Where To Farm Archer’s Vision in Epic Seven

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In total, there are six good farming sources to get Archer’s Visions in E7:

  • Adventure Stages — Unrecorded History East Taranor World, Stage 10-4 Crimson Outpost
  • AP Exchange Shop in East Taranor (Best Source)
  • Catalyst Chests
  • Events
  • Guild Member Shop
  • Guild Aid

While some of these sources may be better than the others, I recommend considering all of these sources so you can obtain as many Rare Catalysts as you want within the least amount of time.


Method 1: Stage 10-4 Crimson Outpost

Stage 9-5 Broken Sword Ruin Drops (Archer's Vision) / Epic Seven
Stage 9-5 Broken Sword Ruin Drops (Archer’s Vision)

Farming Adventure stages on their own won’t be the most efficient method of farming Catalysts.

This is because unlike most drops in the game, Rare Catalysts like Archer’s Vision have very low drop rates.

Nevertheless, I still recommend farming Stage 10-4 Crimson Outpost in the Prologue Chapter of Adventure Mode simply because of AP Exchange Shops which we’ll discuss a bit below.

TIP: While other stages also feature Archer’s Visions as drops, don’t bother farming them if the AP Exchange Shop in that region doesn’t sell that specific Catalyst.

Also, bringing Pets that can increase your AP acquisition rate is highly advisable, as doing so will improve your farming efficiency significantly.


Method 2: AP Exchange Shops (East Taranor)

East Taranor World AP Exchange Shop (Archer's Vision) / Epic Seven
East Taranor World AP Exchange Shop (Archer’s Vision)

AP Exchange Shops are the main reason why you’ll still want to farm Adventure Stages despite all of them having low drop rates for Catalysts.

The way it works is that you can purchase all kinds of Catalysts in these AP Exchange Shops with Adventure Points, which you can then farm by repeatedly clearing Adventure Stages.

The best AP Exchange Shop to buy these badges from is the one in East Taranor World. This is because the best Adventure stage for farming Archer’s Visions is also located there.

TIP: Exchange Shops refresh their stocks once every seven days, so make sure you have what you need before the end of every week.

Remember that each region has different AP Exchange Shops and thus have different items for sale. Also, note that your accumulated Adventure Points do not carry over to other regions.


Method 3: Rare Catalyst Chests

Rare Catalyst Selector Chest (Archer's Vision) / Epic Seven
Rare Catalyst Selector Chest (Archer’s Vision)

They say very few things in life can be obtained without effort, but Rare Catalysts would be if you have these Catalyst Chests!

They’re by far the best source of Archer’s Visions (and other Catalysts for that matter) for players who don’t want to go through all the tedious grind-fest.

TIP: Use your Catalyst Chests — regardless of their rarity — wisely. Only take Catalysts that you need at the moment, and not any that you don’t have an immediate use for.

Also, be sure to check for any promotional and seasonal events as these often give away Rare Catalyst Chests as rewards — even Epic Catalyst Chests if the devs are feeling especially generous!


Method 4: Story Events

The Rise of the Great Mortelix (Event Shop) / Epic Seven
The Rise of the Great Mortelix (Event Shop)

Story Events are only second to AP Exchange Shops when it comes to providing players a steady influx of Rare and Epic Catalysts.

After all, like in AP Exchange Shops, you can purchase Catalysts from Event Currency Exchange Shops and even earn Catalyst Chests as Event Reputation Rewards!

Generally, the higher the difficulty of the stage you can farm, the faster you’ll be able to buy those Catalysts in the Exchange Shop. So be sure to clear those harder Event Stages exclusively.

TIP: If you’re looking for Archer’s Visions specifically, you may not find them often in the Event Currency Exchange Shop simply because the available items in the shop vary per Event.

On that note, always check if the Catalyst you require is featured in this shop. They’re fairly easy to farm — especially if you also bring along Pets that increase your Event Currency acquisition rate.


Method 5: Guild Member Shop

Guild Member Shop / Epic Seven
Guild Member Shop

Joining a Guild is one of the best things a player can do to elevate their quality of play.

For example, you will be able to ease up on your grind if you buy all kinds of resources in the Guild Member Shop, which of course includes those highly precious Catalyst Chests.

You can purchase these items just by being an active player in general which won’t really take a lot of effort all in all.

TIP: Like AP Exchange Shops, the stock of items in the Guild Member Shop also resets once per seven days, so be sure to get as many Catalyst Chests as you can every week.

As mentioned before, you can do this easily just by clearing Guild Missions, being an active player, and most importantly — donating every single day. Try not to skip donating even once!


Method 6: Guild Aid

Guild Aid (Archer's Vision) / Epic Seven
Guild Aid (Archer’s Vision)

One of the most well-known Guild etiquettes in the game is to not request Catalysts in the Guild Aid – especially if a certain Guild specifically prohibits it.

This means that requesting Catalysts via Guild Aid should be your last resort — but of course, there are also exceptions to this rule.

For example, you can request as many Catalysts as you want if your Guild allows it. Although, keep in mind that you can only request up to two Catalysts through the Aid function per day.

TIP: You can only change your chosen Aid item once a full day has passed. So pick what item you want to receive for each day wisely.

Also, always remember to give back to your guildmates and donate some Catalysts as well. This’ll make them more likely to Donate or exchange Rare Catalysts with you!

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