20 Best Elden Ring Weapon Mods Worth Trying

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There’s a massive list of weapons to try out in Elden Ring – 309, as of this writing. But fans always want more.

If you’re willing to step away from online gameplay, modding opens the doors to importing countless new weapons into the Lands Between.

Whether you want to try weapons from different gaming universes in Elden Ring or prefer 100% all-new custom weapons designed by fans, you’ll find the best here.


20. Unlocked Ashes of War

Unlocked Ashes of War / Elden Ring Mod

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Applying an Ash of War to your favorite weapon to give it a new affinity and a cool ability is one of the best parts of building your character in Elden Ring.

Regrettably, some Ashes of War are incompatible with certain weapon types.

Swords, daggers, and colossal weapons are certainly different – but this is a fantasy world! If Marika can erase the concept of death, I should be able to put Flaming Strike on a whip.

Unlocked Ashes of War lets you put any Ash of War on any armament. In addition, it makes buffs from consumables and enchantments compatible with every affinity.


19. All Weapons Buffable + Spell Buffs Lasts Forever

All Weapons Buffable + Spell Buffs Lasts Forever / Elden Ring Mod

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I avoid consumables and enchantments in Elden Ring because I hate keeping track of the buff’s duration.

I also can’t stay stocked on greases. Crafting isn’t my idea of fun.

This mod is a great way to make buffs more sustainable. It makes buffs from sorceries and incantations last indefinitely, saving you the trouble of re-casting every minute.

It also makes all weapons compatible with buffs from all sources, including enchanting and greases. This includes unique weapons like the Magma Blade or the Sword of Night and Flame.


18. Tang Sword

Tang Sword / Elden Ring Mod

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Katana lovers should check out the Tang Sword – a slender, beautifully ornamented blade to replace the Uchigatana.

It’s the perfect blade for a skilled and methodical Tarnished who cuts down their enemies with dexterity and skill instead of raw strength.

The golden accents on the blade and sheath blend right into the game’s aesthetic, and it looks incredible when using the Usheathe weapon skill.

The mod is complete with custom naming and even flavor text explaining the blade’s origins.


17. Ninja Gaiden Arsenal

Ninja Gaiden Arsenal / Elden Ring Mod

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Even more Eastern blades are coming your way with the Ninja Gaiden Arsenal mod.

This add-on expands the possibilities for samurai and ninja-styled characters by introducing a wealth of weapons from the Ninja Gaiden series.

Specifically, you’re getting Ryu Hayabusa’s armaments from Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, including the True Dragon Sword, Blade of the Archfiend, and Eclipse Scythe.

These weapons are much more colorful and bright than your average Elden Ring weapon. They stand out against the darker and grittier background.


16. Ultimate Lightsaber Pack

Ultimate Lightsaber Pack / Elden Ring Mod

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Lightsabers are a staple of video game modding.

From Skyrim to Grand Theft Auto 5, you’ll find mods adding Lightsabers to almost every game – and Elden Ring is no exception.

The Ultimate Lightsaber Pack features seven different-colored blades ranging from classic Jedi colors like green and blue to more adventurous orange and yellow. Of course, Sith red couldn’t be missing.

Author Xelerate offers several different variants depending on which weapon you want to replace. You can go with a simple Broadsword or something more interesting like the Hand of Malenia.

Check out Xelerate’s Darth Vader Armor to complete the Star Wars vibe.


15. Double-Bladed Lightsaber Pack

Double-Bladed Lightsaber Pack / Elden Ring Mod

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The only thing better than a Lightsaber is a Double-bladed Lightsaber – also known as a Saberstaff or Lightstaff.

If poleblades are your weapon of choice, you need to try out the Double-Bladed Lightsaber Pack.

This mod allows you to replace Eleonora’s Poleblade, the Godskin Peeler, or the Twinned Knight Swords with six different-colored Lightstaves.

Combine with the Darth Maul Armor to look like the most famous double-bladed Lightsaber user in the history of the Galaxy.


