Best Foods For White Mages in Final Fantasy XI

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Preparing for battle is about more than just knowing which spells to cast or strategies to use.

Food effects can help immensely.

While some can be used to majorly increase survivability, others offer more unique effects like Fast Cast or Magic Evasion.

Let’s take a look at what our cure-casting mages will be chomping down on the most.


5. Yagudo Drink

Many mage jobs will remember this one fondly, it’s an all-time classic!

While its refresh effect is much more accessible these days, they’re cheap and offer a net total of 120 MP. This can be handy for situations where MP costs are going to be concern, but danger isn’t.

Since they’re drinks, the relatively short duration makes them a flexible food too, allowing white mages to eat or drink something else afterwards.

Yagudo Drinks can be found under the Foods > Meals > Drinks section of the auction house.

Duration: 3 Minutes
Refresh+2 (net total of 120 MP)


4. Mushroom Sauté

This dish is handy for situations where MP preservation from resting is important.

Content with sizable breaks between fights are best exploited using this food.

It also offers a nice MP and MND boost to help with healing.

Mushroom Sauté can be found under the Food > Meals > Vegetables section of the auction house.

Duration: 3 Hours
MP Recovered While Healing+6


3. Crepe des Rois

These pancakes offer a fair dose of supporting stats.

Its main purpose is for its massive magic accuracy boost, while also offering a magic defence bonus should the white mage suffer any magic damage.

They’re great for content where a white mage might be casting debuffs often, like Addle.

Crepes des Rois can be found under the Meals > Sweets section of the auction house.

Duration: 30 minutes
Magic Accuracy +21% (Max. 95)
Magic Defense Bonus +1


2. Prime Marine Stewpot

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While this food doesn’t offer much in the way of defenses, it’s definitely a welcome dish.

Because it’s a food that benefits the whole party, including pets!

The Prime Marine Stewpot offers an incredibly useful boost to all accuracy bases, as well as a nice HP boost to all players, but not pets. These effects last a staggering 3 hours, and up to 8 hours in Reisenjima, making this a very cost-friendly food to use!

For all these reasons, this will usually be the most used food when defense and survivability become more of a concern.

Prime Marine Stewpots can be found under the Food > Meals > Soups section of the auction house.

Duration: 3 Hours
HP+95 (Pets excluded)
Accuracy, Ranged Accuracy and Magic Accuracy+95 (Pets included)


1. Miso Ramen

If not using Prime Marine Stewpots, Miso Ramen is a white mage’s best friend.

They shouldn’t really be taking damage, but with unavoidable AoE resulting from large effect radiuses, it’s often inevitable.

This food aims to balance a white mage’s major weak side: their defenses.

And it does this well.

It most notably offers a hefty magic evasion boost—something that white mages already excel in—allowing them to reliably avoid nasty status ailments that would otherwise impede their much-needed healing.

It also offers a powerful physical defense boost in addition to a magical one!

Miso Ramen can be found under the Foods > Meals > Breads & Rice section of the auction house.

Duration: 30 Minutes
DEF+10% (Max. 170)
Magic Evasion+10% (Max. 50)
Magic Defense Bonus+5
Resist Slow+10

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