FFX-2: The Best Creatures For Your Team (Our Top Picks)

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Fiend capturing was one of the additions to Final Fantasy X-2 HD. And although it doesn’t really add a whole lot to the story, it really serves to inject some replayability to your NG+ and beyond.

The basic function of Fiend capturing is that you use traps to capture a set number of Fiends in each chapter, then if you spend enough time leveling them up and teaching them abilities, you can create an army of really powerful allies.

Put enough effort into it and you won’t even need to use YRP ever again.

Of course, this can make the whole game way too easy. And so that’s why I suggest leaving it until your NG+.

But if you want to know who the strongest endgame Fiends are, we’ve got you covered.


10. Chocobo

Chocobo FFX-2 Creature

So it turns out that Chocobos are useful for more than just riding on.

You can capture a Chocobo by using an S Trap Pod in Mi’ihen Highroad, and they make a great addition to any team that needs a non-physical attacker.

You’ll want to give them the Mascot Dressphere and the Chaos Maelstrom Garment Grid so they have access to Black Sky and Turbo Arcana, as well as the ever useful Ribbon auto-ability.

Alongside this they’ll need the Life, Esuna, and Vigor skills so they can support the rest of your team.


9. Heavy Sallet

Heavy Sallet in Final Fantasy X-2

Heavy Sallet is one of your typical high defense/low speed Fiends that can be caught using an L or SP Trap Pod in Bikanel – and by searching for ‘Helm’ type specifically.

Their main function is to outlast all of your opponents, which is why it’s imperative to teach them skills like Auto-Haste, Auto-Regen, and Auto-Protect.

You’ll also want to add skills such as Auto-Life and Vigor into their skillset, and they will want to have the Mascot Dressphere and the Peerless Garment Grid so they’ll always hit with criticals.


8. Hexapod

Hexapod in FFX-2

Hexapod is all about magic.

And you can get one by using an S Trap in Mi’ihen Highroad during chapter 5.

The key with Hexapod is to completely load it up with abilities that assist with its magic casting, both offensive and supportive.

You’ll want to give Hexapod the White Mage Dressphere for Vigor and Turbo White Magic, as well as the Abominable GG for the boost to all its stats – as well as the Ribbon auto-ability.

For skills, you’ll want to give them Full Life and Esuna, as well as Ultima to really maximize on its magical capabilities.


7. Red Elemental

Red Elemental FFX-2 Creature

Just like Hexapod, Red Elemental excels as a magic user.

These can be found by using an S Trap in Kilika, or an SP Trap and searching for an ‘Elemental’ type.

For gear, they’ll want to have the Black Mage Dressphere for MP Absorb and Turbo Black Magic. And the Downtrodder GG for Gravity Eater.

Ribbon is a must, as well as One MP Cost since you’ll be spamming magic attacks like no tomorrow.

Their abilities will aim to capitalize on their high magic stat with skills such as Firaga, Flare, and Holy, plus throwing Full-Life in there too for good measure.


6. Tonberry

Tonberry in Final Fantasy X-2

Our favorite little knife carrying Fiend makes a very useful physical attacker in FFX-2.

Although they will need a magic user alongside them to cover all bases.

You can capture a Tonberry by using an S Trap in Mushroom Rock.

You’ll want to give them the Thief Dressphere to give them Mug and Initiative, and then the Vanguard GG for Armor Break (and the small boost to their stats).

Round out their auto-abilities with Auto-Haste and Deathtouch, and you have a very powerful Fiend that will decimate your enemies.


5. Logos

Logos in FFX-2

One of Leblanc’s trusty sidekicks can be yours to own, but only in NG+.

You can get your hands on him by using an SP Pod and searching for ‘Humans’ in Guadosalam during any chapter.

Logos is strong as a physical user, and as such, you’ll want to play to his strengths by giving him the Peerless GG.

He naturally learns Quick Hit, so you’re all set with offensive skills. And so just give him Life, Vigor, and Esuna to round out his moveset.

Finally, be sure to give him Auto-Haste and Break Damage Limit too.

Then watch him kill everything in his path.


4. Nooj

Nooj FFX-2 Creature

Just like Logos, Nooj’s main draw is his proficiency as a physical attacker.

You can capture him by using an SP Trap in Mushroom Rock and searching for ‘Human’ type – but he will only be obtainable if you sided with the Youth League.

As he doesn’t naturally learn Quick Hit, you’ll need to give him the Mercurial Strike GG to teach him this ability.

You’ll also want to also give him the Auto-Haste, Break HP Limit, and Break Damage Limit auto-abilities, and then either Auto-Reflect or Omnistrike.


3. Mushroom Cloud

Mushroom Cloud in Final Fantasy X-2

Mushroom Cloud exists to do two things:

Reduce its enemies to weak dribbling messes, and then obliterate them with Ultima.

Thankfully you can capture one and use them to do that exact thing to your opponents.

Capture a Mushroom Cloud for yourself by using an S Trap in Bevelle in chapter 5 once Via Infinito begins.

Its two biggest threats are the aforementioned Ultima, and its debilitating skill Pernicious Powder, which inflicts all manner of negative status effects and lowers the enemy’s Strength and Magic to 1/10 of the original value.

Round out this Fiend with the Mascot Dressphere and the Salvation Promised GG to teach it the Auto-Life ability.

And finish it off with Break Damage Limit and Break HP Limit – then you’ll have one of the most powerful Fiends in the game.


2. Machina Leader

Machina Leader in FFX-2

The Machina Leader is one of the most insane damage dealing Fiends in all of FFX-2.

And you can get one by using an S Pod or a Machina SP Pod in Thunder Plains during chapter 5, once the Secret Dungeon has been unlocked.

Give yours the White Mage Dressphere and the Peerless GG, and then the usual trio of Auto-Haste, Break Damage Limit, and Break HP Limit to maximize its offensive potential – and to give it a little protection in the HP department.

The most important skill you’ll want to teach it is Impale.

This ignores Defense, and when coupled with Break Damage Limit, it results in some absolutely insane numbers.

You can quite easily destroy anything in the game that doesn’t resist physical attacks.


1. Almighty Shinra

Almighty Shinra FFX-2 Creature

The final superboss of the Fiend Arena will eventually join your team after you manage to beat him.

And if paired with Mushroom Cloud, this becomes the most OP Fiend team in the game.

You’ll fight him at the end of the Almighty Shinra Cup, although he’s no mean feat.

For skills, he comes with Clione which is his signature move and deals heavy AOE damage.

You can supplement this with Break Damage Limit and the Peerless GG.

The good thing about Almighty Shinra is that he comes almost ready made, and only needs minimal effort to turn into an OP force.

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