Epic Seven: Bleed vs Burn vs Poison

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The main differences between Bleed, Burn, and Poison lie in what stat they scale off of and how much that damage scales.

While they are all great debuffs to have on a character’s kit, there are certain situations in the game where one debuff might be better than the other.

In this article, we’re going to go through these situations and — more importantly — the few key differences between Bleed, Burn, and Poison, so that you can master these three DoT debuffs!


Bleed in E7

Bleed Debuff In-battle / Epic Seven
Bleed Debuff In-battle

Bleed’s damage scales off of 30% of your character’s Attack and ignores 70% of the enemy’s defense.

This damage is calculated and applied at the beginning of an opponent’s turn.

It is also stackable, which means that you can apply multiple instances of Bleed to your enemies and watch their HP get decimated right before they can even take their turn!

This debuff is great for assassinating either one or a lot of characters over time, but admittedly, it’s not as good at its job if we compare it to Burn.


Burn in E7

Burn Debuff In-battle / Epic Seven
Burn Debuff In-battle

Burn scales off of 60% of your Character’s Attack and, like Bleed, also ignores 70% of the enemy’s defense.

This damage is calculated and applied at the beginning of the enemy’s turn.

Simply put, Burn is basically the better version of Bleed.

It ignores the same amount of defense and deals more damage, though landing multiple stacks of it is a bit harder compared to Bleed.

One of the few drawbacks of using Burn is that it’s mostly featured in skills of Fire element units, which means that it may not be as effective when you’re up against Ice element units.


Poison in E7

Poison Debuff In-Battle / Epic Seven
Poison Debuff In-Battle

Unlike Bleed and Burn that scale off of your character’s attack, Poison instead scales off of 5% of your enemy’s max HP.

Again, this damage is calculated and applied at the beginning of the enemy’s turn and is an excellent debuff for decimating your enemies over time.

This debuff is also stackable and is a good substitute for Bleed and Burn — especially in PVE.


Possible Applications

Aramintha (Skill 3 Animation) / Epic Seven
Aramintha (Skill 3 Animation)

While Bleed, Burn, and Poison are all great debuffs for any character to have, they all have specific uses where they shine the most.

For example, Bleed is best used in battles where Fire element units that apply Burn aren’t a viable option. This includes Wyvern Hunt Battles, Abyss Battles, and even Arena Battles!

Burn, on the other hand, is better than Bleed in almost any situation except when you’re going against Ice element units. It’s good for PVE and PVP battles alike.

Finally, Poison is best used in a prolonged battle against an enemy with a high Health stat. It’s effective against tanky units and, more importantly, against most boss monsters in PVE.


Relevant Characters (Bleed, Burn, and Poison Debuffs)

There are only several characters in the game who can inflict Bleed, Burn, or Poison on a single enemy — much less multiple enemies.

To name a few, here are some of the most notable characters who can inflict any of these three debuffs!


Best Characters Who Can Inflict Bleed:

Sigret (Skills Page) / Epic Seven
Sigret (Skills Page)
  • Sigret – She’s one of the best Ice element damage dealers in the game. Her Skill 3 scales with Bleed — making her the perfect Bleed-based DPS unit.
  • Tempest Surin – While Bleed is not her main forte, she’s considered one of the best PVP-oriented units out there because of her cleave and survivability.
  • Baiken – Her kit makes her a great single-target Bleed unit just like Sigret — especially her Skill 2 which allows one Bleed stack to completely ignore an enemy’s Effect Resistance.

Best Characters Who Can Inflict Burn:

Researcher Carrot (Skills Page) / Epic Seven
Researcher Carrot (Skills Page)
  • Researcher Carrot – Easily one of the most accessible Burn units in the game. She’s relatively viable in PVE but performs better in PVP.
  • Silver Blade Aramintha – Arguably the best unit in the game that uses Burn as her primary source of damage. She can easily wipe out teams with her kit — especially when she’s paired up with AoE attack units.
  • Ken – He’s among the best Fire element bruisers in the game. He also has other great debuffs like Defense Break, Decrease Attack, and Stun in his kit.

Best Characters Who Can Inflict Poison:

Alexa (Skills Page) / Epic Seven
Alexa (Skills Page)
  • Alexa – Another great F2P option like Researcher Carrot. She’s decent at best in most game modes but shines in some PVE battles like Wyvern Hunts.
  • Specter Tenebria – One of the best nukers in the game. She’s great everywhere — especially in PVP where she can one-shot units regardless of their tankiness.
  • Kiris – She may not look like much, but her poison-oriented kit is downright perfect for mowing down bosses in PVE. Can’t clear an Abyss floor? Just Kiris-cheese it!
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