FFXIV: What Are Levequests & Are They Important?

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Levequests are repeatable quests you can complete for a variety of rewards. They can be picked up from Levemetes (quest givers) all over Eorzea, but you must spend Leve Allowances to acquire them.

Ah, Levequests. The last tin of food in the cupboard on a hungry evening. The pennies you dig out of the couch when you’re broke.

These reliable (and slightly mind-numbing) quests can be found at Levemetes all over the world, for any discipline you care to play.

It’s not exciting stuff.

In fact, Levequests are more often than not the ultimate basic MMO task.

Go here, kill ten of these bears, gather five of these flowers.

If you’re already rolling your eyes at the mere concept of that, I don’t blame you.

FFXIV certainly has enough of that as it is – peel away the storyline that usually goes with them and it almost feels pointless.

But these quests do have a use.

There are times where you’ll have run out of MSQ to do and have to level up before you can do more.

You’ll be looking for something to do in the potentially long time between Duty Roulette queues.

Or you just might need a little push to get to the next level on your crafting job.

It’s dull stuff, but it can be very useful.

There are a few different types of Levequest for different disciplines.

And to acquire a Levequest, you must spend a Leve Allowance.

You gain three Leve Allowances every twelve real-time hours, and can carry a max of 100 at once.


What Are Battlecraft Leves?

Battlecraft Leves are focused on combat classes and jobs.

These will task you with going to a certain area and killing targets, escorting NPCs, or investigating locations.

While the game certainly does what it can to keep these objectives feeling at least somewhat fresh, they will get monotonous fairly quickly.

Once you’ve picked one of these up, they’ll appear in your quest journal along with everything else.

You’ll need to head to the Leve’s location (indicated by a green circle) on the map and use the quest journal to initiate the mission.

You’ll have to undertake these alone, so no bringing friends along to expedite the process.

Once you initiate a Battlecraft Leve you’ll be asked if you’d like to adjust the difficulty.

It’ll suggest a difficulty based on your level, but you can set it lower (or higher!) if you please.

Naturally, the potential rewards will increase at higher levels.

Carpenter character using gpose in FFXIV
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What Are Tradecraft Leves?

Tradecraft Leves are for crafting classes like Blacksmith, Weaver, and Carpenter.

Think of these as delivery requests.

You’ll be asked to deliver a crafted item related to your job to a target. There’s no time limit, but delivering a High Quality item will result in you getting a 100% additional experience.

As a quick tip, it’s totally possible to just buy the respective item from the Market Board if you want to power through some Tradecraft Leves.

This can get a bit pricey, especially at higher levels. But if you’ve got gil to spare and want to progress fast, take a look!

Tradecraft Leves will reward you with experience for your crafter.


What Are Fieldcraft Leves?

Fieldcraft Leves are for gathering jobs like Botany and Mining.

These are similar to Battlecraft Leves in the sense that you’ll have to go to a location and complete an objective within a time limit.

Obviously the time limit doesn’t begin until you reach the area and initiate the Leve, so there isn’t any additional pressure.

Botanist character riding mount in FFXIV
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You’ll have to gather a specific number of items within the time limit, with bonuses being awarded on speed of completion.

As far as I know, you can’t just buy the items on the Market Board like you can with Tradecraft – but the process isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

Fishers, however, can buy their Leve gathering targets from the Market Board.

Fishing works a little differently in general, because the game doesn’t show you where to get the fish you need. You’ll have to look that up yourself.


When Should I Do Leves?

For combat classes, Leves are useful for leveling new jobs alongside other activities like Duty Roulette.

You’ll earn gil and Company Seals in the process, so the experience isn’t the only reward.

If you still have MSQ to do at your current level, it’s probably more efficient to focus on that first.

Leves can be a bit more generally useful for crafters and gatherers, who may have extended periods in their leveling process when it just seems to stall.

What’s great about them is that Leves can be pursued while you’re queuing for other activities, so you don’t just have to stand around waiting for the rest of the group to be ready!

And if you don’t want to do Leves, you don’t have to.

They’re not a mandatory activity – and some players may never see a use for them in the first place!

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