14. Lightblades

Lightblades / Elden Ring Mod

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For something a little bit less immersion-breaking, check out Lightblades.

This mod adds an extraordinary kind of “Lightsaber” into Elden Ring, which fits in much better with the game’s aesthetic.

Not only does the blade look fiery and volatile, but the handles for these weapons are coherent with ER’s medieval fantasy aesthetic.

Unlike previous entries, this mod gives the Lightblades a unique Ash of War: Lightwielding Stance.

Like the Night-and-Flame Stance, this allows you to unleash two distinct attacks that’ll devastate your opponents in different situations.

The base Lightblade colors are red and blue – but you might discover something fun if you dual-wield different-colored Lightblades.


13. God-Slaying Nagamaki

God-Slaying Nagamaki / Elden Ring Mod

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Dark Souls 2 veterans will find much to love in the God-Slaying Nagamaki.

This badass Katana is designed after Sir Alonne’s Sword from the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC. It’s rather large and long-handled, allowing for a unique one-handed and two-handed moveset.

Its Ash of War is another big highlight. The mod reworks the Seppuku weapon art to add black flame attacks worthy of a weapon with the title of “God-Slaying”.


12. Blasphemous Blade (No Arms)

Blasphemous Blade (No Arms) / Elden Ring Mod

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Instead of adding new weapons into Elden Ring, we could improve the vanilla armaments.

The Blasphemous Blade is somewhat controversial.

Despite its potential as a mighty weapon, some gamers are disgusted by the tiny little arms protruding from the blade.

If you count yourself among them, this mod is a must-try.

It modifies the Blasphemous Blade’s model to peel off the corruption, leaving behind a slightly bloody and rusty-looking greatsword that’s still gritty and unique without being outright creepy.


11. One-Eyed Shield – Gun Only

One-Eyed Shield – Gun Only / Elden Ring Mod

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The One-Eyed Shield is one of the most memorable armaments in Elden Ring.

I call it an “armament” rather than “armor” because of its Ash of War: Flame Spit.

This weapon art turns the One-Eyed Shield into a portable mortar that can be fired almost horizontally.

It allows your Tarnished to operate like a medieval tank. Those Flame Chariots can’t even compete.

This mod removes the “shield” part of the model, leaving only the rusty cannon. You’ll look like a real badass raining death on your enemies.

Don’t worry. It still works like a shield.


10. Gun Pack

Gun Pack / Elden Ring Mod

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Who needs Glintstone Pebble when you have an MP5?

The Elden Ring Gun Pack will turn your Tarnished into a gun nut carrying assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and an LMG.

But remember: this is 100% a visual mod, meaning these weapons will work like the ones they replace (crossbows).

Check out the Alternate Crosshairs mod for more consistent aesthetics or the Japanese Matchlock Gun for something more period-accurate.


9. Ranged Weapons Rework

Ranged Weapons Rework / Elden Ring Mod

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Ranged weapons in vanilla Elden Ring could be more exciting.

This mod helps by letting players change the affinity on their ranged weapons. You’ll also be able to apply elemental greases to your bow or strengthen it with spells.

On top of these changes, the Ranged Weapons Rework tweaks many damage numbers and gives some of these weapons new intrinsic abilities like poison or bleed build-up.

You’ll find playing with bows, crossbows, and ballistae a lot more dynamic and fun.


8. Berserk Armor + Dragon Slayer

Berserk Armor + Dragon Slayer / Elden Ring Mod

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There are many apparent references to the legendarily badass manga series Berserk in Elden Ring.

References to Kentaro Miura’s dark fantasy epic include the design of the Greatsword – based on Guts’ Golden Age Arc weapon – and the Sword Graveyards (reminiscent of the Hill of Swords in Berserk).

If you want to take your love for Berserk one step further, this mod can help you get Guts’ most iconic weapon and armor in Elden Ring.

Once installed, you’ll be able to roleplay as the superhuman Black Swordsman in earnest.


7. Master Chief Armor & Energy Sword

Master Chief Armor & Energy Sword / Elden Ring Mod

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Master Chief is no stranger to making landfall on an alien planet and putting the local wildlife to the sword.

