KH2.5 Blazing Crystal Farming: Where To Get & Common Uses

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Blazing Crystals are dropped by the Crescendo and Crimson Jazz Heartless.

Luckily both of those heartless appear in the Olympus Coliseum, so you can basically run through that area taking out Crescendos and Crimson Jazzes till you’re full up on crystals.

But the Crimson Jazz heartless can also appear in Radiant Garden, Beast’s Castle, and in Agrabah. So those are great alternative locations for farming as well.

For actual in-game uses, these can be used to synthesize Power Boosts and Defense Boosts.

Battling Crimson Jazz Heartless in Beasts Castle / KH 2.5 HD

Where Can I Get Blazing Crystals?

The last Blazing synthesis ingredient, the Blazing Crystal, is only dropped by 2 enemies.

Luckily they’re fairly common and easy to beat, so farming them shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. The heartless you’re looking for are:

Crescendo: These loud mouths have a 6% chance to drop a Blazing Crystal. You can only find them honking all throughout Olympus Coliseum.

Crimson Jazz: A classic fiery Heartless that has a 12% chance to drop a Crystal. These are probably the best ones to farm because of the higher drop rate, but they can be a rarer encounter.

These big red Heartless can be found in lots of places throughout KH2/KH2.5, but here’s the best places to look for farming:

  • Hollow Bastion (Bailey, Corridors)
  • Beast’s Castle (Entrance Hall, Ballroom, West Hall, West Wing)
  • Olympus Coliseum (Cave of Dead Entrance)
  • Agrabah (Main Area, Valley of Stone, Sandswept Ruins)

Your best choice overall is to visit Olympus Coliseum, since lots of the Crescendo heartless also spawn there.

So you’ll be able to farm both enemies in the same spot!

Crescendo (Loudmouth) Heartless Closeup in Olympus / KH 2.5 HD

What Are Blazing Crystals Used For?

This synthesis ingredient doesn’t appear in many recipes – but it does appear in two recipes that you might want to create multiple times.

Defense Boost – The Defense Boost will increase any party character’s defense stat by +1 point.

You can begin to synthesize these boosts after obtaining the Guard Recipe, and you’ll need x1 Mythril Crystal, x3 Blazing Crystals, x3 Lightning Crystals, and x3 Lucid Crystals.

Power Boost – This is the upgraded version of a Defense Boost, but it’ll increase anyone’s Strength stat by +1.

To make this you’ll need all the same ingredients as the Defense Boost, but with an added Serenity Crystal at a LVL3 Moogle.

Blazing Crystal Drop in Beasts Castle / KH 2.5 HD

Are These Worth Farming?

Unless you really need some extra boosts to your strength or defense, I wouldn’t recommend farming too long for these crystals.

Chances are you’ll naturally come across enough of them to add to your ingredient collection while you’re out farming for other materials.

That said, if you want to make Donald OP or really beef up Goofy’s defenses, then of course you can farm till they’re insanely overpowered.

But even if you don’t grind to synthesize these boosts, by level 99 you should be fine either way.

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