Best Greatswords in Final Fantasy XV (And Where To Get Them)

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Greatswords in Final Fantasy XV are the heavy-hitters of the weapon gang.

Slow to wield and swing, Greatswords connect with tons of damage – and generally make the effort worth it.

They’re excellent for clearing groups of enemies. And when used by Gladio, they’re perfect for support and big link-strike damage.

Like every other weapon in the game, there are a lot of Greatswords. Each has their own perks and powers, but which ones are the best?

It can be a tough choice for sure. But let’s focus on finding the best of the best for your party.


5. Masamune

Masamune Greatsword / Final Fantasy XV

Sometimes what makes a weapon special isn’t its raw numbers, but the circumstances of when and where you get and use it.

The Masamune is one such weapon.

It has an okay attack power that will become overshadowed by other weapons in time.

But what the Masamune has over its bigger brothers is the advantage of being first.

You get the Masamune right away – as in, you start with it.

Not only does it have great attack power for the beginning of the game, but it also has a special ability that can have you doing thousands of damage within the first hour of gameplay.

The Masamune is an excellent head-start into your Eos adventure.

How to Obtain: Originally a pre-order bonus, the Masamune now comes standard with the Royal and Windows editions of the game.


4. Hardedge

Hardedge Greatsword / Final Fantasy XV

By the time you enter the Duscae region, the odds are good you’ll be in need of two things: money and upgrades.

Both of these things can be addressed through the collection of monster parts.

You can get these parts by beating beasts and hoping for the best.

But the better way is to equip a proper weapon and get to breaking parts off.

The Hardedge can be obtained as soon as Duscae opens up. It has an additional 80% chance to break monster parts.

When combined with Gladio’s strong attack abilities, that number is pretty much 100%.

And even better, the Hardedge is a good weapon!

Plus it looks cool.

So you’ll be doing good damage while stacking up horns and claws and wings to further fuel your adventure.

How to Obtain: The weapon is next to a shack that’s just south of the Alstor Slough.


3. Duel Code

Duel Code Greatsword / Final Fantasy XV

The Duel Code is a late-game weapon that serves a single purpose:

To put big hurt on single enemies.

This sword has a good attack power and HP boost, but also comes standard with a special power that will help make bosses (and other lonely targets) easy to dominate.

When you face a single enemy, or a foe very far away from its friends, the Duel Code will deal an extra 50% damage.

This is a major increase – especially if you combine it with other strength enhancements.

A fully-charged Gladio or Noctis can wipe the floor with lone enemies and the Duel Code.

And even if you have to clear a group, the Duel Code has a good enough attack power anyway to do that.

So get in there and eradicate all enemies but one, and then show that remainder who exactly is the boss (it’s you).

How to Obtain: Found on the 20th floor of the Daurell Caverns Menace Dungeon.


2. Hyperion

Hyperion Greatsword / Final Fantasy XV

As the inverse of the Duel Code, the Hyperion is a sword that deals extra damage when you’re surrounded by enemies.

It has a great attack power and HP boost as well.

It’s cool to use against anything, but when you get swarmed by annoying little daemons, there’s nothing better to use.

The Hyperion is among the top of this Greatswords list due to its innate strength.

Abilities like Gladio’s Cyclone and Dawnhammer are perfect for attacking a group. And the Hyperion makes it so that you can finish the battle with just one assault.

It’s a sword that has lasting power, and a special ability to make crowd-control as easy as swinging your sword.

How to Obtain: Gladio comes equipped with this weapon at the start of Chapter 15. It can be purchased from any shop after that.


1. Dominator

Dominator Greatsword / Final Fantasy XV

You may have noticed that you fight a lot of Daemons during your adventures.

This is even truer if you go out at night a lot. They’re pretty annoying, right?

Daemons come with a big weakness though: light.

Can you guess where this is going? That’s right – the Dominator!

This big sword has a huge attack power and stat boost, but also a key defining feature that makes it worth being your main weapon:

It does extra damage to daemons.

The last chapters of the game, as well as all the optional dungeons and content, are loaded with daemon-type foes.

And they’ll crumble under the power of the dominator – the sword designed to do extra damage to them.

And that’s on top of the great damage it already deals.

True to its name, you’ll be absolutely dominating the daemons of Eos with every single swing.

How to Obtain: In Chapter 15, there’s an empty building west of the Coernix Station in Alstor. The sword is next to it.

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