Best Star Wars Mods For Fallout 4

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Fallout 4 is a great game for sure.

And surprisingly enough, its version of a post-nuclear world remains relevant, too. Which should probably tell a whole lot about how screwed a lot of us are feeling right now.

For sure those #WorldWar3 jokes don’t write themselves on Twitter in a vacuum, you know.

Of course, every gamer worth his trigger finger knows that a great game can only attain legendary status once someone begins to create mods for it.

And Fallout 4, like every great game that came before and after it, is no different: fans and players are still releasing mods for it as it approaches quite a few years of existence.

And the more obvious point is that the community looks like it doesn’t even want to stop providing updates for it!

Oh, Internet. You frustrate us at times, but we also love you so much. This must be what unconditional love feels like.

However out of the many mods released for Fallout 4, we’re just feeling more love for the Star Wars-themed mods that fans have been pumping out even before the release of The Force Awakens.

Thankfully unlike some fans, it feels like these modders weren’t embittered from the overreaching Star Wars hype that I’m sure somebody must be weary of by now.

And so here are some mods that are sure to bring the Light Side back to your life. Or maybe drive you to the Dark Side. Hey, we’re not judging!

15. Star Wars Paintings

Star Wars Paintings FO4 mod

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Ooohhh… now this is what we call a good mood-setter!

The Star Wars Paintings mod feature, what else, but artwork lifted directly from the SW franchise itself!

Come on, don’t tell me that that brooding portrait of post-amputation Luke Skywalker isn’t getting your heart racing!


14. Galactic Empire Flag

Galactic Empire Flag mod

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Remember when the good old Empire ran everything in the galaxy?

Pepperidge Farm remembers in the form of this mod.

By toggling this on, the mod replaces skins of the US flags in the game into Galactic Empire ones!

Got it? Because the United States is an empire?

Okay, this is the last time we’re including political intertextuality in this list.


13. BlasTech E-11

BlasTech E-11 mod

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You gotta give it to modder Dmagnus for creating a Stormtrooper rifle for Fallout 4 and stamping it with piss-poor accuracy rates.

You definitely have to respect that stab at authenticity.

Thankfully you’re not limited by Imperial bureaucracy when it comes to adding improvements to this mod.

Unfolded stocks, a variety of scopes, and the Collimator mod can be added to this to ensure that any goodie two-shoe Commonwealth fool gets popped at first sight!


12. Stormtrooper Combat Armour Variants

Stormtrooper Combat Armour FO4 mod

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Now that you have the option of arming yourself with the Stormtrooper firearm, let’s get to the next best thing: looking like a legit Stormtrooper!

This mod by Stiptikspec reskins the Vault III jumpsuit with the sleeker Stormtrooper armor.

How does it feel to be the bad guy? Pretty good right?


11. Enemies Don’t Shoot So Good No More

Enemies Don't Shoot So Good No More

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This mod is not a cheat, per se.

Seriously, you’ll still be getting shot at by Raiders if you step up to them – but at least it gives you the necessary advantage that every Star Wars protagonist has enjoyed in every movie ever: by fighting enemies that can’t shoot at cans even when those things are staring right at their helmets.

Specifically, all NPCs’ ranged accuracy multipliers get halved with this mod.

Does that make the challenge a bit easier to swallow? Maybe.

But does this make Fallout 4 even more of a blast to play? Abso-freaking-lutely.


10. R2D2 Dress

R2D2 Dress mod

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Yep, it’s just like what the mod says it is.

It puts an R2D2 dress that looks like the ones Hot Topic was pushing inexplicably in their stores a few years ago.

And really, at this point you can’t convince me that this mod isn’t a kink thing. Remember, nothing is sacred in the internet.


9. Imperial Patrols of the Commonwealth A Faction Replacer

Imperial Patrols mod

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Oh, good! We’re now getting to the updated lore already!

This mod replaces Raiders’ skins with the Commonwealth Stormtrooper uniforms, and with the appropriate laser guns and boot.

