FF12 Time Battlemage: The Best Combos For A Second Job

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Time Battlemage is a unique mage job in Final Fantasy XII that favors strength-based equipment, such as heavy armor and crossbows. You know, things usually reserved for frontline tank jobs.

However, Time Battlemage doesn’t only define itself through strength.

It represents its namesake quite well by using time-based support magics.

Being the only job that can use crossbows, this Battlemage likes to stay on the fringe and buff the party with stuff like Haste and Float.

Plus with a variety of augments and abilities that restore and maintain your MP pool, it’s fair to say that a strong Time Battlemage can stay in the party for a while.

For as great as it is alone, the Time Battlemage can be made even better when coupled with a second license board.

And these are the best job combos for turning your Time Battlemage into a real Battlebeast.


3. Time Battlemage + White Mage

Like sugar in lemon tea, the White Mage is a great addition to the Time Battlemage.

The biggest draw has to be the healing spells, which suddenly allow you to restore life and heal status ailments.

Spells like Protect, Shell, Dispel, Bravery, and Faith perfectly mesh with the support vibe that the Time Battlemage gives, increasing its barrage of buffs.

White Mage brings further augmentations to speed and MP regeneration, too. The two swiftness panels also give a very helpful 20% bump to speed, and seven more hit point licenses further improve survivability.

When you add White Mage to Time Battlemage, running out of MP becomes difficult to do.

And with even more HP, you’ll be hard-pressed to easily run out of that as well (unless you’re going against a crazy superboss or something).

And don’t forget that White Mage has Holy, which is one of the big players in endgame damage-dealing spells.


2. Time Battlemage + Red Battlemage

Red Mages are known in Final Fantasy for their versatility, and they’re no different here (despite having a slightly different name).

The Red Mage may not specialize in any one thing, but this job has a varied set of multi-colored magics and augmentations to consider. Think of the Red Battlemage as applying a general buff to whatever you attach it to.

Red Battlemage gives your Time Battlemage spells from all schools, including the -aga elemental spells, the dark-element arcane spells, and a bunch of good healing magics to keep things moving along.

Additionally, Red Battlemage gives access to Mystic Armors, which adds much-needed magic defense to the job.

The armor perk alone might make it worth it. After all, the more choices you have, the better equipped you can be for the challenges ahead.

In summation, using Red Battlemage as a secondary board here gives you a strong overall boost to almost everything.

Also, you could call it the Redtime Battlemage if you wanted. Pretty cool name, actually.


1. Time Battlemage + Knight

Conceptually, subbing Knight sounds like a strange idea.

But think about it: The Time Battlemage already leans towards strength.

It can use heavy armor and strength-based crossbows – it’s halfway to knighthood as it is!

Attaching the Knight board as a second job will boost it the rest of the way, with a ton of sweet HP and strength gains.

You’ll also be able to diversify your job portfolio with greatswords and shields.

Knight even has some (not a lot, but enough) white magic. And through the use of the White Robes (+50% holy damage) you can wield the holy sword Excalibur at maximized power.

A Knightly Time Battlemage is as hearty a mage as you’ll probably see in all of Ivalice.

And what you lose in magical variety, you more than make up for with Knight buff boi prowess.

I mean, the Knight job even has the power to restore MP by simply attacking – which is beyond lovely.

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