How To Get Power Crystals in KH1.5 (Farming Spots & Uses)

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Power Crystals are only dropped by the Wyvern Heartless, the big giant dragon-looking things.

The best place to farm these Crystals would be in the Second District in Traverse Town, because 6-7 Wyvern can spawn here at a time.

But if you want to farm these a little earlier then you can find lots of Wyverns Hollow Bastion too. If you run pretty much anywhere around the Hollow Bastion mansion you should find plenty of these Wyverns to take down – especially along the balconies and inside the Entrance Hall.

These Power Crystals are used in synthesis, and your Moogle friends can convert these crystals into lots of good stuff like Elixirs, Power/Defense Ups, the Crystal Crown accessory, and the Heartguard accessory.

Wyvern Heartless spawning in the Gizmo Shop / KH 1.5

Power Crystal Farming

There’s only one enemy in the entire game that can drop Power Crystals: the Wyvern.

It’s a giant dragon-like Heartless that are colored red in the original Kingdom Hearts, or blue in KH1.5/Final Mix.

Regardless of the game, these guys have a 2% drop chance for the Crystals.

Your best bet for farming them would be in the Second District in Traverse Town, specifically once you get into late-game.

Close-up Wyvern in Second District of Traverse Town / KH 1.5

If you enter the second district from door right behind the Moogle Synthesis room, you should see a bunch of them spawning all around the area.

Just note that your drop chances are pretty low. You can equip Lucky Strike on the party to increase your odds, but bottom line it’s just a grind. So don’t give up if you don’t get any Power Crystal drops right away.

Luckily the wyverns aren’t super tough to beat, so you can grind them out pretty mindlessly once you’ve leveled up enough.

Wyvern spawning with Darkballs in Traverse Town / KH 1.5

What Are Power Crystals Used For?

You can use Power Crystals to synthesize the following items:

Elixir: These restore one party member’s full MP & HP. You can brew one up in KH1.5 Final Mix with List IV and x1 Power Crystal, x1 Shiny Crystal, x2 Bright Crystals, and x3 Orichalcum.

The original PS2 game’s recipe for Elixirs doesn’t require any Power Crystals.


Defense Up: Use this to permanently increase a character’s defense by +1 point.

You can synthesize this in KH1.5 Final Mix with List IV and x3 Lucid Shards, x3 Bright Shards, x2 Bright Gems, x1 Power Crystal, and x5 Orichalcum.

The original KH1 game doesn’t need Power Crystals for Defense Ups.


Power Up: Permanently increase a character’s strength by +1 point. You can make this in the original KH1 game using List IV and x5 Power Shards, x3 Power Gems, x1 Power Crystal, x1 Mystery Goo, and x2 Orichalcum.

Note that KH1.5 has a different recipe.


Crystal Crown: This is one of the best accessories in the game – it gives any party member HP +6, MP +1, AP +3, Strength +2, and Defense +2.

Synthesize this in the original KH1 using List IV and x3 Lucid Shards, x3 Power Crystals, x3 Shiny Crystals, and x3 Bright Crystals.

If you’re playing KH1.5 then you’ll instead need x5 Lucid Crystals, x1 Power Crystal, x1 Shiny Crystal, x3 Blazing Stones, and x3 Frost Stones.


Heartguard: A powerful defense-focused accessory that can work great for a tank build. It’ll raise any party member’s HP by +3, Defense by +4, and also reduce all dark damage by 20%!

You can synthesize this in the original KH1 with List III and x3 Spirit Shards, x3 Power shards, and x1 Power Crystal.

KH1.5 ReMIX/Final Mix has a different recipe.

Sora getting a Power Crystal drop in Traverse Town / KH 1.5

Are Power Crystals Worth Farming?

Although these can be very tedious and hard to come by, Power Crystals are super useful to have a good stock on.

Not only can you craft handy reusable items (like Elixirs and Defense Ups), but you can also create two of the best accessories in the game.

It’s definitely worth however many hours you might have to grind in Traverse Town.

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