15 Best Mog Station Items in Final Fantasy XIV (Our Favorite Picks)

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The Mog Station is full of awesome items you can purchase for your characters.

And if there’s one thing FFXIV offers, it’s loads of options.

We’ve got everything from outfits to mounts, and even minions! There’s a lot to love here, so which ones should you go after?

Here’s a list sharing some of the best ones (in my opinion) to check out.


15. Tales Of Adventure: Stormblood

Tales of adventure for instant MSQ completion in FFXIV

Check It Out Here

This one ranks so low because it’s only useful in certain situations.

I think it still applies, though.

Imagine wanting to start playing Final Fantasy XIV, but not being able to… really play with your friends until completing multiple expansions.

That hell is a reality for some players.

I’ll always maintain that players should go back and complete the story on their own terms.

This is easier than ever with New Game+, too.

That’s why if you ever decide to use one of these items to skip to whatever the newest expansion is, bear in mind you should go back.



14. Mount: Lunar Whale

Lunar Whale mount in FFXIV

Check It Out Here

The Lunar Whale is actually one of the newest items to be added to the Mog Station.

He makes it into this list based on how awesome he looks, even compared to the regular Whale.

This one is sporting a black paint job, and most likely comes from the moon.

If you’ve ever wanted to fly around on a space whale, this one’s for you!

But do you want to know the best part about this special mount? It can fit up to 8 players on it!

At the time of this writing, the Lunar Whale is the only mount in the game that can hold that many players. And with this hanging around, you can give all your friends a ride!


13. Emote: Toast

Toast emote from FFXIV

Check It Out Here

Now, picture you and your friends fighting the deadliest of beasts together.

Maybe you’re doing a brand new trial and you guys have spent hours trying to tame this beast.

After hundreds of tries, you guys finally fell the foul beast, and head to any of the big cities to celebrate. Maybe you all sit down with your drinks, and go to make a toast, but can’t.

Well, that’s where this emote comes in handy.

With the toast emote you can do exactly what it says: toast!

This cute little add-on will let you celebrate with all your friends, and once you have it, you can toast to whatever you want.

Happy times, sad times, weird times… it’s all the same. Just be careful not to spill.


12. Minion: Panda Cub

Panda Cub minion from FFXIV

Check It Out Here

This one was always going to make the cut.

You can’t tell me you haven’t browsed the Mog Station, seen this guy, and not wanted to take him home.

It’s like seeing a puppy in a pet store and falling in love at first sight.

Except instead of a puppy, it’s a panda!

I strongly suspect that at one point or another you’ve thought about wanting a panda. Sadly, the real world is lame and won’t let you.

Thanks to Final Fantasy XIV, though, you can legally (and safely!) own a panda, kind of.

This little guy will follow you wherever you go – and probably do his best to keep you safe. What more could you want?


11. High Summoner’s Attire

High Summoner’s Attire from FFXIV

Check It Out Here

Here’s a Mog Station item that’s a true nostalgic throwback for all Final Fantasy fans.

Well, fans who have played the tenth entry in the series, anyway.

Snagging this outfit means you can dress like Yuna, one of the main characters from Final Fantasy X.

And I’m sure you’re asking, in regards to this ranking: why Yuna’s outfit? There are tons of other outfits on there too, right?

Well, yes. But not all of those combine nostalgia and style to give you, in my opinion, one of the best outfits in the entire game.

Yuna’s outfit is beautiful. And if you’re a summoner it’s even better!

This way you can cosplay as one of the best summoners in the history of Final Fantasy.


10. Phial of Fantasia

Phial of Fantasia in FFXIV

Check It Out Here

This is one that I was surprised to find myself putting on here.

It makes total sense though, once you consider the fact that everyone makes mistakes. I know I do.

The phial of Fantasia is basically a second chance to get your character just right – just the way you want them.

And you don’t have to feel bad!

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO. And you’re probably going to spend hundreds, maybe thousands of hours with your character if you get hooked to the game.

If you’re not happy with your character then there’s nothing wrong with changing them.

Just maybe try to make sure you get it right the second time though! You don’t want to be shelling out for a Fantasia every couple of months.


9. Carbuncle Slippers

Carbuncle Slippers attire in FFXIV

Check It Out Here

Even the Warrior Of Light gets cold feet sometimes, and I mean that literally.

Thankfully, the Mog Station has you covered.

Whenever your character’s feetsies are cold you can throw on these cute (yet stylish) Carbuncle slippers.

Not only are these adorable, but they also come in different colors too!

There are actually three different pairs of Carbuncle slippers. And they’re all adorable, but I’m partial to the Emerald ones myself.

But if those don’t catch your eye, maybe one of the other pairs will.

The Ruby and Topaz ones are just as awesome.

Regardless of which color you pick, these are sure to keep you warm – and you’ll be the talk of the Free Company house.


8. Mount: Fatter Cat

Fatter Cat mount in FFXIV

Check It Out Here

You’re familiar with the fat cat minion, right?

