Top 10 Must-Have QoL Mods for GTA V

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Compared to previous entries in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, GTA V is a joy to play.

They fixed a ton of issues and uncomfortable design decisions to create a game you can quickly jump into, with the least obstacles between you and unbridled fun as possible.

That said, there’s always room for improvement. And though Rockstar has kept updating GTA V for years, there’s still some work to be done.

To make your criminal life as effortless and comfortable as possible, this list offers the most convenient Quality-of-Life mods available for GTA V.


10. Disarm

Disarm / GTA V Mod

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I’m part of a select few Grand Theft Auto fans that don’t actually enjoy wanton violence all that much.

This isn’t Hitman or a Dark Brotherhood mission in Skyrim. The fewer people die for me to get my money, the better.

GTA IV made this kind of playstyle easier by allowing players to disarm NPCs by shooting their weapons out of their hands. Regrettably, GTA V took away that peaceful route.

The Disarm mod brings back this life-saving technique, allowing you to get through the game without becoming a homicidal maniac.

Nothing to do about the civilians you’ll inevitably run over throughout your playthrough, though…


9. Finite Cops

Finite Cops / GTA V Mod

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In the words of Michael De Santa, “you wake up one day, and your legs, they just give, and you just can’t run anymore.”

I enjoy a high-speed chase as much as the next guy. But sometimes, I just want to go full Ash Street on the LSPD to teach them not to mess with me.

The thing is, the LSPD seems to have the fastest recruitment process in the world. No matter how many cops you gun down, they’ll keep coming.

Finite Cops changes this so downing enough agents will start dropping your wanted level. Even law enforcement knows when something is just not worth it.


8. Ultimate 100% Perfect Game Save

Ultimate 100% Perfect Game Save / GTA V Mod

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Sometimes, you don’t have time to clear the entire game again.

Maybe you’ve just had to reinstall the game or somehow busted your save file with a mod. Perhaps you just want to show something to a newbie friend on their own copy of GTA V but realize they haven’t unlocked anything yet.

Whatever the case, a fully-completed 100% save file is an essential tool for any committed GTA V lover.

Guns, automobiles, map areas, outfits – it’s all in this save file, free of charge.


7. New Colorful HUD (Weapons, Radio & Map Blips)

New Colorful HUD (Weapons, Radio & Map Blips) / GTA V Mod

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The Heads Up Display on GTA V is one of the best and most comfortable in the series, but it’s a bit lacking in the aesthetic department.

Going for an all-gray color palette might have been nice and minimal back in 2013, but nowadays, it just feels boring.

The New Colorful HUD injects a lot of color and emotion into GTA V’s HUD. It makes it much more visually pleasing and easier to navigate – especially the weapon wheel.

Another excellent change is the increased color variety for map markers, which can also save you a lot of time finding your way around the fictional state of San Andreas.


6. Extended Camera Settings

Extended Camera Settings / GTA V Mod

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Limited cameras are every gamer’s nightmare.

The cameras in GTA V are fairly responsive and functional – but if you’re the kind of person who lives for screenshots, it’s more than a little bit restrictive.

Extended Camera Settings will give you complete control over your in-game perspective.

Field of View, rotation limits, follow distance, personalized settings for third-person, first-person, and vehicle driving – it’s all easily customizable from a comfortable in-game menu.


5. Simple Trainer

Simple Trainer / GTA V Mod

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You can’t have a QoL mod ranking without at least one cheat menu or trainer.

The Simple Trainer is one of the best cheat engine options for GTA V. You can spawn any vehicle, give yourself any weapon, teleport to various places, and more.

No matter how much you know a game, you’ll eventually find yourself in a situation so bad that you’d rather ragequit than deal with the consequences of your actions.

With this mod, you’ll always find a way to solve it.

Alternatively, you can try the Enhanced Native Trainer or Zolika1251’s Trainer until you find the one that works the best for your specific needs.


4. Passenger Mod

Passenger Mod / GTA V Mod

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Suppose you just got out of a heated argument with an associate or a dangerous shootout with a rival gang that left your hands trembling and your mind troubled.

Maybe you’ve just had one drink too many.

The Passenger Mod will make it so you don’t have to drive in these difficult circumstances. Just get in someone’s car and tell them where you want to go, then sit back and enjoy the ride.

For a more VIP experience, check out the Limousine Service mod.


3. 4K Satellite View Map + Radar Mod & Zoom Script

4K Satellite View Map + Radar Mod & Zoom Script / GTA V Mod

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If you want a gorgeous map, you can’t go wrong with this incredibly detailed 4K Satellite View Map.

Think of it as turning on the Satellite overlay option in Google Maps!

Much like its Google Maps equivalent, this makes the map just a little harder to read – but it makes it easier to understand the lay of the land and is definitely more appealing.


2. Pull Me Over

Pull Me Over / GTA V Mod

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One of my biggest pet peeves with Grand Theft Auto games is how hard it is to drive a car without the police jumping on you.

Much like every GTA police force before them, LSPD is more than happy to initiate a dangerous high-speed chase and eventually get the national guard, the coast guard, the feds, and even the army involved just because you ignored a red light.

Pull Me Over adds a touch of realism and saves you a lot of trouble by making the police pull you over for minor infractions. You can pay a fine and be on your merry way.

Tip: This mod works exceptionally well with Better Chases +.


1. Personal Parking Space

Personal Parking Space / GTA V Mod

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Sometimes, you don’t have the time to drive back to your garage to save a car.

Or your garage may be full – forcing you to choose between equally bad-ass rides.

The Personal Parking Space mod is here to solve all your car ownership troubles by making your car permanent regardless of where you park it.

It’ll even put a small blip on your map so you know where to look for it.

With this system, you can only have one car parked at a time – but any previous car gets stored in the mod’s files, so you can get it back quickly.

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