a way to defy the Erdtree and make your way inside to the Elden Throne, so I have a soft spot for her.

Still ugly as hell, though.


8. The Two Fingers

The Two Fingers in Elden Ring screeshot

They say divinity is too much for our feeble human minds to comprehend.

Maybe that explains why the Greater Will chose disembodied fingers, of all things, to be its envoys on the Lands Between.

The Two Fingers we meet in the Roundtable Hold are disturbing, to say the least. I sense no malice from them, but they’re long and gray and hairy!

There’s something about them that’s simply unsettling.

I mean, at least the Three Fingers have a thumb!


7. Albus the Albinauric

Albus the Albinauri in Elden Ring screeshot

The Albinaurics are some of the most mysterious inhabitants of the Lands Between.

These white-blooded humanoids were artificially created by humans and born without Grace. For this reason, they’re forced to crawl around everywhere and deteriorate fast as time goes on.

Albus is an old codger we meet in the Village of the Albinaurics, wasting away in a corner, hoping to forestall his inevitable demise.

He has long, bony appendages and a face reminiscent of the ghost face mask from Scream, disfigured from the suffering of watching his entire village get wiped out.

Tragic and definitely ugly.


6. Godskin Noble

Godskin Noble in Elden Ring screeshot

We come across several enemies and items related to the “Godskin” throughout the game.

This cult used to follow the Gloam-Eyed Queen and wielded the Black Flame to kill gods, skin them, and wear their hide as powerful “armor” – assuming it isn’t grafted on to them.

Disgusting much?

The Godskin Noble is one of the most disturbing and ugly members of this group. The voluminous flaps of skin hanging from their bodies jiggle as this boss tries to end your life, and they’ll even inflate themselves for a massively damaging attack.

Godskin Noble? More like Decayed Foreskin Balloon Man… or something.


5. Godrick the Grafted

Godrick the Grafted in Elden Ring screeshot

You’re free to pursue the demigods in Elden Ring in almost any order you choose, but most people will go for the Lord of Stormveil first. After all, he’s the weakest of them all.

Described by Enia as “the runt of the litter,” this pitiful but ambitious warrior grafted onto himself the body parts of Tarnished corpses in an attempt to become stronger.

That’s one way to level up…

This practice has turned him into a grotesque abomination, gray, decayed, and long-abandoned by Grace. The fact that we see him cut off his own arm mid-battle adds to the horror.


4. Astel, Naturalborn of the Void

Astel, Naturalborn of the Void in Elden Ring screeshot

Deep below the surface of the Lands Between there’s a whole world of underground cities and ruins. Go deep enough, and you’ll find Astel.

The Naturalborn of the Void is a giant scorpion-like creature reminiscent of a chimera, with body parts that don’t seem to belong together.

Its “tail” is made of shiny crystals, its legs seem to end in humanoid hands, and its head looks just like a human skull with the addition of strong insectoid jaws.

Though definitely ugly, something is awe-inspiring about Astel.

Maybe our tiny Tarnished mind fails to comprehend this alien being’s true form?


3. Mohg, Lord of Blood

Mohg, Lord of Blood in Elden Ring screeshot

Oh boy, here we go.

If I was evaluating how ugly these characters are on the inside, Mohg wouldn’t just be at the top of the list – he’d be the only entry.

Mohg is an omen demigod born from Queen Marika and the first Elden Lord. In an attempt to establish his own dynasty, this lunatic kidnapped his little brother Miquella and proceeded to… well, I don’t even want to know the details.

Other than his immoral actions, this horrifying beast is also physically disturbing. He leaned so much into his omen heritage that you can barely see his disfigured face under all the horns.

Honestly, that’s probably for the better.

I just want to forget this dude ASAP.


2. Dung Eater

Dung Eater in Elden Ring screeshot

Of course, the only character more disgusting than Mohg is the loathsome Dung Eater!

It’s hard to understand what drives this guy. His armor is covered in sawed-off omen horns, but does that make him an omen?

His size just doesn’t match… so why is he so obsessed with “the curse”?

Regardless of his motivations, this guy deals with his feelings by engaging in cannibalism, probably necrophilia, and all sorts of heinous acts. On top of that, he wants to inflict eternal suffering on everyone in the Lands Between and their descendants.

Not only is he ugly, but his surroundings are always horrifying. Mountains of decaying corpses, pox-infected blood spilling from their lower body… it’s just too much.


1. The Tarnished

Ugly character creation in Elden Ring

Surprised? You shouldn’t be!

Throughout the history of From Software games, character creation has always lent itself to horribly disfigured characters.

The Elden Ring system is more sophisticated and allows for some charming characters – there’s even a subreddit dedicated to it.

But you bet you can still make abominations.

YouTube and Reddit are full of examples of Tarnished faces only a mother could love. Honestly, you could start moving sliders at random and get something horrifying for sure.

The possibilities for evil are endless, and Soulsborne fans are nothing if not driven.

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