Best Two-Handed Weapons in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

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Some of the most powerful weapons in The Zodiac Age are two-handed weapons.

This also encompasses more weapon types than you might be thinking.

From greatswords to katanas, rods and staves, there’s a lot of diversity when talking about two-handed weapons.

This list will help you find the ultimate weapons for this category, and explain how to get them.

Whether you want to smash your enemies at close range, or keep your distance with magick-based attacks, you’ll soon discover the best options for any build.

These aren’t easy to acquire – but you won’t regret it after you take down a boss more quickly than you can buff your entire party.


10. Ragnarok (Greatsword)

Ragnarok greatsword weapon render from FF12

We’re starting with this powerhouse greatsword, the Ragnarok.

It has an incredible attack power of 117, evade 20, and 8% combo rate.

There’s also a 25% chance to inflict Immobilize.

The design of the Ragnarok is iconic as well.

You may recognize it as similar to the design of the ship of the same name in Final Fantasy VIII.

If only this weapon was as easy to get as that ship was.

License needed: Greatswords 4
How to get: The only way to acquire this weapon is from the Ixion hunt.


9. Muramasa (Katana)

Muramasa katana render from FF12

It’s no surprise to find the Muramasa on this list, given how strong it can be and how easy it is to find.

It has an attack power of 104, evade 31, and an incredible 20% combo rate.

There are no special status effects for this weapon.

But the increased combo rate makes it a deadly choice.

License needed: Katana 4
How to get: Found in The Terraced Bank area of Cerobi Steppe as a rare chest drop. Also found in The Bounds of Truth in Pharos Second Ascent, but as a guaranteed chest drop.


8. Excalibur (Greatsword)

Excalibur greatsword render from FF12

The legendary blade itself is making its way into your inventory.

Excalibur is an obvious choice for any collection of two-handed weapons in FF12.

Excalibur has an attack of 127, evade 25, and 8% combo rate.

The best part of this weapon is the elemental effect of Holy that it adds onto your hits.

If you start to combo your Holy damage with other gear, this weapon becomes unstoppable.

License needed: Excalibur
How to get: Found only in the Crystal Peak area of Great Crystal. Luckily though, it’s a guaranteed chest drop.


7. Rod of Faith (Rod)

Rod of Faith render from FF12

Now this is the ultimate rod in the entire game.

It’s hard to describe it as a weapon, but technically it is a two-handed weapon.

Mostly this rod is meant to be used as a party-boosting tool for your party’s White Mage.

This makes more sense with an attack power of 21, however it does have a great magick power of +6.

The added benefit this rod provides, as you might have guessed from the name, is the Faith ability on-hit.

This has a high chance (60%) of inflicting Faith on your party members, which will boost your magick users significantly.

License needed: Rod of Faith
How to get: Reward after Behemoth King hunt at Mt Bur-Omisace. Also found in The Terraced Bank area of Cerobi Steppe.


6. Masamune (Katana)

Masamune weapon from FF12

The strongest katana in the game is the fabled Masamune.

This deadly blade easily makes this list given how powerful it can be.

It has a great attack power of 111, evade 33, and an amazing 30% combo rate!

Your Bushi will thrive and destroy your enemies with this katana equipped.

License needed: Masamune
How to get: Found in Site 7 of the Lhusu Mines. Also acquired from the Hunt Club on Phon Coast, albeit not easily.


5. Staff of the Magi (Staff)

Staff of the Magi FF12 weapon render

Speaking of ultimate weapons, the Staff of the Magi is the ultimate staff in Ivalice.

Usually you can tell that when a weapon has its own license, it’s going to be extremely powerful.

As the strongest staff, its attack isn’t great at 53 power.

However, its magick power is a huge +8.

It also provides +5 vitality to the wielder.

With this staff you get Ice, Wind, and Holy potency to boot.

This truly is the ultimate weapon for a Black Mage.

License needed: Staff of the Magi
How to get: Rewarded through the Hunt Club. Found in Sirhru Phullam Praa’vaa area of Great Crystal and in Old Elanise Road of Cerobi Steppe. Also a 1% drop chance from Oversouls in the Necrohol of Nabudis.


4. Kanya (Pole)

Kanya pole weapon from FF12

Next is the latest ultimate weapon, the ultimate pole, Kanya.

This is the upgraded version of the Whale Whisker and it can only be obtained in The Zodiac Age version of the game.

This pole has an attack of 112, evade 35, and a huge 35% combo rate.

It also has a nice little Immobilize effect on-hit, but that’s only a 10% chance to inflict each time.

Poles can also be very useful for hitting flying creatures because of their range. Keep that in mind when making your decisions.

License needed: Kanya
How to get: Only through the Bazaar, by the name of Whisker of the Beast.


3. Mesa (Ninja Sword)

Mesa ninja sword weapon from FF12

The ultimate ninja sword, the Mesa, is the upgraded version of the Orochi.

This weapon shares a license with the Yagyu Darkblade – but that doesn’t mean it’s any weaker as an ultimate weapon.

Mesa has attack power of 102, evade 32, and a whopping 32% combo rate.

You might be seeing a trend with the most powerful weapons having a high combo rate… and you would be absolutely right.

The special effect of Mesa is a 20% chance to inflict Poison on-hit.

It’s very useful to hit different enemies and get them all poisoned early on in a fight, and then focus on targets after.

License needed: Yagyu Darkblade & Mesa
How to get: Only through the Bazaar system by the name Serpent Blade.


2. Tournesol (Greatsword)

Tournesol sword render from FF12

Tournesol is the ultimate greatsword in the entire game.

It easily earns this spot for one of the greatest two-handed weapons.

If you’ve ever equipped it, then you already know why.

It has an attack power of 138, evade 30, and a decent 10% combo rate. The higher attack power and the slightly lower combo rate makes a huge difference for damage output here.

Plus the design of this greatsword is fitting for an ultimate weapon.

I mean, it features a very unique design with a curved rune-blade, and symbols for the sun and moon on the hilt.

License needed: Tournesol
How to get: Only through the Bazaar, by the name of The Sunflower.


1. Zodiac Spear (Spear)

Zodiac Spear weapon render in FF12

We all saw this coming.

It should come as no surprise that the Zodiac Spear itself is the ultimate two-handed weapon.

This spear is only surpassed, in The Zodiac Age version, by the Great Trango (one-handed sword) and the Seitengrat (bow).

It has a huge attack of 141, and a 4% combo rate.

Much like the Tournesol, the higher attack makes up for the lower combo rate.

And like the Kanya, this spear can reach flying creatures too.

The Zodiac Spear also inflicts Disable at a 20% rate.

Any ultra-powerful weapon that also disables your enemies can be a deadly combo.

If there’s any one ultimate weapon to acquire in The Zodiac Age, this is it.

You’ll fly through fights with ease.

License needed: Zodiac Spear
How to get: Rewarded through the Hunt Club, but with great effort and a lot of gil. Also found in the Special Charter Shaft area of Henne Mines with a 1% spawn-rate chest.

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