Top 15 Best Soul Weavers in Epic Seven (Ranked)

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Soul Weavers are the healing support units of Epic Seven.

They excel at cleansing debuffs from one’s team, healing up the party, and inflicting debuffs on the enemy.

These units come in various shapes and sizes, with each offer unique abilities that shine in different situations.

But if you want some recommendations for your team (or if you’re just bored and love Epic Seven) then let’s dive into this ranking of the absolute best Soul Weavers in the game.


15. Destina

Destina screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth

Destina was once the prime reroll target for those starting their Epic Seven adventure (alongside Sez and Ravi).

While she has certainly fallen off in terms of viability these days, Destina is still a decent healer who can cleanse debuffs and push the team.

She won’t find much use in PVP content.

But she can still help you out in certain PVE content, like Abyss and Automaton Tower.


14. Desert Jewel Basar

Desert Jewel Basar screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Light

DJ Basar is still, unfortunately, not in a great spot when compared to his other ML 5* counterparts.

That being said, he’s able cleanse and push the team with high enough speed gear.

His healing lacks in comparison to other Soul Weavers. But what he lacks in healing and debuffs, he makes up for in potential.

Pray for buffs DJ Basar enjoyers. We’re all rooting for you!


13. Diene

Diene screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Ice

Diene is your atypical Soul Weaver who offers no healing in her kit (well, without a dedicated artifact such as Rod of Amyrillis or Unfading Memories).

She instead trades these skills out for heaps of buffs!

You see, Diene can grant the party resistance to critical hits, a barrier, and increased attack.

So she’s great in most PVE content, and is even a top pick for certain Abyss stages (such as Abyss 106).


12. Roana

Roana screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth

Roana is not as strong as she once was in the Seaside Bellona meta.

But she still works well in a heavy counterattacking draft.

Roana will heal the party and push combat readiness whenever the team suffers a dual or counterattack.

This makes her a solid teammate alongside heroes like Rem or Belian who love to counterattack.

Her skill three also grants a Revive, making her a little more versatile.

Plus Roana is also great on certain Abyss stages (such as floor 102) and Automaton Tower. So she’s worth keeping in mind!


11. Ray

Ray screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth

Ray came here to resist debuffs and cleanse the team. And he’s all out of 15%’s!

Ray is your go-to cleansing Soul Weaver. He’s meant to be used against teams that seek to inflict heavy debuffs.

Aside from this, he doesn’t offer much else – but he does his job well enough to warrant his inclusion on this list.


10. Achates

Achates screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Element: Fire

If you need passive healing every turn, Achates is your girl.

Her ability to pump out the heals is unmatched and can come in very handy when you don’t want to attack an enemy.

At times, it can be beneficial to pass on your turn; like to prolong an enemy’s sleep, to avoid a counterattack, etc.

Achates shines here – because she can cast non-attacking skills until the cows come home.


9. Magic Scholar Doris

Magic Scholar Doris screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 3*
Element: Light

Specialty Change Doris is a buffing machine who’s able to not only heal the party, but grant them continuous healing and increased defense.

Her 50% targeted combat readiness boost is also very beneficial, and can turn the tides in a difficult fight.

If you haven’t already begun the S.C for your Doris, get started ASAP!


8. Elena

Elena screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Ice

Elena is a niche pick, but one who still sees play against heavy AOE teams.

Her ability to heal the party when suffering an AOE hit would be useful in and of itself.

But Elena also pushes herself forward whenever she uses this passive skill.

So she can then cast her skill three, which grants party-wide invincibility AND deals damage (which would proc Seaside Bellona’s counter back in the day).

On a counter set to maximize debuff clearance, Elena is a great Soul Weaver for PVP content.


7. Sinful Angelica

Sinful Angelica screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Element: Dark

I’ll admit that Singelica doesn’t see much use in PVP anymore.

But she’s still a great pick if you have her on a fast enough build with plenty of resistance.

Her ability to negate revives can come in very handy when you’re facing down revive heavy compositions.

And Singelica is also great in Wyvern 13 one-shot teams – actually she’s a necessary inclusion for most people.


6. Angelica / Angelic Montmorancy

Angelica screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 4*
Element: Ice

Angelic Montmorancy
Rarity: 3*
Element: Ice

Both Angelica and A.Momo serve a similar purpose, so it just feels right to include them side-by-side in the same spot.

Nowadays, these heroes can be picked up from the connections tab for free – making them even more accessible.

But what make these Soul Weavers viable for basically all forms of PVP content?

  • Great heals
  • Great cleanses
  • And great buffs!

5. Blood Moon Haste

Blood Moon Haste screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Dark

Blood Moon Haste is much more than a simple anti-revive hero.

While Haster performs exceptionally well against revivers by providing a massive party-wide shield each time an enemy unit is reborn, he’s also one of the best Idol’s Cheer holders in the game.

Haste can counter revive heroes, heal, and deal great damage as a pseudo-DPS.

What’s not to love?


4. Emilia

Emilia screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Ice

Many people said Emilia’s kit was too boring when she was originally announced.

Whether you still agree with that or not, you can’t deny that she has risen to be a great unit in both PVE and PVP.

In PVE, Emilia’s heals and cleanse are paramount to your team’s success.

In PVP, these skills are still great – but she also acts as a strong opener who can boost combat readiness with her skill two.


3. Maid Chloe

Maid Chloe screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Light

Maid Chloe went from the very bottom of the meta, up to arguably one of the best Soul Weavers in E7.

During the dark ages when every new unit needed extinction to counter Arbiter Vildred, this indirectly nerfed Maid Chloe’s revive potential.

But nowadays, thanks to some buffs to her kit that allow her to cleanse debuffs, she’s in a great spot in both the PVE and PVP meta.


2. Ruele of Light

Ruele of Light screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Light

Ruele has not seen a single balance adjustment since Epic Seven’s creation.

And this is a testament to just how solid her kit is.

She provides ample healing, a revive, and enough tankiness to withstand an onslaught of powerful hits.

Ruele can be picked up for free from the Moonlight’s Blessing – and we highly recommend you do so if you need a powerful Soul Weaver.


1. Tamarinne

Tamarinne screenshot from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Fire

Tamarinna will forever be the Queen of PVE content.

Her huge CR push, stripping potential, and dual attacks are unrivaled in the world of PVE.

She saw a brief stint in PVP thanks to her pairing with Iseria, but that was short-lived.

While she has little to no use in PVP, Tamarinne’s ungodly PVE potential lands her at the number one spot here. Because she’ll be integral to farming PVE content to get the right gear for your PVP debut.

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