Well picture that but bigger, fatter, and you can freaking ride it.

That’s exactly what this mount is!

If you took the fat cat, blew it up a whole bunch, this is what you would be left with.

And it. is. amazing!

This steed may not be as majestic as some of the others. But cat lovers everywhere will rejoice.

If you read the mount’s description carefully you’ll also notice an old woman has gone ahead and named the cat “Chubbs”.

Basically, this cat is everything you could want.


7. Loyal Butler’s Uniform

Loyal Butler’s Uniform in FFXIV

Check It Out Here

We had to end up with at least one outfit on here representing the fellas, didn’t we?

There are a lot of cool and menacing outfits in Final Fantasy XIV, but not as many… fancy ones.

That’s exactly what this delivers, Warriors Of Light.

Choosing to wear this outfit is a conscious decision to elevate your character’s status. People will think you’re nobility when they catch you parading around in this dope suit.

And you’ll fit right in at places like Ishgard.

If there was one downside to this outfit, well, it would be that since you look like a butler people might try to treat you like one.

But that’s okay! If they ask you to get them something, just treat them like the butler instead.


6. Angelic Barding

Angelic Barding addon for chocobos in FFXIV

Check It Out Here

Look, sometimes your pets deserve to be spoiled too.

And there’s no better pet out there than a Chocobo.

These guys carry you around Eorzea, fight with you, fly you around, and occasionally even heal you. I don’t think there’s anything that a Chocobo can’t do!

Which is impressive all on its own.

It’s like they’re… yellow chicken angels.

And with this spiffy Angelic Barding you can turn your Chocobo into an actual angel!

Slapping this onto your Chocobo will turn its wings white, giving it the appearance of angel wings. And that’s not even the best part.

The best part is that while wearing the Angelic Barding, the Chocobo has a halo over its head.

It’s perfect.


5. Mount: Starlight Bear

Starlight Bear Mount in FFXIV

Check It Out Here

Once upon a time, you’d have been locked out from ever getting this bear if you were a new player.

But thanks to the Mog Station, this bear is, once again, available.

It was given in the first couple years of the game’s life during the Christmas event. And it’s back, better than ever.

Really it’s just a big bear that you get to ride in a Santa outfit.

You’ll be freakin’ exuding Christmas spirit all over the place with this guy. Because there’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than with a big Christmas bear from the Mog Station.


4. Brand New Alphinaud’s Attire

Alphinaud’s Attire (New) Mog Station Item in FFXIV

Check It Out Here

Alphinaud started out as a character that most people just didn’t really care about.

He really only started coming into his own near the end of the base game, and then was really fleshed out during Heavensward.

He’s progressed even more since then.

And he’s become something of a fan favorite.

Well, this outfit can help you look like that favorite character.

I picked Alphinaud’s outfit just because of how much he’s grown (not physically), but the Mog Station has other character’s outfits too!

For example, you can pretend to be your favorite MSQ character.

From Minfillia to Thancred, and yes, even to Alphinaud, the Mog Station has got your back.


3. Miniature Dreadwyrm

Miniature Dreadwyrm in FFXIV

Check It Out Here

Here’s another thing that really surprised me while I was making this list.

It’s one of the few items I didn’t know existed, and is something I bet a ton of housing enthusiasts must love it.

Basically, it’s just a little miniature Bahamut statue you can have in your house.

Simple, yet awesome.

If you ask me, the best time to get this guy is certainly after you’ve beaten the Binding Coil Of Bahamut raids.

You can think of it as a status symbol for defeating one of the deadliest and most powerful Final Fantasy creatures of all time.

Also, it’s just really cool.


2. Emote: Play Dead

Play Dead Emote preview from FFXIV

Check It Out Here

I think this is my favorite emote in the entire game.

It just really speaks to me on every possible level.

Sometimes, life is just too much. And you wish you could just pretend to be dead for a while.

This emote lets me do that whenever I want (in-game, anyways).

Whenever life gets a little crazy in Eorzea I just type /playdead and drop. Right there, no matter where I am.

I can be as dramatic as I want and no one can stop me!

And your friends won’t be able to stop you either.

Did someone steal your loot? /playdead

Did someone send you an angry private message? /playdead

Did you hit the wrong button and accidentally wipe your party? /playdead


1. Mount: SDS Fenrir

SDS Fenrir Mount in FFXIV

Check It Out Here

I have to say, this one just feels right to have on here.

It’s a combination of all my favorite things on this list.

It’s nostalgic, really cool, and pretty useful.

You couldn’t ask for a better mount – especially with the ever-impressive Final Fantasy VII Remake.

If you’ve played the game yourself, you’ll recognize this motorcycle as Cloud’s.

It’s also one of the most popular mounts on the Mog Station in FFXIV.

That’s probably because it’s freaking badass.

You could even combine this mount with the Cloud outfit you can get in-game. Then you’d really rockin’ and rollin’.

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