Why should the Lands Between be any different?

This mod replaces the Briar Armor set with a faithful representation of Master Chief’s Spartan Armor. It won’t make you 7ft tall, but that’s a minor detail.

In addition, the iconic Sangheili Energy Sword replaces the Crystal Sword to complete the Halo package.

Playing through Elden Ring as John-117 feels much more immersive than you’d expect.


6. Excalibur Morgan (Fate)

Excalibur Morgan (Fate) / Elden Ring Mod

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King Arthur’s Excalibur is the single most famous weapon in European myth.

According to the legend, a young Arthur pulled this magic sword from a stone, earning the right to rule Britain and gaining the power to protect it.

Excalibur Morgan is an equally strong but dark version of the original Sword in the Stone, corrupted by evil forces and wielded by Saber Alter in the Fate series.

Its Ash of War – Corpse Wax Cutter – was tweaked to mimic Saber Alter’s own moves in the original material.


5. Master Sword (Zelda)

Master Sword (Zelda) / Elden Ring Mod

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Another legendary blade that can’t be missing from your collection is the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda.

It was created for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and has been at the center of Zelda lore ever since.

According to Hylian legend, it’s the only sword that can seal away Ganon’s immense darkness. Based on that, it should do a number on the Elden Beast and every fiend before it.

Combine this with the Hylian Shield mod for maximum Zelda awesomeness.


4. Leviathan Axe (God of War)

Leviathan Axe (God of War) / Elden Ring Mod

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The God of War franchise has been a staple of AAA gaming for almost two decades, and it gets better with every release.

God of War (2018) saw Kratos abandon Olympus and the surrounding area to carve a place for himself in the Norse pantheon.

He put his Chaos Blades in storage and took the Leviathan Axe in hand.

Infused with the echoing screams of Frost Trolls and other mythic beasts, the Leviathan Axe is one of the most potent armaments forged by the Huldra Brothers – and Kratos’ strongest weapon yet.

The shiny runes on the blade’s sides fit the Norse aesthetic. This mod offers three versions of the Leviathan Axe featuring normal runes, glowing runes, and unpowered runes.


3. Dreamshadow Scythe

Dreamshadow Scythe / Elden Ring Mod

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The Dreamshadow Scythe doesn’t belong in any alternate gaming universe.

It was designed specifically for this Elden Ring mod, and it’s easily the strongest scythe you can get your hands on in the Lands Between.

According to the author, it’s the first in a future line of Dreamshadow weapons sharing the same bio-magic aesthetic with bright purple accents and dreamy crystal blades.

No other Dreamshadow weapons have been released at the time of writing, but only because the modding circle behind it (TheRoaringForge) has focused on other weapons.

You can check out the top-quality Reine des Diamants swordspear to see what they’ve been up to.


2. YoRHa Equipment Pack

YoRHa Equipment Pack / Elden Ring Mod

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As with virtually any action game supporting mods, 2B has made her way to Elden Ring.

This mod gives you the tools you need to become a YoRHa No. 2 Type B android, including armor, weapons, and a custom look for Torrent.

There are seven new weapons and a custom YoRHa-designed Heavy Armor for 2B. You can choose from eight different-colored versions of the armor, and the Gauntlets are separate, so you can mix and match colors.

Check out the 2B in Patent Leather Tights mod for more NieR: Automata action.


1. Clever’s Moveset Modpack

Clever's Moveset Modpack / Elden Ring Mod

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I like to end these rankings with a bang, and Clever’s Moveset Pack is a whole fireworks show.

This modpack includes 13 top-quality weapons and Ashes of War by Clever – the same author behind the Lightblades and God-Slaying Nagamaki.

Once installed, you’ll have access to a wealth of incredibly cool weapons with flashy skills that’ll make you feel like a true Elden Lord.

Some are 100% new, while others are improved versions of vanilla weapons – but they’re all 100% worth a try. Those demigods won’t even know what hit ’em!

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