FFX Luck Sphere Farming (Locations & Common Uses)

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Luck Spheres can only be farmed by defeating the Greater Sphere, which is a monster unlocked at the Monster Arena by creating two other Original Creations. Fortunately, the Greater Sphere drops Luck Spheres 87% of the time.

These spheres are used to turn an empty node on the Sphere Grid into a Luck +4 node.

And the Luck stat is one of the most powerful stats in the game.

There are very few natural luck nodes on the Sphere Grid, so Luck Spheres are essential to max out the stat.


Where Can I Get Luck Spheres?

The only fiend in all of Spira to have Luck Spheres is, fittingly enough, the Greater Sphere.

You can find five or so spheres in chests around the world of Spira – but to get more you’re going to have to get comfortable with farming your new friend.

The Greater Sphere behaves much like the Macalania Woods story boss Spherimorph.

So it’s weak to whatever the opposite of the last elemental spell it casted.

For example, if it casts fire, then it’s currently weak to ice. And it cycles through all the elements throughout the battle.

Battling the Greater Sphere in Final Fantasy X HD

This makes defeating the Greater Sphere a slow task.

If you attack it physically, it counters with an Ultima spell.

Hit it with an Overdrive and it’ll return with a Hydraulic Press attack that removes about a quarter percentage of your party’s current HP.

If you dare heal yourself with an item, you’ll get punished with a Flare -it’s all very annoying.

The best way to defeat the Greater Sphere is to either play its elemental game and take your time, or get powerful enough with stats & equipment that you can just muscle through its counterattacks.

Either way, defeating the Sphere takes time.

And to unlock this creature, you just have to unlock two other monsters in the Species Conquest tab in the Monster Arena.


Uses For Luck Spheres

They add Luck nodes to the Sphere Grid!

Luck Spheres are half of what you’ll need to start juicing up your luck stat (with Fortune Spheres being the other half).

Rikku can also use them in some of her mixes if you really want.

Final Elixir (Mega-Potion + Luck Sphere) – Recovers the party to 100% HP and MP, cures negative statuses and even revives the dead!

Hero Drink (Agility Sphere + Luck Sphere) – Raises the critical hit rate for one party member.

Miracle Drink (Accuracy Sphere + Luck Sphere) – Raises the critical hit rate for all party members. Lucky!


Is Farming Luck Spheres Worth It?

If you’re looking to become stupidly powerful, then yes.

The Dark Aeons, Penance, and everything between those two are exceedingly difficult and require a lot of preparation, both with your gear and stats.

Luck is one of the most important stats in the game, affecting not only your character’s accuracy, but also their evade and critical hit rate.

And Luck affects all of that at a much higher level.

A character with 255 Luck in FFX cannot get hit by probably 90% of enemies, and they’ll just about always land a critical hit with every attack.

Yes, it will take a long time to get enough Luck Spheres from farming the Greater Sphere to get to 255.

But it is ultimately worth it.

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