What is Duty Roulette in Final Fantasy XIV?

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Duty Roulette is a feature in FFXIV that allows players to sign up to matchmade groups in order to complete a dungeon or trial, usually referred to as duties. The duty will be selected at random from content the player has unlocked.

All said, Final Fantasy XIV has a ton of content.

It’s been online since 2010, and has seen three expansions furthering its story, each one adding in a wealth of new dungeons and trials for players to battle through.

And completing many of these duties is mandatory to progress the Main Scenario Quests.

So how does XIV make sure there’s a steady flow of players signing up to clear old content?

Duty Roulette is the answer.

There are different roulettes for most types of duty, and completing them provides additional EXP and gil rewards! You can sign up to Duty Roulette through the Duty Finder – just hit the U key on your keyboard and go from there.

You can queue for the Roulettes as many times as you like, but you’ll only be eligible for the extra rewards once a day.

But you’ll still earn the usual EXP and gil from killing monsters, alongside the regular loot drops in the instances themselves.

Once you’ve unlocked a few different types of Roulette, they’re a great way to boost your leveling time on a daily basis – and earn Tomestones for endgame gear.

If you join the Duty Roulette queue as a tank or a healer, you’ll likely be eligible for an extra bonus from the “Adventurer in Need” reward, which is given out to incentivize playing roles that are currently in short supply.

Adventurer in Need can be earned even if you’ve already picked up the daily reward, and will stack with it if you haven’t picked up your reward just yet.


How To Unlock Duty Roulettes (And What Are The Different Types?)

Roulettes will typically unlock once you’ve completed at least two of the requisite activities, and they expand as you discover more.

You’ll probably see the Leveling Roulette first, and this one will be your best friend for a little while.

It’ll include all the dungeons and trials that require a Light Party of four players before the 50/60/70 Roulette begins.

The Guildhest Roulette can be unlocked earlier, at level ten. But as Guildhests are totally optional, it’s easy to miss these. This Roulette will appear when you’ve cleared the first two instances, and it’ll expand as you complete more.

There’s a Roulette for Trials too, which focuses on the Full Party (eight player) content that starts with Cape Westwind at level 49. This doesn’t include the first batch of Primal battles, as those only require four players.

The Raid Roulette is separated into two subcategories based on how many players are required to complete them.

Alliance Raids (including Crystal Tower, which is now essential to progress the MSQ) are all the 24-player raids that are no longer considered current content.

The Normal Raid Roulette is basically the eight player version.

And the Main Scenario Roulette just includes two Full Party dungeons: Castrum Meridianum and The Praetorium.

Out of all the Roulettes, this is the one I avoid the most. If you’ve done both of these dungeons before, you probably know why.

None of the cutscenes from start to finish can be skipped, and there’s quite a few of them.

Roulette: Frontline is for PvP content, and players who have worked hard enough to become mentors can gain access to a roulette geared towards helping struggling groups.

But unlocking the Mentor Roulette is a massive task in itself, requiring the completion of more or less every dungeon, trial, and raid in the game!

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