Where To Get Frost Shards in KH1 (And KH1.5)

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Frost Shards are dropped by the Blue Rhapsody and White Mushroom Heartless, as well as from Bambi’s summon charge in Wonderland.

The best place to farm Frost Shards would be at the Entrance Hall in Hollow Bastion, since a good handful of Blue Rhapsody spawn in an easily farmable area. You can also disembark in the Library to quickly reach the Entrance Hall, then leave the room & re-enter to repeat the process.

But if you’re not at Hollow Bastion yet (or just want an alternative) then you can also farm Frost Shards in Wonderland’s Lotus Forest. Lots of Blue Rhapsody heartless will spawn right near the entrance when you enter the forest, and when you get to the back of the forest near the Tea Party room.

And since Bambi’s summon can also drop these shards in Wonderland, it’s definitely a good location to consider.

Blue Rhapsody in Wonderland's Lotus Forest / KH1.5 Remix

Frost Shard Farming (KH1 + KH1.5)

Your absolute best choice to farm these shards would be the little magical Blue Rhapsody flying heartless creatures.

But there are a few ways you can get these shards, so let’s take a look at all our options:


Blue Rhapsody

These floating blue music lovers can be found all over the game, but mostly in Traverse Town, Monstro, Wonderland, Hollow Bastion, and the End of the World.

They have a 12% drop chance for Frost Shards are they’re your easiest bet for farming.

The two best locations for grinding Blue Rhapsodies would be:

1. Hollow Bastion’s Entrance Hall (with the winding staircases)
2. Wonderland’s Lotus Forest

Blue Rhapsody Heartles in Hollow Bastion Entrance Hall / KH1.5 Remix

White Mushroom

These rare heartless always seem to have the good drops, right?

Well for Frost Shards you’ll want to cast Blizzard on these guys – or rather, you’ll want to wait until they mime for Ice magic (they’ll fan themselves like they’re too hot)

Note that if you want a Frost Shard then you need to make sure the last spell you cast on them is Blizzard, but not for all 3 spells. If you cast Blizzard for all 3 spells then you’ll have drop chances for Mystery Goo or Frost Gems, but not Frost Shards.

But as long as you cast Blizzard magic as only the 3rd spell then you’ll get a 100% drop chance for a Frost Shard.



Summoning Bambi and defeating heartless will fill up his charge gauge. As his gauge fills up, he’ll drop rare rewards depending on what world you’re in.

If you summon Bambi in Wonderland and defeat enough enemies to fill up the gauge 2 times, he’ll have a 40% chance (20% in Final Mix) to drop a Frost Shard.

If you manage to fill it up three times then he’ll have a 60% chance at dropping the shard.

This summon coincidentally works great in Wonderland, because there’s tons of Blue Rhapsody in the Lotus Forest you can farm for drops at the same time.

Blue Rhapsody Spawns in Hollow Bastion / KH1.5 Remix

Frost Shard Uses

You can synthesize a wide variety of stuff using Frost Shards, and since they’re fairly common you’ll probably need a lot of them.

Here’s a full list of all synthesis recipes using these shards.

Elixir: Fully restores a character’s HP and MP. You can make this in KH1 with List I and x2 Blaze Shards, x2 Frost Shards, x2 Thunder Shards, and x4 Mythril Shards.

The recipe in KH1.5 Remix is much different and doesn’t need any Frost Shards.

Energy Bangle: An accessory that raises max HP by +3 and Defense by +1.

Craft it in KH1 with List I with x2 Power Shards and x1 Frost Shard.

For KH1.5 you don’t need Frost Shards here.

Magic Amulet: A small magical accessory, offering any party member +1 MP and a magic/summon power boost.

Craft it in KH1 with List II and x3 Blaze Shards, x3 Frost Shards, x3 Thunder Shards, and x2 Mythril.

For KH1.5 Remix the recipe needs List I and x3 Blaze Shards, x3 Frost Shards, and x3 Thunder Shards.

Three Stars: Also known as the Celestriad, this protection accessory will grant you +20% resistances to Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder damage, as well as +3 Defense.

Make this accessory in KH1 using List III and x3 Blaze Shards, x3 Frost Shards, x3 Thunder Shards, x1 Orichalcum, and x1 Shiny Crystal.

KH1.5 Remix doesn’t need any Frost Shards.

Mega-Ether: Restore +3 MP to all party members.

In KH1.5 Remix you can craft this with x1 Frost Shard, x1 Blaze Shard, x1 Thunder Shard, and x2 Mythril. The original KH1 recipe doesn’t require Frost Shards.

Guard Earring: Increases Defense by +1 and AP by +3.

Create this accessory in KH1.5 Remix using List II and x3 Bright Shards, x1 Frost Shards, and x3 Mythril. The original KH1 has a different recipe not needing Frost Shards.

Atlas Amulet: Raises MP and Defense by +2, as well as significantly enhancing your magic and summon power.

In KH1.5 Remix you’ll need List IV and x5 Blaze Shards, x5 Frost Shards, x5 Thunder Shards, x1 Mystery Goo, and x3 Dark Matter.

The original KH1 has a differing recipe not requiring Frost Shards.

Sora getting a Frost Shard in Wonderland / KH1.5 Remix

Are Frost Shards Worth Farming?

While they are definitely worth getting, I don’t think you’ll need to devote too much time to farming these shards individually.

You should have gathered a decent amount just by playing the game normally without running past Heartless groups.

But if you do need to farm some extras, then I would recommend quickly farming the Hollow Bastion Entrance Hall, as it should give you shards at a good rate and even some solid EXP too.

Or if you don’t care about EXP and just want some easy fights, try Wonderland’s Lotus Forest instead.

Either way you go, these shards are among the easiest synthesis materials to farm. So you’ll rack up plenty of them in a short period.

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