How To Get Soul Springs in FFX (Locations + Uses)

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The only way to farm Soul Springs is by stealing them from Bashura fiends. They have a single Soul Spring as their common steal (~87%) and two Soul Springs as their rare (~12%).

Bashura can be found both on Mt. Gagazet and in the Zanarkand Ruins. So generally this will generally be a late game farm.

You can also get a one-time gift of x99 Soul Springs by unlocking Kottos at the Monster Arena.

Kottos is unlocked after you capture one copy of every fiend on the Mi’hen Highroad. Here’s the list of what you’ll need:

  • Mi’ihen Fang
  • Ipiria
  • Floating Eye
  • White Element
  • Raldo
  • Vouivre
  • Bomb
  • Dual Horn

Note: There are no bribes for Soul Springs in FFX, including all possible fiends and one-time bosses. There are also no fiends that drop these as battle drops. So stealing is your only option.

Kottos at the Monster Arena / FFX HD
Kottos battle close-up

What Are Soul Springs Used For?

When used with the “Use” ability, Soul Springs absorb a small amount of HP and MP from an enemy, not unlike Kimahri’s Lancet.

You can also use them to customize Strength +5% and Defense +5% onto weapons and armor, respectively.

And you an even use these to teach Lancet to an Aeon, if you really wanted to.

  • Strength +5% and Defense +5% both require x2 Soul Springs to customize
  • Lancet (Aeon) requires x20 Soul Springs

But perhaps the most useful thing you can do with Soul Springs is mix them up with Rikku’s Overdrive. Some stand-out mixes include:

Final Phoenix (Mega Phoenix + Soul Spring): Revives all KO’d party members to full HP.

Hyper Null-All (Soul Spring + Soul Spring): Applies Cheer, Focus, NulBlaze, NulShock, NulTide and NulFrost to the whole party.

Ultra-Cure (Magic Distiller + Soul Spring): Restores party’s HP to full and cures all bad status effects.

Bashura close-up battle / FFX HD
Bashura fiend on Mt. Gagazet

Are Soul Springs Worth Farming?

Worth farming? No.

Worth having? Yes.

You can get ninety-nine from unlocking Kottos, and that’s enough to last you a long time.

Soul Springs don’t customize great abilities. But they can be a great ingredient for some of Rikku’s best mixes – and using one to absorb some HP and MP can really get you out of a pinch.

Just get your free gift and that should be plenty.

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