Genshin: Is The Unforged Good? (Best Characters)

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The Unforged is a good weapon, but it’s often overshadowed by other claymores. The most notable ones are Wolf’s Gravestone (a standard 5-star weapon) and Serpent Spine (a BP 4-star weapon). Plus, these two are generally easier to obtain than The Unforged – which is a limited 5-star weapon. Because of this, The Unforged does lose most of its value.

If you already have Wolf’s Gravestone or Serpent Spine, there’s absolutely no reason to pull for The Unforged.

Still, The Unforged definitely isn’t a bad weapon.

It’s a perfectly viable replacement for Wolf’s Gravestone thanks to its abundance of ATK. Any character that can use Wolf Gravestone can also use The Unforged.

The Unforged / Genshin Impact
The Unforged

At Refinement Rank 1 (R1) Level 90, it has a Base ATK of 608 and a secondary stat of 49.6% ATK. And its passive is called “Golden Majesty”, which has the following effects:

  • Increases shield strength by 20%.
  • Scoring hits on an opponent increases the wielder’s ATK by 4% for 8s. Maximum 5 stack. This can only occur once every 0.3s.
  • While protected by a shield, this ATK buff is increased by 100%.

These passives are pretty great, but they only work on-field.

This means that the wielder only gains increased shield strength and ATK buff stacks when they’re on-field — so The Unforged is generally less favorable for off-field claymore users.

Plus, the shield passive for increased ATK buffs can be harder to maintain.

Not every team uses a shielder, and not every shield has enough uptime to maintain its passive. Because of this, The Unforged is mainly considered an ATK stat stick.

Its passive is situational, and only a few characters can fully benefit from it.

Additionally, here’s a more detailed list of its synergy with every currently playable claymore user.

The Unforged Character Pairings
Great Good Not Recommended
Diluc, Beidou, Razor, Eula Chongyun, Noelle, Xinyan, Sayu Itto, Dori
  • Great means that The Unforged is one of the character’s best-in-slot weapons.
  • Good means that The Unforged works on the character, but it’s often outperformed by other better claymores – usually craftable, BP, or 4-star gacha weapons.
  • Not recommended means that the character would much prefer other more accessible claymores — or they simply don’t benefit from ATK.
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