Sure, hardcore fans might have mixed feelings on the new trilogy.

But you have to admit that they’ve always got the aesthetics nailed down hard.


8. DC-15A Blaster Rifle

DC-15A Blaster Rifle mod

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Isn’t it curious that despite the advances in firearms technology, we still revert to the “classics”?

Well here’s the closest thing the Star Wars universe has to a 20th Century Smith & Wesson gun: the DC-15A Blaster Rifle, the infamous gun that even non-Star Wars fans are familiar with.

We can imagine players doing a silent “pew-pew” with their mouths while they’re blasting off robots with this mod.


7. Unlimited Starwars Bot Followers

Unlimited Starwars Bot Followers mod

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This mod simply allows you to build TIE Fighters and AT-ATs that would follow you into every battle until you die.

Finally you can act like your version of a Sith Lord and order… err, sentient beings around that won’t question your whims!


6. Star Wars ESB Shirt

Star Wars ESB Shirt mod

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The Empire Strikes Back is best Star Wars movie EVARR. Full stop.

And you know how diehard fans like to show their love?

By wearing merch.

And this mod lets you wear an Empire Strikes Back shirt right in the wasteland world of Fallout. Who’s the real fan now… I’d guess anyone who’s actually still reading this.


5. The Lightsaber

The Lightsaber FO4 mod

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We’re getting serious now.

This Lightsaber mod from our boy DMagnus improves upon every aspect of all the lightsaber mods released for Fallout 4 at that point by including custom meshes, sounds, textures, and impact effects.

Basically it’s everything AND the kitchen sink.

Like the real Jedi(or Sith) that you are, you have to craft it in the game.

And really, isn’t the payoff what makes every hero’s quest sweeter?

Come on, you’re aiming for a lightsaber. At least some effort should be put into it.


4. Custom Lightsaber Animations

Custom Lightsaber Animations FO4

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Now that you already look like the part of a Jedi (or, again, a Sith. No judgments from us!) isn’t it about right that you get to move like one as well?

Rather than have to be taken as a separate mod, modder wer123456 mashed up the sword mods made by Gogy28 with Dmagnus’s lightsaber mod to create some next-level badassery!

Whether you’re holding a one-handed or two-handed hilt, the Custom Lightsaber Animations mod includes all the acrobatic flourishes that a lightsaber holder should do in a fight.

Now go make Yoda proud, young Padawan.


3. Kylo Ren – Adam Driver V2.0

Kylo Ren FO4 mod

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Oh man, we didn’t know we needed Kylo Ren into our lives until the release of Rise of Skywalker (also, it helps that Adam Driver became everyone’s favorite tortured dad in Marriage Story).

And man, talk about getting the image of Kylo Ren right!

It has the sweeping black mane, the brooding eyes, the misunderstood soul.

If you have to ask, no, I’m not writing any Kylo Ren fanfictions.



2. CROSS Jetpack

CROSS Jetpack mod

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Did it really take until the last episode for Mando (the bounty hunter hero from The Mandalorian) to finally use a jetpack to fly around?

Thankfully you’ll have none of that waiting nonsense for this mod: you get the CROSS jetpack almost immediately!

With this mod you can finally run up to high ledges and, just as important, rain death from above.

Heck, who cares if this jetpack isn’t Star Wars canon?

The fact that you can use this mod for any armor you’re equipping should make all your fan-dreams come true!


1. Boba Fett Armor Re-texture

Boba Fett Armor Re-texture mod

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Come on, don’t tell me you’ve never fancied playing as Boba Fett before?

Throughout all the various trilogies, he’s still maintained his popularity as the coolest character in the Star Wars universe… well, until The Mandalorian showed up.

But since there’s no Mando mods yet, this Boba Fett Armor Re-texture mod by DazFaz works just as well!

So have you had your fill of Star Wars yet?

If not, remember that the Internet always plays host to whatever kind of Star Wars niche or weirdery you’re looking for. Maybe some Star Wars Skyrim mods for any TES fans here.

Either way, good luck on your search and may the force be with you!

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