Where To Get Bright Shards in KH1.5 (Farming Spots + Uses)

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Bright Shards can be dropped by the Green Requiem and White Mushroom heartless, as well as Bambi’s summon in Agrabah.

The best place to farm these shards is at the Deep Jungle’s Cliff area. Just get on top of the cliff in this spot (the cliff right next to the climbing pole) to spawn lots of Green Requiems to defeat. They have a 10% drop chance for Bright Shards, and they’re pretty easy to defeat too.

And there are multiple waves of Green Requiems on top of this cliff.

So once you defeat the first round, wait a little bit for more to spawn.

Another farming option is to visit The End Of The World and travel between Wonderland + Deep Jungle Terminus areas. But that may not be much faster than just farming in the actual Deep Jungle world – specifically the little cliff next to where you fought Clayton.

Looking at the cliff where Green Requiems spawn / KH 1.5 HD Screenshot

Bright Shard Farming Methods in KH1.5

There’s a couple enemies you can farm for Bright Shards, but the Green Requiem is definitely the simplest choice.

Let’s take a look at all your options though.

Green Requiems: These floating, gloating boys can be found soaring around Traverse Town, Deep Jungle, Agrabah, Monstro, Hollow Bastion, and the End of the World.

They have a 10% drop rate for Bright Shards and will be the best option for farming.

They can be found in lots of places, but it’ll be ideal to travel along the Cliff area in Deep Jungle (specifically the cliff right next to the pole you can climb up). That’s where you’ll find the most of these things.

White Mushrooms: These rare heartless can be found in fixed locations around various worlds. They’ll always have a puzzle attached to them, where they’ll motion a charade relating to a certain spell. You have to cast the spell they’re hinting at to pass & get the rewards.

If the last spell you cast on a White Mushroom is a Cure spell, it’ll have a 100% chance to drop a Bright Shard.

Bambi: Summoning Bambi and defeating heartless will fill up his gauge. If you go to Agrabah and manage to fill up the gauge two times, then Bambi will have a 40% chance to drop a Bright Shard. If you can fill it up three times then it’ll be a 60% chance.

Keep in mind that this Bambi farming method only works in Agrabah. If you do this in other worlds then the drops will be completely different.

Farming Green Requiems in Deep Jungle's Cliff Area / KH 1.5 HD

Bright Shard Uses

Bright Shards can be used to synthesize a handful of useable items and accessories, such as:

Cottage: A healing item that fully restores your party’s MP and HP, but only when you’re not in combat. You can synthesize this from List I, requiring x2 Bright Shards and x3 Blaze Shards.

KH1.5 ReMIX players will instead need List I and x1 Lucid Shard and x1 Bright Shard.

Megalixir: An incredibly useful healing item that fully restores both your party’s HP and MP. You can brew one up with List IV and x5 Bright Shards, x3 Bright Gems, x1 Bright Crystal, x1 Shiny Crystal, and x2 Gale.

KH1.5 ReMIX has a different recipe for Megalixirs not requiring Bright Shards.

Dark Ring: Fight darkness with darkness with +20% dark damage resistance and +3 Defense. You can make this ring using List I and x2 Lucid Shards, x1 Bright Shard, and x2 Mythril Shards.

KH 1.5 ReMIX doesn’t need any Bright Shards for this.

Defense Up: This handy item increases a character’s defense by +1. Synthesize it in KH1.5 with List IV and x3 Lucid Shards, x3 Bright Shards, x2 Bright Gems, x1 Power Crystal, and x5 Orichalcums.

The original KH1 game has a much different recipe not needing any Bright Shards.

Guard Earring: A resourceful accessory that ups your AP by +3 and Defense by +1. In KH1.5, you can forge this with List II and x3 Bright Shards, x1 Frost Shard, and x3 Mythril.

The original KH1 game doesn’t need Bright Shards.

Cosmic Arts: Another incredible accessory, and this is useful for just about everything. It’ll up your HP +9, MP +2, and AP +2, as well as enhancing your magic and summon power.

You can forge this only in KH1.5 ReMIX with List V and x5 Bright Shards, x3 Bright Gems, x1 Bright Crystal, and x3 Mythril.

On top of Deep Jungle's Cliff looking down / KH 1.5 HD Screenshot

Are Bright Shards Worth Farming?

Since Green Requiems aren’t the hardest Heartless to find, you should be able to gather quite a few shards just by beating enemy groups.

If you need to farm them, the Cliff area in the Deep Jungle should supply you with the amount you’d need.

Lots of good items can be crafted with the shards, especially Cosmic Arts and such, so it’s worth your time to grind.

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