FFXIV Orchestrion Rolls: What Are They & What Do You Do With Them?

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Orchestrion Rolls are collectible items that can be used to play varying tracks on an Orchestrion – basically Final Fantasy XIV’s version of a jukebox. They can be acquired from vendors, quest rewards, dungeons and crafting recipes.

You’ve probably collected a few Orchestrion Rolls already. You may have some sitting in your inventory right now, just waiting to be played.

Think of these as CDs. They’ll usually capture some of XIV’s epic soundtrack in a form that can be replayed at your leisure in certain areas.

And XIV has some incredible tunes.

The soundtrack can swap between delicate and innocent, to thunderously dramatic on a dime.

There are really no limits to what the soundtrack’s done in the past – it’s gone from typical Final Fantasy scoring to incredible rock songs like Oblivion, which scores the Shiva Trial. It also features epic re-interpretations of classics like Dancing Mad, Kefka’s battle theme from Final Fantasy VI.

Sure, you could definitely just look your favorite tracks up on YouTube.

But this is Final Fantasy XIV, and there’s a system for everything.

In this game there’s something to collect around every corner. And if you love the XIV score, you can probably find an Orchestrion Roll for it.


So Where Can I Find Orchestrion Rolls?

Orchestrion Rolls are found basically everywhere.

Quest rewards, Market Boards, vendors, and achievements can all provide you with more of them.

Obviously, paying Market Board prices can be a very pricey option. So if there’s one you’re desperate for, it might be worth finding out where it comes from and taking a look yourself.

You can see all of the available Orchestrion Rolls and their respective sources here.

If you check out that link you’ll see there’s a tremendous amount of choice.

You can even pick up ambient sound Orchestrion Rolls if you want some gentle cricket sounds or soothing rainfall to come home to.


Where Can I Play Orchestrion Rolls?

The most obvious location is your inn room.

Retiring to an inn room grants you a bunch of options: glamour dresser, the armoire, changes of style. But you’ll also find an Orchestrion in every room.

By using an Orchestrion Roll, it’ll be added to your list, and you can play it at an Orchestrion as many times as you like.

You can also place your very own Orchestrion in your private quarters or rooms of your estate.

When accessing the Orchestrion, you get a handful of options to manage playback.

You can sample the track, which plays it only to you. Or you can play it for the entire room (which will obviously override the room’s generic music).

And when you’re tired of listening to your selection, stop it, at which point the room’s generic sounds will resume.


What’s The Deal With Faded Orchestrion Rolls?

From time to time you may pick up a Faded Orchestrion Roll.

These cannot be used, and require a little more legwork to restore to their former glory.

You’ll need to either level an Alchemist or find a particularly friendly one if you want to use a Faded Orchestrion Roll.

By using a new sheet and ink (both crafted by the Alchemist, or purchased from the Market Board) the Roll can be restored and used as normal.

It’s worth noting that quite a lot of Orchestrion Rolls can be sold on the Market Board, too.

Yes there are a fair few exceptions, but just like minions – if you’re not interested in building a collection, you can still cash these in for some quick gil.

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