FFXIV: What Are Scrips & How Do I Get Them?

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Scrips are a currency available to crafters and gatherers in Final Fantasy XIV. By handing in collectable items, these jobs can earn both White and Yellow Scrips. The system was introduced in the Heavensward expansion.

Scrips can be exchanged for a variety of rewards, and essentially represent the “endgame” of crafting and gathering professions in the game.

You can spend Scrips to gear up your chosen job at max level, for example.


How Do I Unlock Scrips?

Once you hit level 50, you can pick up a quest named “Inscrutable Tastes” in Foundation (the lower level of the Holy See of Ishgard).

This is another short breadcrumb quest that will reward you with the ability to gather or craft collectable items.

These special items exist only to be handed in for Scrips, and have no other gameplay application.

There are technically four different types of Scrip.

You have the two colors: Yellow and White.

And they deviate further as Crafter/Gatherer Scrips.

The colors denote the quality.

So for example, a White Crafter’s Scrip would be used for endgame rewards. They’re separate currencies, so you can’t use crafting scrips for gathering rewards.

The process of obtaining collectables is a bit different depending on whether you’re gathering or crafting them. I’ll go through both methods briefly below, but regardless of how you’re getting your collectables, you can hand them in to the same vendors.

Vendors can be found in each expansion as you progress through the storyline, basically keeping up with your character’s progress through the world.

You can check which items are currently in demand by accessing the Timers menu and selecting Rowena’s House of Splendors.

Collectable items can have varying levels of collectability, potentially rewarding you further if you can get the value up.


How To Get Scrips Through Gathering

Gathering collectables is a little bit fiddly at times.

You’ll unlock the skill “Collector’s Glove” at level 50. Then you’ll have to use that skill in conjunction with appraisal abilities (“Methodical Appraisal” is the only one available to you at first) to increase the collectability of an item you’re gathering.

Appraising the item increases its value, but will also increase its wear.

If it gets too worn, you won’t get anything out of the node.

I used this guide extensively while leveling up my Botanist, and it made the process of understanding unspoiled nodes and collectables so much easier.

Gatherer Botanist Cutting A Tree / FFXIV Screenshot
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How To Get Scrips Through Crafting

Crafters actually have a much easier time of it.

Once you’ve unlocked the skill “Collectable Synthesis”, you can toggle it on and boom – you’re making a collectable.

The high quality gauge you usually see in the synthesis screen will be replaced with a collectability bar. From then on you’ll just be crafting the item as usual.

Once you’ve crafted the item, you can just hand it in for the rewards.

It’s really nothing too out of the ordinary if you’ve done much crafting up to this point.

Personally I found the gathering path for collectables to be much more of a divergence from my usual style of play.

Crafting character screenshot / FFXIV Screenshot
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Where Can I Exchange My Scrips?

The first location available to you is Revenant’s Toll in Mor Dhona, but you’ll also find vendors in every major city (including Rhalgr’s Reach for Stormblood and The Crystarium/Eulmore for Shadowbringers).

Basically, you’re never that far away from a vendor.

Obviously if you’re after endgame gear, you’ll want to be making use of Eulmore and the Crystarium above anyone else.

I didn’t actually need to make use of scrip vendors until I was making the journey from 70-80, but your mileage may vary.


What Are The Rewards For Scrip Exchange?

There are a plethora of potential exchange items available.

The most obvious reward is new gear, but you can pick up Materia, high-end crafting materials, orchestrion rolls, and advanced recipes for your efforts.

You can even pick up housing items if you’re particularly flush with them.

You should think of the scrip system as crafting/gathering’s endgame.

It’s how you progress reliably in those roles, and it gives you something to pursue beyond the endless hunt for more gil.

If you prefer to spend your time in XIV following the more peaceful activities, scrips are your reward.

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