FF6: Best Mog Dances In The Game (All 8, Ranked)

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Mog can (and should) be considered the mascot for the entire Final Fantasy series.

I personally find him a blast to play in this game. And while it’s easy to gear him as a dragoon, we can’t forget his iconic ability: Dance!

And in case you don’t know much about this ability: when you perform a Dance with Mog, you’ll lose control of him in battle, and one of four abilities will trigger each turn.

When you use a Dance, the background will chance to suit it. However, if you choose a Dance and the background isn’t native to the Dance, there’s a 50% chance of a Stumble, which means the turn is essentially skipped.

So what I’ve done here is lay out all the dances, along with their probabilities, and ranked them all; plus I’ve added all the locations where you can get each Dance, so this should have everything you need to get your Moogle dancing away.


8. Love Serenade

Love Serenade Will o the Wisp Ability - FF6 SNES Screenshot

Love Serenade starts us off.

While it’s probably the dance with the most compatible backgrounds (by volume), overall, it’s rather lackluster.

Its highest probability move Will o’ the Wisp is strong. And Snare is always good too.

But the other abilities probably just won’t be what you’re looking for.

Will o’ the Wisp – 7/16: Deals high Fire Elemental damage to one random enemy and is unblockable
Apparition – 6/16: Inflicts Confusion on one random enemy, fails if there is an immunity to it
Snare – 2/16: Inflicts Instant Death on a single foe, will fail on immunity to Death but does work on undead
Tapir – 1/16: Removes Blind, Zombie, Poison, Imp, Petrify, Doom, Silence, Berserk, Confuse, Sap, Sleep, Slow, and Stop from all allies

Obtained: South Figaro, Zozo, Phantom Train, Opera House, Vector, Imperial Observation Post, Magitek Research Facility, Burning Home, Figaro Castle, Ancient Castle, Imperial Palace, Owzer’s Mansion, Cultists’ Tower, Dreamscape, Narshe, Kefka’s Tower, Soul Shrine


7. Snowman Rondo

Snowman Rondo Arctic Rabbit Ability - FF6 SNES Screenshot

The Ice Element and Snare are really nice to have.

But there’s only one place you can use this with no risk of Stumble, and that’s in Narshe Cliffs where you actually get this dance.

Snowman Rondo isn’t really a terrible dance. But you’ll likely find it’s one of your least-used as you play through the game.

Snowball – 7/16: Reduces random Foe’s HP by ½, fails on immunity to Death
Avalanche – 6/16: Ice Elemental damage to all opponents, unblockable and ignores split damage
Snare – 2/16: Inflicts Instant Death on a single foe, will fail on immunity to Death but does work on undead
Arctic Hare – 1/16: Restores HP of party

Obtained: Narshe Cliffs (WoR)


6. Earth Blues

Earth Blues Sun Bath Dance Ability - FF6 SNES Screenshot

Now this one’s an absolute fan favorite!

I had expected to rank this in the top four, but its lack of multi-targeting moves really lowers its value.

But still, it’s a solid choice for a single tough enemy! And a lot of great abilities across the board with this dance.

Rock Slide – 7/16: Non-elemental magic attack to a single foe, high damage, unblockable and ignores defense
Sonic Boom – 6/16: reduces one foe’s HP by 5/8 and inflicts Sap, fails on immunity to Death
Sunbath – 2/16: restores some HP to all allies
Boar Brigade – 1/16: Non-Elemental magical attack to a single opponent, unblockable and ignores defence – however it won’t damage enemies that are flying or have the Float status.

Obtained: Mt. Kolts, Esper Caves, Mt. Zozo, Floating Continent, Kefka’s Tower


5. Forest Nocturne

Forest Nocturne Dance, Forest Healing Ability - FF6 SNES Screenshot

Forest Nocturne is up next, and it’s definitely an odd dance to consider.

This was tough to rank, but I feel it really suits this spot.

The healing component doesn’t restore any health, it just cures status ailments.

And while the Wombat ability is powerful, it can’t hit a lot of enemies; however, Leaf Swirl is always useful!

