KH2.5 Blazing Gems: Uses & How To Get Them

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Blazing Gems have a chance to be dropped by two heartless in Agrabah: Fat Bandits(12% chance) and Fiery Globes (4% chance).

Both are easy to farm throughout the world, so if you need some Blazing Gems, hit up Agrabah.

These are mostly used in synthesis for creating Slayer Earrings and Mage Earrings.


Where To Farm Blazing Gems

As the second-to-last “Blazing” Synthesis item, the Blazing Gem is dropped by a couple of Agrabah’s Heartless.

So head to Agrabah, and then be on the lookout for these guys:


Fat Bandits

These big boys have a 12% chance to drop a Blazing Gem upon defeat.

So these are definitely the best heartless to farm for drops.

These guys can be found in Agrabah in various locations around the world. But for farming them in bulk, they can most commonly be found hiding in the Bazaar, or in the Chasm of Challenges.


Fiery Globes

These small little spitfires have only a 4% chance of dropping a Blazing Gem. So they may not be as good as Fat Bandits, but they appear in the same world, so they’re easy enough to farm at the same time.

These enemies can be found on their own around most of Agrabah, and in the Chasm of Challenges too.

They also show up during the Volcanic Lord boss fight, where they’ll break off from the boss.

KH 2.5 HD Fiery Globe Heartless in Chasm of Challenges

And Blazing Gems are one of the synthesis items you can actually buy – once you’ve collected enough of them.

So once you give the Synthesis Moogle 20 Gems total, you can start to purchase Blazing Gems for 400 munny each.


Blazing Gem Uses in KH2

Blazing Gems are primarily used for crafting the Mage Earring and Slayer Earring.

The Mage Earring is crafted using x3 Mythril Gems, x1 Power Gems, x1 Blazing Gems, and x1 Lightning Gems.

This earring grants you +2 Magic and +4 AP.

The Slayer Earring is the modified version of the Mage Earring, so it has basically the same recipe. But to synthesize this you’ll also need a LV3 Junior Moogle and a Serenity Gem.

And this new variation will now grant you +1 strength, +2 Magic, and +5 AP.

KH 2.5 HD Fat Bandit Heartless in Agrabah

Are Blazing Gems Worth Farming?

As the Gems are only used in 1 main recipe, which only needs 1 Gem, I wouldn’t recommend farming them beyond obtaining like 2-3.

The enemies that drop these Gems are quite frequent in their world, so finding them along your journey shouldn’t be much of an issue.

But the Slayer Earring is a really nice accessory. So getting enough to craft them for Sora, Donald, and maybe some other world exclusive members would be a good idea.

Or if you’re a completionist, then grinding out 20 gems for the Moogle’s shop shouldn’t take you too long to accomplish either.

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