How To Solve the Puzzle in Sunken Temple of Qarn (FFXIV)

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Inside the Sunken Temple of Qarn, you’ll come across a structure labeled “The Scales of Judgment” that opens the door to the final boss.

To solve the puzzle on the Scales of Judgment, place the Flame of Magic tablet on the left shelf, and the Fruit of Knowledge tablet on the right shelf. This will reveal an extra room that contains three treasure chests.

You’ll find both of those tablets in a room to the right-hand side after you defeat the first Avoirdupois. Accessing this room is optional, so it’s possible that you could miss it unless you’re looking for it.

The Warden Inside the Dungeon / FFXIV
The Warden Inside the Dungeon

Throughout the Sunken Temple of Qarn, you can come across up to four stone tablets that the party can obtain.

Each of the four tablets have their own engraved symbol, and placing the correct tablets on the Scales of Judgment will open up the treasure room.

Here is where you can find these tablets:

Symbol Location
The Helm of Might Down the first set of stairs in the room with two Temple Bats and one Accused
The Gem of Affluence Inside the room right before the first boss
The Fruit of Knowledge Optional room to the left, right after defeating the first Avoirdupois
The Flame of Magic Optional room to the right, right after defeating the first Avoirdupois

Note: Both of the optional rooms for the Fruit of Knowledge and the Flame of Magic require you to defeat additional Avoirdupois on the glowing tiles to access them.

To gain access to the treasure room and solve the puzzle, place The Flame of Magic on the left, and the Fruit of Knowledge on the right.

Having the incorrect tablets on the scales when you tip them will cause an extra pack of mobs to spawn.

Entrance to the Temple of Qarn / FFXIV
Entrance to the Temple of Qarn

There is actually a structure at the very start of the dungeon that shows the correct placement of the tablets for the treasure. It is marked as The Warden and can be found right across the dungeon’s entrance.

You can also opt to skip picking up tablets and tip the Scales of Judgment without putting anything on them. Doing so will also spawn a pack of mobs before you can proceed to the final boss of the dungeon.

If you place the tablets correctly before tipping the scales, a portion of a nearby wall will disappear, revealing the treasure room. The three treasure chests inside the room will contain:

  • Qarn Chainmail
  • A pair of Qarn gloves
  • Some wind crystals

You’ll only get one chance to solve this puzzle per run. And you will not be able to interact with the Scales of Judgment again after you’ve tipped them.

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