Leaf Swirl – 7/16: Non-Elemental damage to all foes, unblockable and ignores split damage
Forest Healing – 6/16: Removes Blind, Poison, Petrify, Silence, Confuse, Sap, Sleep, Slow, and Stop from the party
Will o’ the Wisp – 2/16: Deals high Fire Elemental damage to one random enemy and is unblockable
Wombat – 1/16: High Non-Elemental damage to random opponent, Unblockable, ignores defense, will not hit flying foes, or enemies that have the Float status.

Obtained: Forest, Phantom Forest, Phantom Train, Bomb forest, Dinosaur forest


4. Twilight Requiem

Twilight Requiem Cave In Ability - FF6 SNES Screenshot

I’d say Twilight Requiem is just a really nice Dance to utilize.

But its main draw is the high chance of Snare for instant death… that said, the other abilities aren’t too shabby either!

Cave in – 7/16: reduces single opponents’ Hp by ¾ and inflicts Sap
Snare – 6/16: an instant Death spell, this is found in several other dances, but none have as high a hit rate
Will’ o the Wisp 2/16: high damage fire element to a single opponent
Poisonous Frog 1/16: single target high power, poison element

Obtained: Narshe Mines, South Figaro Cave, Mt. Kolts, Cave to the Sealed Gate, Esper Caves, Mt. Zozo, Cave on the Veldt, Phoenix Cave, Yeti’s Cave, Ancient Castle, Darill’s Tomb, Doma Castle, Kefka’s Tower, Magitek Research Facility, Statue of the Gods


3. Wind Rhapsody

Wind Rhapsody Plasma Dance Ability - FF6 SNES Screenshot

Wind Rhapsody went up and down a lot while I was creating this list, but it ultimately ended up here.

Top three, not bad!

It consistently dishes out great damage and has a good chance to keep the party’s health up. So overall it’s fairly useful across the board.

Wind Slash – 7/16: Wind Element damage to all opponents, unblockable and ignores split damage
Sunbath – 6/16: restores some HP to all allies
Plasma – 2/16: Single Target Lightning element, high damage and unblockable
Cockatrice – 1/16: Non-Elemental magic damage to one random opponent, and inflicts petrify! Fails if target is immune to Death.

Obtained: World of Balance, World of Ruin, Veldt, Air Force, Phantom Train, Dragon’s Neck Coliseum, Thamasa, Blackjack, Falcon, Kefka


2. Desert Lullaby

Desert Lullaby Dance Antlion Ability - FF6 SNES Screenshot

Desert Lullaby is coming in hot as our runner-up!

Its main ability is Sandstorm, a Wind-based multi-enemy attack that ignores split damage. It’s not super powerful, but absolutely gets the job done.

Antlion is also quite common, and functions as an instant Death spell. Both of these abilities are fairly common, so they make Desert Lullaby a pretty viable dance.

But one of the highlights here is the rarest ability, Meerkat, which casts haste across the entire party.

Sandstorm – 7/16: Deals Wind Element damage to all opponents and ignores Split Damage
Antlion – 6/16: Causes Instant Death to a single opponent if it hits
Wind Slash – 2/16: Like Sandstorm it deals Wind Element damage, but is slightly stronger and is unblockable
Meerkat – 1/16: casts Haste upon party

Obtained: Desert, Imperial Camp


1. Water Harmony

Water Harmony El Nino Dance Ability - FF6 SNES Screenshot

Water Harmony is far and above the best Dance for Mog.

This is a Dance you can rely on (barring Stumbles) to be useful in nearly every situation.

It deals great multi-target damage, and even higher single-target damage.

Plus it has a 1 in 16 chance of restoring the entire party’s HP, plus also removing negative statuses.

The one low point here is Apparition. But it’s a minor inconvenience compared to this Dance’s benefits.

I have no problem placing Water Harmony at number one, as I feel it truly exceeds its closest competition.

Give it a try and see what you think!

El Nino – 7/16: multi target water element, unblockable and ignores split damage
Plasma – 6/16: Single Target Lightning element, high damage and unblockable
Apparition – 2/16: inflicts Confusion on a single enemy
Racoon – 1/16: Restores Hp and removes: Blind, Zombie, Poison, Petrify, Doom, Silence, Berserk, Confuse, Sap, Sleep, Slow, Stop, and Frozen

Obtained: Lethe River, Baren Falls, Serpent Trench

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